How to Create a Kitchen That’s Both Stylish and Functional

Updated April 23rd, 2024

Each year, we spend an astonishing 400 hours in the kitchen. Whether we are creating delicious dishes for the family, entertaining friends, or simply grabbing a quick breakfast in the morning, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home. As the hardest working room in the home, it needs to be a functional space. But the good news is that creating a fully functional kitchen that can withstand everyday life doesn’t mean compromising on style. However, a kitchen that looks both beautiful and works efficiently requires some key ingredients. Here are our essential tips for creating a stylish yet functional kitchen.

Combine Storage With Style

Every kitchen needs plenty of storage for both function and style. A tidy and organized kitchen not only saves you time but will also look beautiful. Make the most of every corner of your kitchen. Even very small spaces or awkward corners can be turned into storage so that no space is wasted. Pull-out drawers, hooks, shelf risers, cabinet dividers and multifunctional pieces such as storage bins and baskets can help make getting and staying organized much easier and look more attractive. If you have a very small kitchen, you can create the illusion of more space with exposed shelves or cupboards with glass doors. Alternatively, opt for sliding, handle-free cabinet doors for a modern look.

Personalize The Walls

Kitchens don’t just have to be about function; you can have fun in there, too, by adding a zest of color to the walls. Adding color to your kitchen design can dramatically change the atmosphere of the room. So, think about whether you want the space to look and feel light and airy or vibrant and bold as this will determine your color pallet. An easy way to incorporate color into your kitchen is through accessories and art. While the walls of most kitchens are typically full of cabinets and appliances, you can make the most of empty spaces by hanging plates, your favorite prints, family photographs in vivid frames, a large feature clock or even an eye-catching mural. You can simply replace these items when you want to change your color scheme.

Add Thoughtful Lighting

Consider the lighting needs of your kitchen – are there any dark corners that need brightening up? Do you have low or high ceilings? The more natural light that can flow into your kitchen the better, so avoid obstructing the windows so that your kitchen feels as light and bright as possible. Alongside maximizing natural light, incorporate task lighting using spotlights or a cluster for food preparation, cooking and dining areas. You can also add ambient lighting using a statement pendant, in-drawer lighting, under-cabinet lights, or even floor lights. If you have a small kitchen or low ceilings, opt for wall lamps, LEDs, or smaller shades.

With stylish storage solutions, clever lighting, and personalizing the walls with pops of color and your favorite art, you can transform your kitchen into a functional and inviting space everyone will love.

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