7 Ways You Could Redesign Your Home to Make It Easier to De-clutter

Updated July 9th, 2022
home design to declutter

De-cluttering can undoubtedly benefit our mental health. In one survey of homeowners, 44% admitted to feeling ‘mess-stress’ at least weekly, as reported by Homes & Gardens.

However, many of us simply lack enough time to de-clutter as often as we should. That’s why perhaps an even greater priority should be exploring the following methods of redesigning a home so that it can be easily tidied up in a ‘little and often’ manner.

Arrange storage in subject groups

Using space-saving storage units like boxes and vacuum-pack bags, you can allocate particular spaces for specific types of items. So, out-of-season clothes you won’t need for a while can go in one compartment, while books you are yet to read can go into another.

Opt for storage units with lids or covers

This is important for two particularly strong reasons. One, it would help you to better protect the containers’ contents from dust, dirt, and bugs, and two, it could make it easier for you to stack the units on top of each other and so help you to limit how much floor space they take up.

Take advantage of underutilized nooks and crannies

Perhaps your home has some you hadn’t previously noticed or paid enough attention to, such as above doors or in the back of cupboards. You could then consider fitting new elements — such as shelves — into those gaps in order to optimize their practicality as storage spaces.

Bask in the glory of… baskets

One genius thing about decorating your house with baskets is that they will indeed look like a decoration — probably more so than storage compartments. Hence, they don’t have to blight your property’s overall aesthetic.

Baskets are especially handy for holding items people might want to grab when leaving the house, like hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, and tissues.

Install additional shelving on unused walls

This tactic can work especially well in a kitchen, where you could have an awful lot of pieces that need storing in one way or another.

Take a closer look at a hook

The Ireland-based interiors magazine House and Home describe wall hooks as “the easiest, most affordable way to introduce extra storage — without taking up extra space”.

These wooden wall hooks available from The Hairpin Leg Co. are each capable of supporting over 7kg, making them ideal for use in hanging up heavy coats and bags.

Find seats with storage space built in

One classic example of such seating would be a living room ottoman which, though looking just like a comfortable seat at first, can actually be used for concealing a range of objects inside.

These would include pillows and blankets it could otherwise be too easy for you to inadvertently leave strewn across areas where they aren’t really wanted or needed.

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