8 Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Old Furniture Fast

Updated August 27th, 2020

Selling old furniture has tons of benefits. It helps the owner declutter their space and make money from things that are only gathering dust at home.

Whether they’re moving into a new home or simply want to get rid of unused items that only take up precious space, owners need to learn how to sell old furniture right. Otherwise, they won’t be able to get their item’s worth or even snag a sale.

Learn a thing or two from these eight tried-and-true tips on selling old furniture—and making the most money out of it!

Determine the Value of Your Furniture

Keeping a prized treasure or useless trash? No matter how much owners loved their item, it’s important to be honest with others about its current condition.

Check for any scratches or stains on that wooden cabinet. That sofa may already sag under heavy weight. On the other hand, furniture that’s still in good condition may still serve new owners well.

Whatever the case is, it’s best to learn how valuable a piece of furniture is to potential buyers. This will help owners learn to price their item well later on.

Know How to Price Right

Sellers don’t want to undersell, nor do they want to sell an overpriced item that no one wants to buy. There are certain factors to consider when pricing used furniture: condition, age, manufacturer, and time of sale, to name a few. Rush sales are often priced low because of the urgency. This is especially helpful if you’re hoping to get rid of items fast.

Wait for the Right Timing

Timing plays a huge part in selling used furniture. For instance, people tend to move into a new home in the summer. This makes the perfect opportunity for people looking to sell their used furniture.

For those who aren’t in any hurry to get rid of old furniture, they can put up a higher offer and wait for an interested buyer to come at their own convenient time.

Research the Competition

Studying competitors helps sellers not only to gauge their item’s value but also to learn how to make their item stand out.

Not only that, doing competitor research allows them to determine the supply and demand of their furniture. This is also an excellent tip to consider when pricing their item.

Know Where to Sell

There are many ways to sell old and used furniture—garage sales, moving sales, yard sales, and online platforms. The right route depends on what works best for you.

For owners who can’t be bothered with the hassle, contacting a dealer or a consignment store is the way to go. The dealer will meet them and see whether they can make a profit out of the items for sale.

You may not get the most money out of it since a third party is handling your item, but it’s quicker and more convenient if you want to get stuff out as soon as possible.

Sell Your Furniture Online

Online marketplaces promote your used furniture to a wider audience. Selling used furniture online is the best way to go if you want to sell to more people and make that sale in a snap.

The thing is this: there’s a tough competition online. Sellers need to ensure their listings stand out from the rest so they attract potential buyers.

Here are a few tips to ace that sale online:

  • Take high-quality pictures. Customers rely on photos to decide on their purchase. Highlight the beauty of your item without downplaying any flaws.
  • Write a compelling description. It must contain every detail a potential buyer may look for, like dimensions, color, brand, etc.
  • Share a proof of authenticity. This will boost a potential customer’s confidence in your item.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Haggling is a part of the selling process. As a seller, expect to meet buyers who will try to negotiate the price of your furniture. While you’re looking to get the most money out of your item, they’re looking for the best deal—and that’s normal.

Both parties can always reach a compromise. But make sure to settle on one that you’re comfortable with.

Be Honest about What You’re Selling

What fuels the sharing economy is trust. Don’t break this trust by concealing some important details about your item. After all, buyers know that furniture can get damaged in one way or another over time.

Don’t hesitate to disclose any tears, scratches, and dents in your item. Potential buyers will appreciate it if sellers are up-front about them from the start.

Get That First Sale

Selling old furniture requires persistence, creativity, and honesty. If you’re up for the challenge and you have all these up your sleeve, it won’t be long until you bid adieu to your used item. Best of luck!

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