Tips for a Stress-Free House Move

Updated May 1st, 2024

Moving house can’t help but make you feel stressed. There are so many things to do leading up to moving day, like organizing your family members, changing your address on important documents, and filling out paperwork for your new home. You then have to spend a day moving heavy furniture and boxes, hoping they’ll all fit in your next property. There is certainly lots to worry about, but moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. You might be able to reduce your stress levels by taking these actions:

Downsize and Declutter Before You Move

With so many easy donation pickup options available, it makes sense to downsize and declutter before you move. You can also use moving as an opportunity to spring-clean your home and move fewer possessions to your new home.

Be ruthless with items you own but don’t necessarily need, like electronics, furniture, household goods, clothing, books, and tools. Such items can take up a great deal of space in a moving truck and require more effort on moving day.  However, a donation service would likely happily collect them from your home and ensure they went to people in need.

Call Experts for Help

It’s only natural to want to handle all parts of the moving process yourself to save money. However, your well-being can be more important than your wallet. Moving can be overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to call experts for help.

You might decide to hire a moving company to assist with moving furniture and boxes and transporting them to your new home. Otherwise, you might consider hiring a cleaning company to take care of all the post-move cleaning to save you time and effort. The more help you receive, the fewer tasks on your to-do list.

Make a Plan for Pets and Children

Moving house isn’t just stressful for you. It can also be stressful for pets and children. Children can find it difficult to see their prized possessions packed in boxes, while pets can be confused about why their homes are being emptied. You must also supervise them while packing and loading boxes and furniture in a busy environment.

The moving process may be more straightforward for all involved if an alternative plan is made for pets and children. Consider asking a friend or family member to take the kids for a sleepover and book your pets into boarding facilities. Not having your pets on moving day can also mean you have time to prepare their new home for their arrival.

Write Lists

There can be a lot to remember when you’re moving house. All these thoughts take up space in your mind and lead to feelings of overwhelm. However, you might feel more organized and in control if you write lists of everything you need to do. As tasks are achieved, you can cross them off your list and feel accomplished.

Moving house is a major life change that can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. While you might not eradicate these feelings altogether, trying the tips above may help with making your next big move more manageable.

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