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Updated March 18th, 2020
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You have been working in your garden all year and you are proud of the beautiful flowers it has produced.  But on a closer look, you do not recognize that purple little flower. On an even closer look, you gasp with horror to realize it is a weed! You pull it out with a vengeance only to notice that there are quite a few growing in between your pretty foliage. This could also be the case while mowing the lawn, while riding on your mower, it’s easy to spot many weeds in the grass.

What you need is a permanent solution. Instead of spending hours of backbreaking, bending, ripping out those stubborn little guys, look into using a weed killer. Worried that this may kill off your established plants and flowers? No fear. Follow this step by step and your lovelies should be safe from the nasty weed chemicals.

So, What is the Best Weed Killer for Flower Beds?

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Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

You will have visible results in just 2 to 4 days with this powerful weed killer.  What’s even more cool is that the concentration comes ready to use with just some added water.  It was real simple.

I had a gander on the back of the container and while I was surprised to see that it contains 41% glyphosate, it is still safe to use around other plants.  Glyphosate is a potent chemical used for specifically killing weeds.

For a good price I got 85 gallons worth, however, it is important to know that compared to other more well-known brands, this concentrate does take a little longer to visibly show on the weeds.  About double the time I would say i.e. 10 days vs. 5 days.  So a little patience is required.

Roundup Extended Control Weed and Grass Killer

This little package of power will get you visible results in just 6 hours and they are not just saying that – it actually works!  I was most impressed!  Although when trying it out on a different brand of weed, it did take a little longer, like overnight.

For convenience, it comes packaged with a built-in sprayer which I found most easy to use and drip-free until it broke.  But, alas, Roundup were willing to replace it, so no hard feelings.

With a few other weed killers you had to time it nicely so that the rains didn’t wash away all your hard work, but with Roundup after 10 minutes this stuff is stuck like glue.  Good thing too as we are going through a rainy period here by me.

As this mix of chemicals is super potent you want to be careful around your other plants and flowers.  Use the method above with the plastic covers to protect the other plants you don’t want to be affected.

Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer

This is an instant weed killer and we don’t mean to joke, as that is what you expect it to do.  It really means business when it gets to work. However, it does work best on broad-leafed weeds so be sure you know the difference.  It does not kill grass or crabgrass specifically.

I have a small garden and found this size packaging more than enough over the season and should cover around 1000 square feet easy. Again, with a potent formula you want to be sure to spray directly and accurately on the weed/s in question and avoid as much drift spray as possible to surrounding plants.  I found that a fan-style nozzle worked best for low-pressure spraying. Another trick is to add in some dish soap as this helps in spreading the concentrate further and sticking to the broadleaf weeds better.

Ortho Weed B Gon MAX Weed Killer

We have quite a bit of grass and I was worried that the weed killer chemicals would ruin my luscious sprouts, but on doing a test area, I found that it didn’t affect the grass at all. Ortho is best for broadleaf weeds and crabgrass, which I have tons of and I must say I was really happy with the results.  It really gets down to the roots with a proven record of those buggers not growing back.  So far, so good!  And, I could see results within 24 hours too!

Another product that wasn’t too deterred by the rain.  I did have to time it a bit, though so that there wouldn’t be any rain for about an hour.  Not a train smash! I didn’t buy the spray bottle option as I have so many spray bottles laying around but Ortho does come in a spray bottle too, which is pretty convenient.

My slogan for this little power package is that it may not win single battles but in the end it will win the war and what I mean by this is that you may need to reapply to those stubborn weeds.  There are a few out there! So, weeds beware! We have our weapons ready!

Protecting Your Good Plants From Weed Killers

Avoid making a fine-spray by rather using a high-pressure nozzle.  This way the spray will affect only the weeds you are spraying on. It’s best to wait for a no wind day so to reduce the risk of the spread of spray. Use a gel-type herbicide or use the liquid-type but apply direct onto the offenders with a brush.

You can cover your lovely flowers with a sheet of plastic or an opened-up black bag – once the herbicide liquid has dried on the weeds, remove the covering. I’ve experienced that cloudy days are best too as the sun can assist the spray effect. You can use the plastic covering method in reverse too by placing the plastic over the weed/s and making a hole so that you can pull the bugger through – then spray the life out of him!

Protecting Yourself From Weed Killer Herbicides

Protecting your other plants and flowers is one thing but what about protecting yourself from the harmful chemicals in the weed killer herbicides? A few simple tips are to always wear a mouth guard, which you can get from any hardware store as well as goggles or wrap-around sunglasses.

  • Always stand up the wind so that the spray doesn’t come flying back into your face.
  • Wear chemical resistant clothes and shoes so that the solution isn’t absorbed into the clothing and then onto your skin.
  • And finally, ensure that the cups, sprayers and other tools you use are not re-used elsewhere.  Mark them as weed killer tools only and pack safely away.

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