Best Gun Safe Under $1,000 for 2018

February 1st, 2018

This article is for guns of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re just an avid collector of any type of firearm, rifle and handgun, or like to have a varied range of firearms for your hunting expeditions or just feel safer knowing you have a few options to choose from should you need to protect yourself and your family, you will know that guns don’t come cheap. And if they do, then beware of what you have purchased for safety and legal reasons.

Keeping these pricey pieces safe and secure can be as easy as locking it away in a cupboard, but most times, nowadays, that’s not good enough. From burglars to inquisitive tiny hands, one has to ensure that a gun is secure.

A safe is your best option and we would like to show you how to choose the best gun safe under 1000.

Before we do that, take a moment to appreciate the value of your firearm or collection of firearms, which will give you the peace of mind in spending the cash on a gun safe.

The Value Of Firearms


The average collector can easily rack up tens of thousands of dollars just for a small collection. This does depend, of course, on what type of guns you have. Classic, antique firearms can sell on the market for anything from $100,000 to $300,000 a piece. Your run of the mill small handgun can start at $450 and go right up to $2000, all depending on the make and type of handgun, of course.

If you’re not sure of the value of your firearm collection or single gun, then consider these brief pointers in determining their worth.


Search the Internet for the same make and model gun and compare prices across all platforms, whether direct from a gun website or on e-bay. Knowing what prices others are asking will give you a fair idea of what your collection is worth.


Some specialized guns pull different prices dependent on where they are sold. I.e. What country they are sold in. This all has to do with the need and shortage for that particular gun. Make sure you research your guns properly.


The best person to advise you on the value of your gun is a qualified and Certified Firearm Specialist. They can be found either in your local gun shop, but be mindful to ask about their qualification, or online. They generally come across all sorts of firearms on a daily basis and would have a wealth of knowledge in determining the value of most models of guns.

And those extras?

Besides the actual firearm value, what about the ammunition, the spare magazine, a gun lock, eye and ear protection and the cleaning kit. All these cost and add to the value of your entire collection.


Sometimes your firearm could be something that was passed down from generation to generation in your family and the monetary value is far less than the sentimental value. Unfortunately, you cant really put a price on nostalgic appeal, but it does then make you more aware of the value of the collection or piece, in your mind.

So, it makes sense then, to secure your firearm or collection, for not only the reason that they cost a pretty penny but most times because it just wouldn’t be a good idea that someone out there got there hands on your personal weapon.


The Best Gun Safe under 1000

How does one choose just one gun safe as the best gun safe under 1000? An impossible feat, one may think. Yes and No. There are definite brands that stand out when it comes to gun safes but there are also those that are lesser known but still do a damn fine job.   There is also the question of the type of gun safe. If you refer to our article How To Ensure You Get The Best Gun Safe To Suit Your Needs, then you will see there are various types, from the smallest to the largest, from the easiest to break into to the I-dare-you-to-try-break-into-me safe. One cannot point out one particular gun safe that ranks as the best gun safe under 1000, but we can show you one gun safe per particular category and that particular category may just suit your particular need.

The categories we are going to utilize for this purpose are:

One-Gun Safe

Speed-Gun Safe

Multiple-Gun Safe

Hidden-Gun Safe

Biometric-Gun Safe

All of these gun safes will be valued at under $1000.

One-Gun Safe

If you’re a one gun kind of guy or girl, then this little nifty but solid gun safe is made for you.

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe


Here you have a 10-gauge steel uni-body construction with a tamper resistant wraparound door.

The pushbutton Simplex mechanical locking system, which allows for over 1000 combinations, comes with a gas-strut assisted heavyweight door.

You can easily fit in your small handgun and a few bullets or depending on the size of your guns, if you have two, you may just be able to fit both in.

For a limited time, this Fort Knox safe comes with a 13,5 inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock as well, making the spend of $211 definitely worth it.

Speed-Gun Safe

For the guy or girl that needs to get to his pistol in a hurry, this is the safe for you.

Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe


Small enough to mount pretty much anywhere, this little guy will suit the quick-drawing shooter to the T.

The quick access digital keypad allows for a quick release facility and Gunvault have also brought this out in a Biometric option.

The Biometric option holds up to 120 individual fingerprints and both options come with a backup key to override.

Once the lock has been released the drawer drops down and all you need to do is reach in and grab your pistol.

Made from an 18-gauge steel outer and lined with a protective interior, you can be assured of solid sturdiness as well as inner protection for your gun.

Prices are reasonable at $215 for the Biometric option and $121 for the Combination Lock option.

5 Year Warranty.

Multiple-Gun Safe

Whether an avid collector or you just like to have loads of space, this big daddy of a safe will do the trick.

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection Gun Safe


The drive system to open this sucker is a gear drive, and not a cheap cam drive system.

He can fit 20 Long Rifles but dependent on their sizes, the average fit is 12 to 16 Long Guns.

Besides its solid structure, this large safe boasts a 45 minute fire rated protecton of up to 1550°F. The door seal is heat activated expandable and designed to seal out the smoke and water in the event of a fire.

The drive system to open this sucker is a gear drive, and not a cheap cam drive system.

He can fit 20 Long Rifles but dependent on their sizes, the average fit is 12 to 16 Long Guns.

Besides space for Long Guns, you can store your other smaller firearms, ammunition, holsters, rifle slings and pretty much most other gun accessory you own.

As a bonus, you get a free dry pack, 200 gram rechargeable silica gel dehumidifier box.

With a chrome 3-8 digit user code digital keyboard and a back up key, you are assured of a real lock down for your precious collection.

For all this you only pay $839

Hidden-Gun Safe

While any safe can be technically hidden, specific wall hidden gun safes have a flush front to assist embedding the safe into a wall.

best-gun-safe-under_04With its cool white exterior, this hidden wall safe may just blend into any white-washed wall all on its own, but with its flushed front door, you can easily embed this guy and hide it behind a painting or mirror.

In addition, you get the biometric fingerprinting lock system that ensures that you and only you can open this guy, but it does allow for multiple users too.   Just a mention that the fingerprinting facility doesn’t work too well for older people, as its been know that the older you get the more worn away your fingerprints get.

While not advertised as a gun safe, this safe does allow for a few small pistols, ammunition, accessories and of course any other valuables you may want to secure.

We like the cool price of $235

Biometric-Gun Safe

Fingerprinting safes are becoming more and more popular nowadays, given the security of individuality. We are going to present you with two Biometric Safes, one large and the other smaller.

Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe


With plenty of space for long gun rifles, handguns and any other paraphernalia you have, this large safe, will have a place for everything.

The shelving is adjustable and removable lined with soft protecting material.

The Biometric fingerprinting lock system allows for up to 120 users and has an overriding key facility should you get locked by a battery failure.

We like the solid steel construction and five point dead-bolt locking system.

With a price of $588, you are getting a load of bang for your buck right here.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe

best-gun-safe-under_07Consistent solid designs have been forthcoming from Liberty for many years and here is another example.

The Smart Vault has a Biometric fingerprint locking system with a 15 fingerprint memory ability.

Whilst small, this little guy can hold a small handgun or two, as well as the bits a pieces you need, like ammunition, money and other personal items.

Perfectly compact, you can’t go wrong with the price of $246.

Check out our article shopping for the best biometric gun safe.

Many choices, many options but many reasons to buy the best gun safe under 1000.