How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Updated December 27th, 2022
How to Clean Outside Windows You Can't Reach

Cleaning windows on the outside of your house that are hard to reach isn’t a chore anyone will look forward to. Still, you have to get the job done. There are several ways to clean outside windows, including using a magnetic window cleaner, a mop stick to extend your reach, a robot to clean your windows, removing sliding windows, using an extendable squeegee or a telescopic pole, and hiring a professional window cleaning service.

While some of these techniques involve a ladder, others don’t. However, the essential thing while carrying out this activity is safety. Few homeowners will be comfortable perching on the window ledge to clean glass windows.

This is why we compiled the safest techniques for you to execute this complicated task. Let’s get into these techniques in detail.

Magnetic Window Cleaner

This is one of the safest ways to clean upstair windows on the exterior of your home. It’s one of the recommended ways to clean windows that aren’t removable. Using a magnetic window cleaner is effective because it can remove every dirt and grime from your window while keeping you safe at the same time.

A magnetic window cleaner washes both sides of your windows simultaneously via microfiber cleaning cloths that clean off any cleaning solution you use. The ability of magnetic window cleaners to clean both sides of your window at once makes it faster in this task than an extendable squeegee.

However, when using a magnetic window cleaner, we recommend you move it gently because going too fast will make the magnets detach during the cleaning process.

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Mop Stick or Extension Pole to Enhance Your Reach

A Man in Black Tank Top Cleaning the Glass Window near the Street

This is the ideal method if your building isn’t extremely tall and also if you’re a tall person because that factor and the length of the mop stick will determine how far you can reach to clean your outside windows. This method is effective because it ensures your upper windows are spotless.

Your window cleaning kit should include water and white vinegar, which you’ll mix in a small bucket to create a liquid cleaning solution. Next, you’ll get a clean microfiber cloth. If you don’t have that, your mop head will do. Dip either into the solution and then connect it to your mop handle. Your cleaning tool is ready now. Use it to clean the outside windows in your home.

Using a Robot to Clean Windows

Using a robot is one of the safest and most convenient to clean windows effectively. The best part of this method is that you don’t have to perform the task of cleaning your grimy windows. More companies are venturing into producing robotic window cleaners thanks to innovative technology. To use these window cleaning assistants on your upstairs windows:

  • Place the harness and safety pod that’s connected to the robot on the inside of your windows to ensure your equipment will be caught safely if it falls during the cleaning process.
  • Then place the cleaning pad on the arms of the robot cleaner and spray it with the window cleaning solution. These pieces of equipment come with a pair of in-built squeegees.
  • Switch the equipment on and place the robot cleaner on your outside windows. Once activated, the robot cleaner will scan the window frames to decide the best direction.
  • Once your high windows are clean, the robot cleaner will return to its default position.

Removing Sliding Windows

We recommend this method for homeowners with sliding windows because they are detachable, making them easier to clean. Before proceeding with this window cleaning task, we advise you to put down a cover to shield your work area because of grimy window frames.

This method should be handled very carefully. Otherwise, you’ll cause your glass windows to fall and break or crack. Both outcomes will ruin your window cleaning activity. Certain types of windows, such as storm windows, were manufactured to be easy to detach so that you can easily clean these outside windows.

Using a U-Shaped Telescopic Pole

The U-shaped telescopic pole is an elective window cleaning kit, and it comes with a squeegee, two cleaning cloths, and a circular sponge. This cleaning tool is best suited for cleaning siding windows because it’s extendable up to a height of four feet.

It’s even more effective in window cleaning than the magnetic window cleaner because it can remove most of the grime, if not all, the dirt on your double-hung windows.

Extendable Squeegee

This is your go-to cleaning kit if you don’t own a ladder and can’t easily access one to clean your high-up windows. It’s more extendable than the u-shaped telescopic pole because it can go as far as multiple meters long, so you can easily clean high windows from the comfort of the ground with no risk to your safety.

You must position yourself on the floor to properly clean these hard-to-reach windows. This tool is designed with a high-quality squeegee on one side and a top-grade microfiber cloth on the other. All you have to do is to dampen the cleaning pads to clean the outside windows slightly.

Once you’ve cleaned your windows to a pristine state, you can use the side of the extendable squeegee with a flattened rubber blade to wipe the windows dry.

Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Company

A Man in a Coverall Suit Cleaning a Window

This is the best and safest way to clean your windows. Similar to using a robot cleaner, your money works for you. As great as the u-shaped telescopic pole and the other above-mentioned methods you can adopt to clean your windows are, they are not ideal for all kinds of windows.

For example, we don’t recommend using an extendable squeegee to clean higher windows if that will place you in the center of the road. We also don’t recommend using these same methods to clean outside windows that don’t latch. In cases like this, we advise that you hire a professional window cleaner to get the job done.

To Sum Up

All the methods mentioned above to clean outside windows are safe and effective. However, some of them may still pose some risks. This is because the average homeowner is an amateur in such an activity. Including professional window cleaners’ services in your home maintenance budget will be better.

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