The 5 Times When You Need To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer

Updated February 5th, 2024

Buying real estate is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter if the real estate is a new forever home or a commercial property, it is a big deal that needs to be done correctly. It involves a lot of money and confusing legal complexities that can be overwhelming. To make sure the process is smooth, you need to get a real estate lawyer.

Real estate lawyers have specialized knowledge of property laws and regulations. Trying to navigate a real estate sale without that knowledge will usually not end well. There may even be some risks that you wouldn’t be aware of that a real estate lawyer would spot right away. In this article, we will discuss the times when you should have a real estate lawyer in your corner.

1 – Property purchase

When it comes to the purchase or sale of property, hiring a real estate lawyer, such as Bhardwaj+Co Real Estate Lawyers, is the best way to go.

The first thing they’ll do is review the paperwork, known as purchase agreements, which contain all the terms and conditions of the sale. These agreements can be complex, but a real estate lawyer makes sure they are fair and follow the law. They also spot any hidden problems or things that need to be clarified.

The next thing they do is make sure the property’s ownership is legally transferred to you. They check if there are any debts or disputes that could cause issues later. Having a lawyer to check this out will help you avoid legal problems in the future.

The final thing they do is handle the closing papers. This part can be tricky, with lots of paperwork to complete and sign. Having a lawyer there ensures everything is done correctly and meets all the legal requirements.

2 – Complex property transactions

Some real estate transactions are more complex than just buying a single family home. These include commercial real estate deals, investment properties, or multi-unit/mixed-use properties. These types of transactions typically involve higher stakes and more intricate legal considerations.

For commercial real estate, lawyers who specialize in this field can help with negotiations, lease agreements, zoning rules, and environmental concerns that might affect how the property can be used.

Investment properties, whether they’re for business or residential purposes, need careful attention. Real estate lawyers can help investors understand the risks and benefits, deal with taxes, sort out property management agreements, and handle any issues that come up with tenants.

Then there are mixed use properties  which are when properties have both apartments and stores or offices, like apartment buildings with shops on the ground floor. In these cases, things can get complicated. Specialized real estate lawyers can help with leasing, making sure the property follows zoning rules, and sorting out problems between residential and business tenants.

3 – Boundary disputes

They say that good fences make good neighbors. However, what happens when the fence in question is placed in the wrong area? When people argue about where one property ends and another begins, it’s called a boundary dispute.

Real estate lawyers can step in to help settle these arguments. They look at property records, like deeds and surveys, and local laws to figure out the correct property lines. Their goal is to find a solution that works for everyone involved. Hopefully, a dispute about property lines goes amicably once surveyor gets involved, but they often don’t. This is when a lawyer can help.

Sometimes, when multiple people own a property together, like family members or business partners, they might not always agree on how to use or take care of the property. Real estate lawyers can help by making clear agreements that state what each owner can and cannot do. If there’s already a disagreement, they can try to find a solution, like selling the property and splitting the money among the owners if needed.

4 – Navigating zoning regulations

Zoning laws are very important to follow when you plan to open a commercial activity. If you aren’t in compliance then it will affect your ability to open and start making money. Whatever your lost revenue is will likely be more than what it costs to hire a lawyer to help you navigate the red tape.

Zoning rules are like guidelines that tell you what you can and cannot do with a piece of land in a specific area. These rules can be confusing, and they can differ from place to place. Real estate lawyers help property owners and developers make sense of these rules.

Before you can start building or developing land, you often need various permits and approvals from local authorities. Real estate lawyers will guide you through this process, making sure all the necessary paperwork is correct and submitted on time.

5 – Environmental issues

These days there are a lot of new regulations that govern how and where buildings can be built to comply with environmental laws. Environmental regulations are rules that protect the environment and public health. If you adhere to these laws you’re protecting the environment as well as yourself.

When buying or selling property, it’s essential to follow these rules. Real estate lawyers are there to make sure that their clients comply with all the necessary environmental regulations

There can be some serious liabilities if they aren’t adhered to correctly. This means checking if there are any potential problems with the environment on or near the property you want to buy or sell. Real estate lawyers help assess if there are any issues like pollution, hazardous materials, or other environmental risks that could affect the property’s value or use.


Ask yourself how much peace of mind costs. This is the price it costs to make sure that you are protected and don’t have to worry about what could be coming down the line for you later. It’s what you are paying a real estate lawyer for.

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