How Professionals Fix an Air Conditioner That Is Not Functioning Well

Updated June 8th, 2021

It’s not unusual for your household appliances to wear over time. After all, you use most of them every day. Your air conditioning unit, for instance, is probably one piece of equipment you turn on daily, so it’s not a surprise if it breaks down or malfunctions. Having broken stuff at home can affect your daily routine. Hence, it’s best to address them as soon as possible. When it’s not working correctly, tinkering with your air conditioner may end up badly if you don’t know what you’re doing. The problem may worsen if you take the initiative to take your unit apart without knowing the cause of the malfunction. If you ever experience trouble with your AC, it’s best to call a professional over. This way, you can be confident that someone qualified will fix it.

How Professionals Fix an Air Conditioner

Nowadays, you can quickly call a mechanic over your place since there’s bound to be a company available in your area. If you live somewhere in Virginia, for example, you can search for a company that does air conditioning repair Fredericksburg, VA, and book your appointment so you can get your AC fixed.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

A professional mechanic knows how to check the most common problems that may cause your AC to work poorly. Here are the most common parts that’ll be checked and fixed.

Cooling Coils

One common reason your AC isn’t working properly is that its cooling coils are dirty or broken. The coils are responsible for absorbing heat and converting it to cool air, so if they’re damaged, the temperature inside your home won’t change. It’s easy to spot this problem since the repairman can turn on the AC and check the air coming out of it. If they feel that your air conditioner works like a heater instead of a cooler, they can assume that they need to clean the cooling coils. They’ll take your AC apart and clean the mechanism inside to remove the dust, making it difficult for the unit to work efficiently. They may also replace your cooling coils if it’s old or broken. Afterward, you can expect your unit to work the same way it did before.

Condenser Unit

In other instances, the condenser unit located outside your home may be the component that needs to be repaired. It works by releasing the heat that’s being processed by the coils. If it’s blocked or has a dent, it may not function properly. Since the design of this part varies depending on the unit and size of the air conditioner, the technician may need to bring additional materials to accommodate your home. They’ll remove any obstructions blocking the condenser. This can be bushes or tree branches and repair broken components that affect its performance. If it’s too difficult to fix, you may need to have the entire piece replaced.

Electrical Circuit

When you call over an AC servicing company to come and inspect your air cooler, they’ll check your facilities and unit to see what’s causing the problem. You may feel hot inside your home not because of your broken air conditioner but because of something else. There are cases when the electrical circuit in a residential property is causing the problem. An interrupted electrical supply or a broken fuse may be affecting the performance of your AC at home. If they find this problem in your household, they’ll advise you to hire an electrician to go to your house.

AC Handler

When a maintenance specialist comes over to check your AC, they’ll ask you some questions about your unit. They need to know how long the problem has been going on or if you’ve observed any unusual activity with your air conditioner. This will help them figure out what’s wrong and make it easier to finish the job. You may think it’s okay to fire up your air conditioning system, especially on a hot day. However, not allowing your appliances to rest may cause them to break down often. You may be using your air conditioning system to its maximum, which can shorten its lifespan. Before this happens, you should call a technician over to check your AC. They’ll check if there’s any ice buildup on the handler, causing your house to feel hot even when the AC is on. They’ll also remove any blockage and meltdown the ice on the fans, and ensure that the vents aren’t blocked.

Final Thoughts

A professional AC technician can identify the problem by doing an inspection and standard testing inside your home. If you encounter any issues with your home ventilation, you shouldn’t attempt to fix them yourself. Call professionals who know how to fix an air conditioner. Letting an expert work on your unit will ensure that the problem will be addressed accordingly.

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