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Updated August 29th, 2023

Has your kitchen been in your home for as long as you can remember? Does it lack some of the more modern things that we now find essential? Or do you feel like you want more storage space and a new, fresh look?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then it is time for a new kitchen with more modern appliances, making your daily life and living space easier.

Whether you have always wanted a dishwasher and never thought you had space, or you need more cupboard space but do not have a lot because of how your kitchen is set out. All of this can be resolved with a new kitchen.

What Will It Cost?

The costs of a new kitchen are based on several things: the appliances you want to have, the materials you want to use, and how much of your current kitchen you want to change. For a brand new kitchen with all new materials, you could spend as much as £4,000. This amount would cover the cost of your new kitchen and fitting.

What Does Fitting Include?

When you pay for a kitchen fitting, this will either be from the company you buy your kitchen from or an independent company. The cost of fitting usually includes ripping out and removal of your old kitchen and installation of your new kitchen.

The cost does not always include your white goods, such as a washing machine or dishwasher. Some companies will allow you to pay more to install white goods unless stated otherwise in your agreement.

For the best estimate for your new kitchen, you should contact your closest London-based kitchen fitting company and get a free estimate, including everything you want.

Many companies will work with you to help design your kitchen within this process, ensuring that you get what you want and working with your budget.

What Do I Need?

The kitchen is the heart of the house; you may remember when you were younger, sitting in your Nan’s kitchen, talking with everyone while the food was cooked. If this is the feel you want, you can design your kitchen to fit your memories.

You may choose a breakfast bar or a space for a table, integrated washing machine and dishwasher, or just extra space to store your air fryer and spice rack.

What you need in your kitchen can be achieved with enough space. Whether you have a separate room for utilities and choose to have your kitchen just for cooking and have extra space for storing your modern appliances, anything you want can be made possible.


When looking at your new kitchen, set your budget and contact a London-based kitchen fitting company that can help you bring your dream kitchen to reality. Get in touch with your chosen company and get a free estimate for the price and see how they can work with you.

Take the hard work out of your hands and bring your kitchen into the modern world with a fantastic update. Make your kitchen the heart of your home again today, and make it something you are proud of.

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