How to Start a Home Renovation Business

Updated December 29th, 2022
Home Renovation Business

Renovations will always be relevant as the home design industry evolves. So if you want to get into this line of work, you shouldn’t have any issues succeeding. However, starting a business in such a saturated market can be challenging, so you need to put in some elbow grease. This article will give you a general concept of how to create a home renovation business and pick up consistent work to keep the cash flowing.


Starting a business requires a ton of hard work and dedication. So if you aren’t prepared for everything it entails, you aren’t likely to make it past the first year, especially in this industry. Therefore, you need to set some time aside to conduct market research. You can scope out the competition, check the rates in the area, and determine whether there is a significant demand for more home renovation companies wherever you want to set up shop.

Write a Business Plan

Many people don’t think business plans are necessary, but they may be one of the most valuable tools for a new business owner. If you need to seek funding, a business plan will be critical to proving that you know how to overcome any roadblocks that stand in your way. This will help investors feel confident that they’ll see a profitable return on your company.

Apart from funding, a business plan can help prevent legal problems with other stakeholders in the company. It will keep everyone involved on the same page regarding responsibilities, pay, and ownership.

Register Your Business

Once you have a business plan written, you’ll have a pretty solid path to success. From here, you can make your business an official entity. It’s pretty easy to register your company online with the state, and it doesn’t cost too much, depending on where you live.

Once you finish registration, you can file with the IRS to get your Employer Identification Number (EIN). You need an EIN to hire employees, file taxes, and open a bank account on behalf of your business.

Look at Equipment

You’ll need a lot of equipment for your home renovation company, which will be expensive. However, you can choose to rent the more oversized, more costly items when you need them to save money. You should have the basics, like saws, drills, pallet forks, and regular tools on deck, though. Showing up to a project unprepared can negatively impact your reputation, so you must conduct further research to determine what you need to buy.


Once you know what you need and how much money it’ll take to start, you should look into financing. You have several options to obtain the funds, so you shouldn’t worry if one of them doesn’t work out. A few of the most standard forms of financing include:

  • Applying for a bank loan– You can apply for a business loan from any bank. Just ensure that you compare interest rates before accepting any offers.
  • Applying for a grant– Many people choose to apply for a small business grant through the federal government before looking into other forms of financing. However, you may want to hire a grant writer to increase your chances of approval.
  • Pitching to investors– If you’re going to open your company up to investors, you should practice your pitch beforehand. Consider what makes you unique above others, have your business plan ready, and don’t give up when someone says no.

Finding Clients

Once you are ready to roll, you can start looking for clients. This part can be extremely overwhelming, especially to new business owners. You should have a good marketing strategy and consider finding a copywriter to help you make the most out of your pitch.

Don’t be discouraged when a prospect chooses someone else over you. You will probably get hundreds of no’s before you get your first yes. So be patient, and keep pushing. Once you finish your first project, you can get a testimonial to increase your chances of booking more consistent work. You may want to hire a few salespeople to help bring in steady work once you get busy.

Working With Subcontractors

There will be certain aspects of projects that you may not be adequately trained and licensed to handle. This is when you need to work with subcontractors, such as plumbers and electricians. Try to team up with local companies so you have reliable people you can turn to when you need help.


Now that you have a general notion of what it’ll take to start your own home renovation business, it’s time to get to work. Don’t stop grinding until you start seeing the results you want. So many people give up during the most challenging stages, but remember that you could finally catch your big break if you keep pushing instead of throwing in the towel.

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