Not All Bath Tubs Are the Same

Updated May 27th, 2021

Taking a shower makes you feel invigorated and refreshed. But once in a while, it feels great to have a good, long soak in a bath filled with warm, scented water to soothe the tired muscles and aching joints. It’s a luxury that you cannot achieve from a shower, no matter how often you do it.

But the size and depth of a standard bath can be detrimental for some users. Young children will find it difficult to climb into it. A drop-in or a freestanding tub is not practical if you have seniors or people with mobility issues in your home.

The best option when you have young children and seniors with you is to have a walk-in bath.

What Is a Walk-in Bath?

This style of bathtub is unique because it has a door that is watertight. A walk-in bath helps the user step into the bathtub safely. Once the bather closes the door, the tub will fill with water. The only inconvenience is the bather has to wait for the water to drain before getting out of the bath.

Considerations Before Buying a Walk-in Bath

While installing a walk-in bath can be the most practical solution if you have younger children and mobility-challenged people living with you, you need to consider several things first.

Think of the Size

Walk-in baths also come in different sizes. You should think of the available space in your bathroom and the mobility issues of people who will use the tub. There are some models that are taller while some are wider. Some are designed for people with weight issues, while some are designed to make it easier for people using wheelchairs to transfer to the bath’s built-in seat.

Choose the Right Material

The most popular are tubs made of acrylic. The materials are lightweight, non-porous, durable, and low-maintenance. Acrylic comes in different designs.

Another popular material is a gel coat. This is a polyester coating applied to the mold and sealed with fiberglass. Gel coat is even lighter than acrylic and very easy to clean and maintain. It can be installed in an upper-floor bathroom without reinforcing your structural support.

Benefits of Walk-in Baths

A walk-in bath is beneficial to seniors who find it difficult to stand under the shower or climb over a standard bathtub. You also save on water bills. A walk-in bath may look taller, which may look like it will take in more water, but that is not true. A standard tub uses about 42 to 80 gallons of water. It will only use about 50 gallons.

A walk-in bath is deeper so that the bather can fully immerse in the water so that the person can reap the benefits of hydrotherapy. You see, a walk-in bath has more features than an average bathtub. It has a water heater, a hydrotherapy system with air and water jets to massage your muscles, and it may have a built-in aromatherapy system. Some manufacturers include a hand shower and a heated backrest.

If you have a bigger budget, you might consider getting a walk-in bath than a standard bathtub, especially if you want to enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits and its other features aimed at giving the bather the utmost comfort and relaxation.

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