The Perks of Apartment Living: Community, Convenience, and More

Updated March 13th, 2024

Apartment buildings are an important part of modern life. They give young, trendy city folk the opportunity to live among others like them and provide unparalleled convenience. Families also benefit from apartment living. If you walk around any modern city, you are bound to find rows and rows of apartment buildings, some big and some small. No matter the size of an apartment building though, they are extremely comfortable and simple places to live. This post will explore this topic in more detail and tell you what some of the main perks of apartment living are.

Local Community

Community is absent from a lot of cities. Residents who live in houses tend to be completely detached from their neighborhoods. However, life is somewhat different in apartment buildings. Due to the fact that those living in them typically live on top of one another, they are a lot friendlier and more in touch. Most apartment buildings have a sense of community. Whether it’s a new apartment development or one built decades ago, you are bound to make friends and get to know your neighbors upon moving in. If a community is what you are looking for, apartment living is probably for you.

Something else to note is that apartment buildings tend to be built in urban areas, meaning there are lots of commercial and residential buildings surrounding them. Sometimes people from one apartment building befriend those from another. Living in an apartment means you will also get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the owners of local businesses since you will most likely see them on a daily basis when you are doing your grocery shopping or just walking around the estate that you live in. You can also join your building’s residents association, which will help you to become a more influential member of the community.

Greater Convenience

Apartment buildings are much more convenient places to live than traditional houses. One of the main reasons for this is that residents aren’t typically responsible for renovations or maintenance, the building’s owners are. Usually, apartment buildings are owned by international business conglomerates. Agents acting on their behalf will perform routine maintenance. When you move in, you will be given their contact information. Any issues or faults you encounter can be reported directly to them. As soon as an issue is reported, agents will dispatch workmen to make repairs.

It is also a lot easier to get around a city when you live in an apartment since you will typically be right in the heart of things. City planners always ensure there are bus stops inside large estates in which there are lots of different apartment buildings. Getting around will be, because of this, much easier. You will either have the ease of a local bus stop or you will have everything you need surrounding you. Many grocery delivery services situated in large cities also perform daily deliveries to apartment buildings, making people’s lives even easier.

More Affordable

Apartment living is generally much cheaper than living in houses, especially in large cities. Luxury developments are an exception to this rule. You may have to pay more to live in an apartment than a house if you want to live in a luxury apartment. Some luxury apartments are nicer than houses. It’s fairly typical for developments of this kind to have their own gyms, saunas, and swimming pools. Many also have communal cinema spaces where residents can go and watch movies or get to know their neighbors. If you can afford to, luxury apartments are a worthwhile investment.

The average person of course cannot afford to live in a luxury apartment and will instead be searching for something much smaller and less expensive. Apartments geared toward this category of person are generally much more affordable. You can find apartments in certain Australian cities that cost half of what one-bedroom houses are being rented or sold for. The only downside to living in apartments is that they typically do not have gardens. When they do, they are public ones, sometimes rooftop-based. Luxury developments are more likely to have their own private gardens than standard ones. Also worth noting is that apartments do usually have balconies, so residents do have some kind of outdoor space that’s entirely theirs.

Aesthetic Design

Let’s make something clear: Apartment buildings built between 1950 and 2000 are not typically the best looking. However, those from before and after are usually very attractive. If aesthetic beauty is something that you are concerned with, consider finding an apartment that’s situated in a complex built outside of the given time window. Many luxury developments are very nice to look at. Old complexes built pre-1940 are also usually very beautiful, typically with large interior windows and lots of space. Whatever your preferred design style is, even if it is brutalism, it’s easy to find an apartment built according to it.

Make sure that when you are searching for an apartment to move into you tell the realtor you are working with to find one that adheres to the design style you find most beautiful. Under no circumstances should you ever move into a place that doesn’t feel attractive to you. Of course, if you are on a tight budget and need somewhere to live as quickly as possible, forgo the prioritization of an attractive living space.

Better Views

If you live on a high floor, you are bound to get great views of your surrounding area. Whether you live in a city or a town, if you live up top, you are going to see everything that’s going on all of the time. Something else that’s worth noting is that if you enjoy astronomy, it’s a lot easier to get an unobscured view of the sky when you live in an apartment. People who live in houses typically have their view blocked by neighboring buildings or lighting that is getting in the way.

Apartment living has a number of perks. If you are looking for somewhere convenient, comfortable, and beautiful to live, then you should consider moving into one. You have the option of either a luxury apartment or a standard one. The former is going to be a lot nicer.

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