Odorless Mosquito Killers: What Options Are Available?

Updated February 23rd, 2021

Mosquitos can significantly spoil your daily life, especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors and close to water. Currently, there exists a wide range of solutions that we can use to get rid of these insects that are not only annoying but can also spread diseases. It’s important that any repellents that you choose are also not irritating for you and safe for your health. If you are interested in getting a mosquito killer that doesn’t have any smell, there are different devices available.

Which Devices Can Work for Your Home?

At the moment, there are many mosquito killers on the market, so everyone can find something that will work for them. It’s important to consider the severity of the problem and where you want to install a mosquito repellent before you make a purchase.

Ultrasonic Repeller

If you don’t want to deal with any smell, you can look into ultrasonic repellers that have to be plugged into a socket. They emit high-frequency sound waves that cannot be noticed by humans and pets but do a great job of repelling insects, including mosquitos. One thing to note is that you will need one of such repellers for each room where you want to get rid of mosquitos because such sound doesn’t travel through walls.


The popular devices used for eliminating mosquitos are the so-called mosquito zappers. They are usually installed outside because their main purpose is to get rid of many mosquitos at once. This type of device emits UV light, which attracts mosquitoes to the center of the device where they get electrocuted. Mosquito zappers are a good solution for when you get a lot of mosquitos around your house.

Mosquito Bits

Another odorless option you may consider includes mosquito bits. If you have any sources of standing water near your house, such as a pool, an artificial pond, or other, you can place mosquito bits in such waters to make sure that any larvae that may grow there cannot survive. This solution is not toxic, and you can also use it on the soil.

Getting Rid of Mosquitos Is Possible

A mosquito repellent is not always a smelly spray, as there are other alternatives, more effective and also safer for humans. Depending on your situation, you can choose a stronger or milder option that will help you solve the problem with these insects.

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