5 Biggest Expenses to Expect During a Construction Project

Updated April 15th, 2024

When it comes to running a construction project, efficient management is crucial in order to succeed. With so many unexpected problems that can arise on sites, you must have strategies and solutions in place to keep things running smoothly.

Costs associated with building can be one of the most difficult things to manage. There are several factors that can influence your budget, and it requires extensive preparation.

Not sure where to get started? Then keep on reading. Below we are going to take a look at the five biggest expenses to expect during a construction project.

Building Materials and Tools

The cost of materials and tools used is often considered the biggest expense of construction as it accounts for a large portion of the total cost. Whether it’s the steel for the framework or timber – transporting and sourcing these supplies can quickly add up.

To reduce costs, it’s important to form great relationships with your suppliers and do your research. Prices and wait times can vary significantly.

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Labor Expenses

There are a lot of individuals that need to be involved in a construction project. Therefore, labor and subcontractor costs are going to take up a large chunk of your budget.

From the construction company itself to specialized trades such as electricians and plumbers, these expenses can be hard to control. The entire process could take longer than expected and you may need to hire additional hands to complete everything on time.

Site Preparation

Site preparation involves a range of activities that play an important part in the building process. Clearing the land of trees, rocks, and other obstacles is difficult work and requires a team of skilled professionals.

Compaction, leveling, and the installation of necessary infrastructure such as sewage systems, water lines, and electricity all take time. If something goes wrong or if things are delayed, so are the building stages.

Energy Costs and Utilities

The money associated with energy and utility usage during construction can vary, but it will always be one of the biggest expenses to think about. Often large amounts of water and power are needed to fuel machinery and power sites.

If you wish to reduce these costs, it may be worth looking into available renewable resources and technological advancements. Energy-efficient systems require an investment upfront but can help cut those costs down over time.

Compliance and Delays

Regulatory compliance is an extremely essential factor to consider during any type of construction project. You must have the necessary permits to complete your work legally, and the price of these can change frequently.

You may even experience a delay in your approvals which can lead to further costs down the line. This could be due to a hazard or a simple “busy period” and is often hard to predict.

Final Words

Construction projects are complex endeavors and it’s critical that you monitor and manage your finances correctly. By understanding more about the top costs, you can reduce the risk of overspending and develop a reasonable budget.

Just remember that there will always be some challenges you aren’t prepared for. Always have a risk management plan in place for these unfortunate circumstances.

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