Designer Column Radiators – Five of the Best

Updated August 4th, 2022

Designer column radiators are a desirable feature in the home of any individual who appreciates a stylish home interior. Stelrad column radiators are some of the finest heating appliances you can find on the online marketplace, but there are a variety of different column radiator styles that you can choose from. So, what are the best designer column radiators?

This will all depend on personal preference, stylistic choices, and the appearance you wish your home interior to have. Follow this guide and see some of the best column and vertical radiators that you are able to choose.

Classic Column Radiators

Classic column radiators allow you to purchase a heating appliance with a somewhat traditional exterior, with the highest specifications hidden within. These allow for a rustic look within your home while enjoying a warm home powered by the most modern innovations in heating technology.

Maintaining a traditional design with modern features within allows for a radiator not to be missed. Skilfully crafted column radiators allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, so why not purchase a classic column radiator today, enhance your home interior, and see for yourself?

Cast Iron Column Radiators

Column radiators have been popular for hundreds of years. The traditional cats iron column radiator was once the norm in Victorian homes. Why not add a blast from the past into your home furnishings with a cast iron radiator that really catches the eye?

From one, two, and three-column cast iron radiators, the choice is yours. Enjoy the finer things in life with a designer column cast iron radiator today and see how exactly it can improve your home interior now.

Horizontal Column Radiators

Horizontal column radiators are the column radiator design that we all know too well. These traditionally designed heating appliances add warmth and style to any home. The issue with these may be that they are too long, which brings us to our next column radiator design.

Vertical Column Radiators

Vertical column radiators are a modern twist on the traditional horizontal column radiators. These are excellent features in any stylish home, with many benefits attached. One of the key advantages of a vertical column radiator is that it is very space-efficient, assuming you have tall ceilings.

As most of the radiator body is taking up space height-wise, you can install a vertical column radiator, regardless of the size of your room. This allows you to add other furnishings in your room, allowing you to style your home without compromising.

Coloured Column Radiators

No more are the days of the traditional white or grey radiator. You can choose designer column radiators in any color you like, meaning your new designer column radiator will not act solely as a heating appliance. Although functionality is superb, you can see your new colored designer column radiator as more of an attractive feature, enhancing your room rather than just a heater doing its job.

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