What Types of Equipment Do Painters in Oahu Need

Updated June 16th, 2022
What Types of Equipment Do Painters in Oahu Need

When you decide to paint your home and set out to get the tools needed for the project, there are many tools you might think you need to purchase. But in reality, there are just some tools required out of the tons of painting equipment out there. Most are not necessary, and others do not perform their tasks.

If you hire a reliable painting company in Oahu, you wouldn’t have to worry about the equipment you need to get. However, suppose you decide to go at it yourself. Below are some pieces of equipment that painters need for every painting project.

What Types Of Equipment Do Painters In Oahu Need

Paint Scraper

A necessary piece of equipment that painters need is a paint scraper. We all know how important preparing a wall before painting is, so you need one. A paint scraper is a tool for removing loose or peeling paint before repainting—usually a tool with a flat steel blade that you can easily use. There’s no denying how vital preparing the wall is if you want neat results, so ensure you get one.


We are sure the first tool that comes to mind when you think about painting brushes. Brushes are necessary for wall painting because they are required to cut along thin edges that a paint roller might be unable to get to neatly. There are several brushes, but we recommend a 2 inches angled brush for cutting in window ledges, baseboard, and many more. However, ensure you purchase a quality brand brush; they do a better job and last longer.


Aside from brushes, rollers are also very popular for painting. Rollers effectively cover a larger area and disperse paint evenly and faster on the wall due to the rollers’ ability to hold more paint than brushes. There are different types and sizes of rollers. Still, medium rollers are typically suitable for painting untextured interior walls and ceilings. Ensure that you buy a high-quality roller as well.

Drop Cloths

One of the disadvantages of painting is that if you are not careful, you can find paint stains and drip in every corner of the area after painting. Thus, an excellent way to protect your furniture and floors from paint is by getting a drop cloth. Plus, this will save you the energy of cleaning up after painting.


Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your home, ladders are essential for you to reach the high places in your home. It is important to note that purchasing a ladder should be based on your home dimensions and weight requirements. In addition, a ladder can come in handy plenty of other times after painting; hence, it is an excellent investment.

Putty Knife

Here’s one of the most versatile tools you need while painting. Although it can act like a paint scraper due to its flat edge, you can use the tool to apply putty into minor cracks or holes you might discover while painting. Putty knives are generally inexpensive, come in varying sizes, and can be handy during repairs.

Masking Tape

Expert painters in Oahu understand that a painting with a clean finish is necessary. One of the best methods of having a clean finish during painting is using masking tape. A masking tape is used to cover off areas you shouldn’t paint to avoid stains. After completing the job, you can easily remove the tape with no damage or residue left behind.

Paintbrush Cleaners

A common occurrence among newbie painters is inadequate cleaning of paintbrushes, which can damage the brush fibers due to dried paints. To save yourself from buying a paintbrush often, be sure to have a paintbrush cleaner to clean your brushes effectively.


Painting is an exciting home renovation you can do by yourself if you have the patience and the right pieces of equipment. However, if you would be hiring a painter in Oahu to get the job done, ensure that you hire a painting contractor with the right equipment to have a neat result.


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