Useful Advice to Keep In Mind When Moving to Singapore

Updated September 18th, 2022
Moving to Singapore Marina Bay

Singapore is well known as the business hub of Asia. If you’re interested in Asia then Singapore should be high on your list of potential countries to move to. It is an excellent space for businesses and especially start-ups; employment is plentiful, the infrastructure is sound, the government is stable, and the economy overall has every characteristic you would want in a place where you would like to live.

In fact, as it is an island, you can also look forward to amazing scenery and excellent weather year-round. Moving does come with its own challenges, however. So, here are a few things to consider to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Prepare Paperwork

One of the most important things is your legal paperwork. This involves everything from getting the right visas and permits to getting your business registered or finding a job. Singapore is all about progress and development. This is reflected in the many different kinds of visas that they offer and the flexible routes they have in place for applicants to follow.

If you don’t want to go through all the different options, you can always talk to a visa consultant and have them help you find the best match for you. This may cost you a bit of money but it will save you a lot of time and help you get the best possible visa for your needs.

Manage Your Belongings

Before you ever get on the plane for Singapore, there is likely quite a bit of stuff you need to take care of at home. The biggest challenge in this regard will be packing up your house and getting ready to relocate. There will be certain things that you will want to take with you.

If you have a lot of things to take with you it will be worth your time to get them shipped by sea and then use self storage solutions offer to store them locally in Singapore. This way you will have easy access to your things in Singapore and you won’t have to worry about shifting right away. You can easily spend a few days or weeks in hotels while your belongings are safely stored. When you finalize accommodation, you can bring your things with you.

Have Accommodation Ready

Singapore is a small place so finding accommodation can be challenging. Moreover, it is a highly developed country and nearly everything in the country is concentrated in the small area that it covers. Singapore has a high cost of living and the price of real estate rivals that of other first-world countries. If you’re looking for an apartment then have a budget of at least $1800 per month.

Alternatively, you could consider shared accommodation if you need a more budget-friendly option. If money is no object, you will find a lot of beautiful homes, villas, and mansions in Singapore but it does take time to find the perfect place since availability can be challenging.

Finances And Bank Account

During your visa application process, you will realize that having a local bank account in Singapore is extremely useful and important. You can get started with an overseas bank account and use that for your application but if you plan to live in Singapore then make sure you apply for a local account as soon as possible.

This will not only make it easier to manage finances but it will be a requirement for many other financial activities that you conduct in Singapore. Whether you are moving to start your own business or you have a job to join, having a local bank account is crucial. Before moving, it will also be very helpful to have funds for at least 6 months of your stay in the country. Showing the availability of these finances in your account will be very helpful in your visa application.

Job Hunting

If you plan on moving with family then start researching schools before you leave. If your spouse is also going to be working then get them started with the job hunt early on as well. Generally, it is advised to have a confirmed job before you start applying for your visa. Some people prefer to go to Singapore and then start looking for jobs but that is a riskier and more expensive approach.

Moving to Singapore can be confusing since there are a lot of rules and regulations in place. However, with the right resources, you can easily learn what you need to do to make a successful transition. In terms of communication, Singapore is very easy to navigate. It is an extremely multicultural environment and you will have no problem finding people who speak English. Make sure you look into the specific things that you need for your circumstances and prepare them beforehand.

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