5 Expert Interior Design Tips for Improving Your Home’s Value

Updated December 6th, 2021

Selling a home you have grown fond of is a difficult but sometimes a necessary decision, especially if you have to relocate due to a job transfer or are in financial need. To get the most out of your sale, you should invest in various upgrades and changes to increase the value of your home. Read on for five expert interior design tips for improving your home’s value.

1. Paint the walls

If you don’t have enough funds to work on significant improvements and upgrades to increase the value of your home, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your indoor space. Painting is not only cost-effective. It also makes your rooms appear brighter, clean, updated, and crisp. Ensure that you are keen when choosing paint colors. Avoid bold colors as they may repel buyers. Instead, opt for neutral colors that reflect your interior design, especially if you want to sell your house faster.

2. Less is more

There are various decorative accessories and elements you could add to your home to make it more attractive. However, adding so many decorations to your home could lower the home’s value as it limits a potential buyer’s imagination. To improve your home value, you should give buyers a chance to imagine living in your space.

When selling your home, consider removing memorabilia and photographs from the walls, especially when hosting showings. If you are unsure about what decorations to add to your living space to increase its value, consider hiring a home interior design expert for helpful insight.

3. Remodel the kitchen

Your kitchen’s condition will either make or break home sale and value. Selling other rooms will not be complicated when you win a potential buyer over with a spectacular kitchen. Even minor updates on your kitchen, such as painting the cabinets, contribute significantly to the home’s value.

To remodel or renovate the kitchen, you could consider investing in granite or marble countertops, upgrading the kitchen appliances, creating more storage space, or upgrading the lighting fixtures.

4. Fix the flooring

You should repair any visible damage on the home’s floor and ensure that they are clean. Choose easy to clean and scratch-resistant flooring, such as hardwood or tiles, when renovating to improve the value of your home. You could also consider investing in quality carpets and rugs as they can help bring the elements of your space together.

For instance, carpets and rugs could pull together the colors used in your home decor. Ensure that you opt for neat and easy to clean carpets as they are more vulnerable to dust and pet dander, which compromise the indoor air quality, reducing the value of your home.

5. Boost Energy efficiency

One of the most efficient ways to improve the value of your home and attract the highest bids on your house is by making your home more energy-efficient. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to make your home more energy-efficient. Instead, replace halogen lights with LED bulbs. You could also invest in a programmable thermostat and energy-efficient appliances.


If you want to get a return on your investment and profit from your home sale, consider implementing the above tips to improve the value of your home.

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