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Updated March 18th, 2020
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It is a tedious task but someone has to do it. Lawn mowing doesn’t rank up there with, let’s say, watching a football game or playing catch with your son.

But what can you do? The wife is nagging in your ear that she can barely see the driveway and you are tired of tripping over the roller skates which are hiding in amongst the blades. So, outsource it, you say? Sure, but that is going to cut into your hard-earned cash. Right?

Wrong! Investing in the best lawn mower for the money? And we mean investing in the best possible way. You won’t be throwing money away and getting nothing but a quick lawn mow. You will be getting a piece of equipment to serve you for years to come. It could be as simple as pushing a simple American lawn mower, or sitting on a ride on mower. And, you can either mow the lawn yourself or outsource the mowing, at a much lower cost, as you are supplying the equipment now.

Take a breather from stressing over the grass that is creeping over the porch and have a look at our simple but extensive list. However, before we get stuck into that, take a quick squizz at our article on the best times to mow your lawn.  This could save you a bucket too. And we all need to save some buckets!

Our List of the Best Mowers

American Lawn Mower [ Amazon Link ]B$$
Great States Push Reel [ Amazon Link ]B$$
Black+Decker 3-in-1 [ Amazon Link ]B-$$
Sun Joe Mow Joe [ Amazon Link ]A$$$
GreenWorks Lawn Mower [ Amazon Link ]A+$$$

American Lawn Mower

 “Old School“

With its scissor-like cut, this little guy is ideal for most small grass patches and yards, like mine.  It has a 21-inch cutting width, 12-inch rear wheels and 8-inch front wheels which meant a smooth and expansive ride.  I’m super impressed by this old school mower!

But know that it is most definitely meant for a small yard!  Anything bigger than 15 x 15 foot will become a real muscled task.  (unless you’re up for the challenge).  It is a great cardio workout of note, though!

One thing to consider is the type of grass you will be cutting.  This buddy doesn’t do well with dense grass or if you have loads of twigs and bark.  In addition, the very long grass is a problem too.  It just doesn’t work here.  However, your softer, shorter grass is easy-peasy.

The one aspect I always consider is longevity and with its Alloy Steel construction, I know he will be long-lasting and rust-proof. We don’t have much space for storage but as he doesn’t take up a lot of space he was a Storage delight.  Space-saver! Not too bad on the pocket and a real partner for life!

Great States Push Reel Lawn Mower

“Simple Simon”

You may need a little muscle for this simple dude!  However, with his 10-inch ball bearing wheels, even I could push it easily across most types of grass. (and I’m a 110-pound woman).

I was blasting through my little garden with the 16-inch cutting width in no time. I was also really happy that the blades are heat treated and tempered.  This meant that my lawn was cut to perfection.

The comfy handles are powder-coated, cushioned and have a funky flare design, so my inner fashion goddess was at least catered for.  Although I did have a little trouble attaching the handle initially and would have preferred rubber as opposed to the foam variety.

Again, as I like items that have longevity and I can see this baby lasting a long time. Because there is no fuel, gas, oil or electronics involved you have a pretty much maintenance free piece of equipment. All it needs is your horsepower and you are all set to go.  This was a big selling point for me!  Noise and other pollution sorted. One con is that it’s not good on long grass, although that could be your incentive to keep the lawn in check more regularly. Put a little muscle into it and get a workout at the same time!  And you’re not killing the bank balance either.

Black+Decker MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1

“Small Garden Galore”

When I started my trip across the lawn I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness.  On further investigation I learned this was because of the automatic feed system (AFS) which helps with a continuous flow over the grass.

And when I switched to trimming the Gear Drive transmission kept up a smooth run too. Further, to add to my enjoyment, when I skipped across from trimming to edging it was with such ease, that I hardly noticed the transition. So effectively you are getting a combo deal here with a mower and a trimmer in one, and with one-foot pedal release!  I love the simplicity of it!

A little issue I did have was that you have to keep the trigger depressed to keep it going.  This caused some ache in my thumb and wrist.  As I don’t have issues with arthritis or anything like that I would be worried if I did.  So, either muscle up a bit more or take a little breather every now and then. As I have a real small yard this Black and Decker fitted the job perfectly.  However, any bigger and it wouldn’t have worked so well.  The lane width coverage is small, so you will need to make a few trips up and down. Although if you opt for the cordless style then you could cover a little more ground.  Note to self and potential buyers out there, you need to purchase a power cord separately for the corded variety. Priced Peachy – a real steal!

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe

“Funky Green Machine”

My new nick-name for this power machine!  With it’s 12 amp, electric motor I was whizzing around my lawn in no time.  (More time to watch that new series of Suits!) I quite liked that it has a push button starter meaning no hassle with gas and/or nasty oils – i.e. maintenance-free!

I was able to remove the grass quite easily as well and there is a safety lock-off button to avoid you starting it accidentally – good thing, cause I’m real accident prone! With little space for storage, I was happy that, with its compact design, I could store this baby pretty much anywhere.  Anywhere ended up being in our small wood shed.

We have some pretty stubborn grass patches but with the cutting height three positions adjustment I got through it with no trouble.   Just remember to adjust the height and not be an idiot like me.   I only realized after going over the entire lawn that I needed to knock it down to get maximum cut. Not the cheapest on the market, but good quality here!

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Lawn Mower

“Smooth Operator”

I tested this green goblin out on a neighbors lawn and was happily surprised, as was he, (especially when he had no idea I was going to mow his lawn!) with the ease of the mow.  It is 12 amps of pure power! With the 20-inch cutting deck, 10-inch rear wheels, and 7-inch front wheels it got the job done without a sigh.

I like to vary the way I get rid of the grass cuttings and with its multiple grass cutting disposable ways I was spoilt for choice, from rear bagging to side discharging and mulching. Joe, my unsuspecting neighbor, has some odd grass levels and what I thought would be a real challenge, ended up a real breeze.  I just adjusted the height and voila!  I worked out there are 7 positions to choose from!

Cord – you have to purchase your own cord and that was a bit painful, given I don’t know much about cables.  So, after much trial and error, I would advise here is to get the 50 and make sure it is a smooth cable or it just gets all sticky. Priced a little heavy, I must say – but you do get all that!

In Conclusion


Choosing a lawn mower can be a daunting task, especially if you, either, do not normally mow the lawn yourself, have not always had a garden worthy of mowing or know nothing about grass. Leave the intricacies of grass, lawn upkeep and everything garden-related to the experts. Choose the one that touches your heart – no seriously – we are just kidding – choose the best lawn mower for the money you can afford and the one that does the deed in the best possible and easiest manner. Because …

… there are better things to do than mowing your lawn – right?

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