What is the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows?

Updated March 11th, 2020

When building your dream home consider the window style. Why, you ask? Because it could make a difference, to how you live in your home. That drastic? Well, kind of. Let us explore the main styles of windows.

What are Single Hung Windows?

A single hung window’s top sash (the molded strips of the window frame) don’t move at all in that they are fixed. The bottom sash is normally movable. Movable in that they move up and down or left to right.

What are a Double Hung Windows?


In contrast to the Single Hung Window, the Double Hung Window’s sash’s both are movable. Take a look at the pictures to see exactly how that works.


Pros and Cons of Both Single and Double Hung Windows


Because of the Single Hung Windows limited movement, they are not the easiest to clean, especially if they are above first floor level. As in they are difficult and awkward to reach. Whilst, Double Hung Windows allow you to get to both sets of window panels for easy cleaning.


Double Hung Windows are, we think obviously, more expensive, given their extra capabilities.

imageGen.ashxYou are looking at approximately $20 to $40 more on Double Hung Windows, but shop around as you may find some awesome bargains out there.


With Double Hung Windows, you have the best chance of letting in cool air but also letting in more warm air and bugs, depending on the season. Single Hung Windows allow limited air flow, especially as the top sash doesn’t open. However, this way the warm, higher up air stays just where it is. As we know, warm air rises.


double-hung02BA well-constructed Hung Window is essential, no matter whether it is Single or Double Hung. Make sure the insulation is tip-top as this can make the difference to how much energy you retain in your home vs. how much you lose. We are talking now about having air-conditioning units inside your home, where if the windows are not sealed proper, you will lose a great deal through these gaps.

A big key factor here is the type of glass used as well as the type of insulation. Foam insulation will be more energy efficient than other types. Nowadays manufacturers use the Single or Double Hung Window Styles but with double layered glass for better insulation benefits.

Space Efficient

Single Hung Windows win hands down in terms of space efficiency. So, if you have a small home and small rooms, you may want to consider Single Hung Windows vs. Double Hung.



Here are just a few listings of manufacturers who you could consider for either Single or Double Hung Windows –:

If you are still confused, as to what is the difference between Single and Double Hung Windows then check out this simple and basic video on YouTube.

While Single and Double Hung Windows back date to the 1960’s they are still popular styles of window framing. The modern manufacturer normally spins a twist on this traditional style of window to fit in with the vibe of a modern home.

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