6 Interesting Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Updated September 3rd, 2021

When you are renting an apartment, it’s hard to make big changes in your kitchen. You can’t rip out cupboards and revamp the layout, but there are other ways to get a new look if you try.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be an afterthought in your apartment rentals. By implementing some unique and stylish ideas into your decor plan, you can turn that tiny kitchen into a food focal point for family, friends, and most of all you.

It’s not easy decorating a small apartment, especially the kitchen. Space is limited, so implement some of these ideas and see your small kitchen grow and grow. Let’s see what can work for your small kitchen apartment.

Go Minimalistic

Nothing looks worse than a cluttered kitchen. It is even more evident in a small one. Choosing a minimalistic design will help you cull the unused items that take up room and open up much-needed space.

Start with all those gadgets that take up real estate on the counter. Keep the ones you use every day, place the occasional ones in a bottom cupboard and let go of the rest. Do the same with dishes and cutlery. If your dining table only fits four, then only have a place setting for four.

You can stow away the extra pieces when you move to a bigger place, but they don’t belong in your small kitchen. With limited counter space, you want to reserve that for prepping food and the essential everyday devices like toasters, coffee makers, and blenders.

Put Up Some Floating Shelves

Floating Kitchen Shelves

Because storage is not a luxury you have much of in a small kitchen, it pays to add some shelving wherever there is wall space. These are easy to install for the DIY renter, so grab your measuring tape and get some shelves that fit, even in tight spaces.

This is the ideal space to put your tea blends and French press. Other kitchen stuff that is fit for display can go here too. Even mixing bowls and pots and pans can sit on a shelf or two. This open concept living is hot right now, so don’t be worried that your stuff is out for people to see. You probably have some special cups and bowls that need to be seen anyway!

Add Some Green

If you want to take your small kitchen to the next level, add some plants. Living organisms can share your space and give you color and texture without picking up a paintbrush or hammer. They also smell great and clean the air for you. Pick plants that are easy to care for, so you don’t have to replace them every month.

Potted and fresh-cut flowers give you warmth and add a touch of class while taking up a small footprint too. And for more practical greens, why not grow a few herbs that you usually cook with. They provide spice and flair to that tiny kitchen of yours.

Bring in Colour

Most apartment kitchens lack any pizzazz and fade into the background. Just by adding color, you can turn an ugly duckling into a peacock! Check with your landlord to see if you can do any painting and if so, chose the colors that fit your theme. If you can’t paint, then bring in pieces to add a splash of your flair.

You can paint the floating shelves you installed and use your flowers to bring in the color too. This looks especially great if the backdrop is white cabinets or countertops. Be creative and find ways to add the hues that reflect you and your personality.

Remove Cabinet Doors

Another way to open up your tiny apartment kitchen is to have some open cabinets and cupboards. This breaks up the line of drab doors and draws attention to what’s inside. Keep your clutter baking ingredients behind closed doors and display your special plates and cups. These are also perfect for fast grab items that you often use, so it’s quicker to take out, use, clean and return.

It’s incredible how this little trick opens up your kitchen by providing depth and contrast. This gives the appearance of open shelving that you see in trendy kitchens, so get a screwdriver and make it happen.

Put Up Mirrors

When working with a small space, nothing adds more room than mirrors. It’s tricking the eyes into seeing open space all around, and you should use it in your small kitchen too.

If you have an open wall that goes into the dining area, you can install a long mirror to catch both rooms. Even a smaller mirror in the kitchen helps open it up. Top designers use mirrors to change perspective and add depth, so find one that fits your space and get it up. And by the way, the reflection is beautiful!

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