Does Your HVAC Really Need To Be Serviced Regularly?

Updated May 8th, 2021

One of the things that help keep you and your family comfortable all year through is your HVAC system. Without it, it would be difficult to get through those cold nights in winter and hot days in summer. For a small investment of regularly maintaining your HVAC system, you can ensure that it functions properly and it serves you a long time. Thus, regular servicing or maintenance of your HVAC system is essential.

Here are the reasons why:

Save on Costs

There are many ways you can save costs by having your HVAC system serviced regularly. These include the following:

Lower Energy Bills

When your heating and cooling system is serviced regularly, it runs efficiently and can let you save up to 30% on your monthly energy costs.

Keep Warranty

Keep your HVAC system up and running efficiently and stay covered within its warranty period by having it regularly maintained by a professional such as Climate King LLC. HVAC manufacturers usually require proof of annual maintenance for you to claim a repair under its warranty. There are many parts of your system that are expensive, and keeping them covered with a warranty means savings for you in case something goes wrong.

Improve lifespan

Regular serving of your HVAC system is the best way to improve its lifespan. It helps minimize the likelihood of having expensive repairs or replacements done to the system.

Enhance Comfort

As mentioned, your HVAC system helps you stay comfortable through the year by keeping the air inside your home warm or cold, depending on your needs. With proper servicing, your heating and cooling system will produce warm or cool air around your home efficiently. Thus, there’s no chance that you’ll have difficulty sleeping because of an uncomfortable temperature.

Sometimes, it’s easy to push maintenance to another time, especially when you keep thinking that a specific room in the house is warmer or colder than the others. However, preventive maintenance such as cleaning your system’s ducts will ensure that the home cools and heats evenly all-around your home. It will also reduce the chances of your system making strange noises or smells, which can be disturbing for everyone inside your home.

Improve Indoor Quality

If you or any family member has respiratory problems such as asthma, this benefit is essential. If you’re unaware, indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor levels. This is because of the presence of common indoor allergens, including dust mites, mold, pollen, smoke, and household dust.

If you notice a musty odor and suspect the presence of mold, it’s best to get your air ducts cleaned by an HVAC professional. Regular servicing will ensure that the air that goes out of the vents in your system is well-filtered and clean.

Maintain Safety

You may have heard about other people returning home from a vacation and finding that their home is already freezing. If your HVAC system malfunctions, it can result in a host of various problems, including water damage or frozen and burst pipes. Repair costs of these instances can be expensive.

A properly functioning HVAC system will also protect your family against exposure to harmful carbon monoxide, which can lead to serious health problems. Carbon monoxide leaks are usually caused by a failed or cracked heat exchanger. Servicing your HVAC will include testing for carbon monoxide presence at home. You may also consider adding a carbon monoxide detector to your home.

Help Protect the Environment

For people who are conscious about their carbon footprint, you can help protect the environment by keeping your carbon footprint minimal. Also, you may consider learning more about the kinds of refrigerants used in HVAC systems because there are substances that should already be phased out due to the harm they bring.

You may want to look for HVAC professionals who are certified in handling these controlled refrigerants. Such experts will help you understand the kind of refrigerant you have and what its impact on nature is. You’ll also learn about the options you have. You can also ask an HVAC professional about the advantages of having a programmable thermostat installed.

Provide Peace of Mind

Having regular servicing of your heating and cooling system at home will provide you peace of mind knowing that the comfort and safety of your family are covered.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering if your HVAC system indeed needs regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer, then the clear answer is ‘yes.’ This is because it will help you save money on electricity bills, repairs, and replacement. It also helps improve indoor air quality while maintaining the comfort and safety of your home. Regular HVAC servicing also gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re helping the environment by making responsible choices.

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