6 Reasons to Add a Storage Shed to Your Backyard

Updated June 6th, 2023

A storage shed offers many benefits and uses in your yard. Even if you already have a garage, a storage shed can increase your organizational capabilities and improve your home’s value. Here are a few excellent reasons to consider adding a storage shed to your backyard.

Secure Storage

A storage shed doesn’t just offer added storage, it also gives you a secure place to store your lawn equipment and valuables. Many storage sheds come with a lock that can keep intruders out. This is especially valuable if you have any expensive yard equipment, like a rider lawn mower or a professional pressure washer. A storage shed also protects your lawn equipment from the elements. Rain and snow can cause your yard tools to rust, making it so you have to replace them faster.

Increased Storage

It seems the longer you live somewhere, the more equipment and tools you acquire. You’ll likely notice that your garage has become more crowded over the years. If you buy a boat, RV, or project vehicle, your garage may even be full. Storing your lawn-keeping equipment in a backyard storage shed can also be more convenient than having to move stuff between the backyard and garage.

A dedicated storage shed can also make it easier to keep your garage cleaner. You can use your storage shed to hold dirt, mulch, or other gardening materials without having to worry about tracking debris in the house. You could even move the items in your basement to an outdoor shed to finally finish it and make it a part of your living space. While home prices and interest rates continue to increase, you can stay in your home and expand its size by taking advantage of the basement space.

Even moving all the yard or outdoor tools scattered around your house into the shed will increase the amount of space indoors. Store all your children’s outgrown clothes or toys in the storage shed while ensuring it’s readily available should you decide to grow your family.

Cost-Effective Storage

Approximately 38% of homes don’t have a garage. The average cost of building a garage is anywhere between $35 to $70 per square foot. Investing in a storage shed may be a more cost-effective purchase. Additionally, you may have more control when buying a storage shed. Many cities and counties have rules and regulations on where and how to add a garage. Those same restrictions rarely exist for storage sheds. If you don’t currently have a garage, a storage shed may be a great way to keep your yard equipment safe and secure.

Added Safety

A storage shed can also make your backyard safer. A storage shed is a great place to store harmful or dangerous lawn materials. Some products, like gardening products or pest control sprays, may be dangerous to leave lying around if you have kids or pets. Locking these items away in a secure storage shed keeps your kids and other kids in the neighborhood safe.

Nicer Looking Backyard

Thrown about, loose yard equipment and tools can lead to an unsightly backyard. Not only do storage sheds look nice, but they also clean up your yard by giving you ample storage space. You can also paint your storage shed a nice color and decorate it with lights and flowers to add to its appeal. Storage sheds for sale are also available in numerous colors and materials, making it easy to find one that fits your home design.

Customizable Storage

A storage shed is also customizable, meaning you can play around with different designs. Choose a color pattern that matches your home’s current paint, or go with a bold, vibrant color to make it stand out. Use your outdoor shed for any purpose. If you enjoy gardening, you can customize it to hold your gardening tools. If you have a large yard that requires ample landscaping products, you can turn your outdoor shed into yard storage. You can also use your outdoor shed to store firewood, so you’re ready for a last-minute fire.

You can add shelves or storage containers based on the items you need to organize. Some people may even customize their storage sheds for other uses besides storage. For example, you could turn your outdoor shed into a home office, craft room, guest house, or reading/writing room. With a custom shed design, you can easily design something that meets your needs and preferences.

Storage sheds serve many beneficial purposes, from secure storage to customizable organization. Adding a storage shed to your backyard also doesn’t take much planning and can usually be done in a weekend or less.

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