Pros and Cons of the Best Ceiling Fan Brands for Your Home

Updated March 15th, 2023
Ceiling Fan Brands

A ceiling fan is an amazing investment in the comfort and style of your home spaces. You can install a ceiling fan inside or outside, at any ceiling height, and in almost any size of space. Modern ceiling fans require minimal energy, and they can last for a lifetime — or longer — with proper cleaning and maintenance.

So, if you are going to install a ceiling fan that will stand the test of time, you want to invest in a brand and model known for style and durability. Here are a few of the most common ceiling fan brands available to help you determine which is suitable for your space.


One of the biggest and best names in fans, Hunter has been in business for over a century, and its ceiling fans are known for their excellent quality. Because Hunter is wholly dedicated to fans, they have a wide variety of ceiling fan sizes and styles — and all are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


While much of their operations are focused on aerospace, Honeywell is a major home appliance brand, offering ceiling fans, thermostats, humidifiers and more. Their fans tend to be among the most affordable, and they can be found in nearly every big box home improvement and appliance store.


A lighting company that pivoted into the world of ceiling fans, Westinghouse offers a wide range of sizes and styles to fit any interior aesthetic. However, the company does not sell its products directly, so you will need to acquire a Westinghouse fan from a third-party vendor.


Another lighting brand turned popular fan brand, Craftmade is one of the most popular ceiling fan brands in the country — largely thanks to their low prices. You can peruse this brand’s catalog on its website, but you must purchase from a third party.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo fans consistently earn high praise for their energy efficiency, and the company stocks a large number of models rated for outdoor use. Some of the more expensive Monte Carlo fans are exquisite in style, but affordable models are nothing special.


Matthews Fan Company strives to innovate in the ceiling fan space and innovate they do. In particular, Matthews is known for making use of table fans in their ceiling fan designs, which create a fascinating fixture that will function as a centerpiece of your room design and perhaps improve airflow in a radical way.


Minka-Aire fans can be more expensive than models from other brands, and their more affordable models tend to be a bit drab. Still, this lighting company uses creativity and innovation in its high-end models, which tends to make them a favorite amongst fan experts.


If you are interested in maintaining complete control over every component of your fan, you might revel in the customizability of Quorum fans. This brand allows customers to purchase fan blades and motors separately, so you can be certain to achieve the look and efficiency you crave. Then again, you might be tempted by some of their more expensive models, which boast eye-catching designs.


One of the older and more beloved fan brands on this list, Kichler maintains an inventory of models that is almost endless. One of its more innovative offerings is called the fandelier, which is a combination of a ceiling fan and a chandelier. Suffice it to say that anyone can find a Kichler model that fits their needs and style.

Modern Forms

As the name suggests, Modern Forms prioritizes style, technology, and class in its ceiling fan line. Typically minimalist in form and boasting a number of futuristic features, these fans do not come cheap, which means they fit best in homes surrounded by similarly high-cost décor.


Another fan brand that places design and style above affordability and accessibility, Cirrus has maintained a reputation for cutting-edge design for some time, though like other high-style fans, this brand tends to maintain models on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Big Ass Fans

Originally a manufacturer for agricultural spaces, Big Ass Fans moved into the residential retail space after so many happy farmer customers begged for slightly smaller options. If you have a large space and want a large fan, this is certainly the best brand for you, but you should recognize that you will pay a steeper price.

Not every fan is created equal. Once you know what matters the most in your new fan, you can select a brand that suits your budget, style, and sustainability needs.

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