How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet And Not Panic Either

Updated March 18th, 2020

Oops! Spilling anything on a carpet always results in that ‘OMG’ moment where you end up staring at the mess for a while and then go into full on panic mode.

Don’t! Panic mode leads to you pouring all sorts of nonsense onto the spot possibly making it worse. Coffee and especially a sneaky espresso can be a particularly dodgy offender, especially on a light colored carpet. No fear! Here are some full-proof methods to get that sucker sparkly clean again.

Immediate Method 1

This is for if you mess and rush to get it sorted. Time is of the essence here. So get moving.

dab-dab-dabDab Dab Dab

Use some paper towel or a clean dishcloth to dab at the patch. Let it soak up as much as possible.

Do not rub the spot!

water-soakWater Soak

Run a cup of cool water over the spot, letting it soak in.

indexNaughty Lemon

Mix two cups of luke warm water with a ¼ cup of lemon juice (preferably the fresh kind)

Immediate Method 2

If you have a powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner – use it! Instead of using the Dabbing method, set your vacuum on high and suck up the liquid instantly. Follow up with the water soak, lemon mix and final sponge up

Immediate Emergency Method 3

maxresdefaultThis is if you really don’t have time to try the above two methods. Grab some salt and spread it across the coffee stain Come back later to vacuum it up. The salt soaks up the coffee. You will need to still follow one of the other methods later to ensure all the stain is gone.

After the Fact Method

So, you only notice the stain after a while. Maybe the little guy got stuck into your café latte or you have no idea how it happened. Nevertheless, here is what to do, but also don’t delay. If it’s still wet, follow one of the methods above and even add a little more water to the stain to lift it a bit. If already dried, try this:

img_7228Soapy Mix

Mix up one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon vinegar with two cups of cool water

dab-dab-dabDab, Dab and Dab some more

  • Using a soft sponge, dab the mixture into the stain softly. Again do not rub!
  • Repeat this till the stain is gone or as far as it will disappear. Rule of thumb – if you have been working at dabbing for more than 10 minutes then that’s the best it will get.
  • Afterwards, use cold water and rinse the stained area Sponge up the excess water.

Other Methods

This is if the stain is really stubborn which may be the case if you had milk in the coffee. But first test a little area of the stain to make sure the method isn’t making it worse.

Shaving-creamShaving Foam Mix

Rub a little shaving foam into the stain. Then blot gently to lift

spill1Bake Up

Baking soda and water mix can do wonders for most stains. Stir it into a toothpaste consistency and gently onto the stain. Leave it to dry. Once dry, vacuum it up and the stain should be gone

How to get coffee stains out of carpet? Not such a stressful thing!

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