What Backsplash Goes With Taj Mahal Quartzite

Updated July 19th, 2022
What Backsplash Goes With Taj Mahal Quartzite

A lot of thought goes into what backsplash goes with Taj Mahal Quartzite countertops, plus there are some things to consider, including the paint color, design factors, tiles, and cabinets. Usually, Taj Mahal Quartzite, a prime natural stone countertop, has a slightly warm hue with taupe and beige accents, which means it will match well with neutral or warm colors.

For the benefit of homeowners who want to revamp their interior look with Taj Mahal Quartzite counters, let’s go into details on what backsplash goes with the Taj Mahal Quartzite countertop.

How To Choose Backsplash for Taj Mahal Quartzite

When it comes to natural stone countertops, neutral and soft accents make an excellent complement for both modern and traditional themed interiors. As mentioned earlier, certain factors such as budget, location, size, and planned or existing cabinets influence the backsplash for Taj Mahal Quartzite.

Also, remember that we have to take the density of the Taj Mahal Quartzite into consideration as well. Let’s give you some tips that will influence your backsplash selection:

Size and location: Consider the wall space above where your sink and oven should be as essential sections.

Budget: Consider the materials you’ll be installing. For instance, we recommend porcelain or ceramic for low-budget buyers. However, the materials aren’t the only budget concern. You’ll also have to consider the cost of grout that will seal Taj Mahal Quartzite.

Light effect: Get part of the material you intend to buy and put it on a wall space during the day to see the impact of light on your choice of color.

Here are some design tips for your backsplash:

To Contrast or Complement

Matching or contrasting the color palette of the Taj Mahal Quartzite can work for you. For a complementing design, you’ll have to use an identical quartzite material for your backsplash and kitchen countertop.

The overall aesthetic effect for this will be a sleek and clean look, making your space seem bigger. On the other hand, a contrasting design gives visual interest and depth.

Taj Mahal Quartzite Kitchen with Full Height Backsplash
Image Source: Houzz

Material Appearance

Textures and patterns come in varieties and add visual depth to your home space. If you want a material with a wide diversity of colors, designs, and shades to select from, we’ll recommend mosaic tiles for the Taj Mahal Quartzite stone.

polished Taj Mahal Quartz countertop
Image Source: Pinterest

Glass tiles combine well with a polished Taj Mahal Quartz countertop because they both have a shiny look.

What Colors Will Combine Well With Taj Mahal Quartzite?

Taj Mahal comes with a light tone and neutral accents that can easily combine with colors that accommodate various designs.

Off-White or White

White or off-white is undoubtedly the safest option to combine with the Taj Mahal Quartzite because white can combine with any color. Moreover, the white color for your backsplash looks divine when paired with walls, cabinets, and several kinds of backsplash for kitchen counters.

Taj Mahal Quartzite in light beige and white
Image Source: Home Decor Bliss

Since Taj Mahal Quartzite comes in light beige and white, it will blend well with this choice of color. Aside from being used for kitchen countertops, white also goes well as a color choice for bathroom countertops.

It’s easy to spot molds or stains if you use white. On the other hand, off-white gives your natural metamorphic rock a warm accent.

If you’re going with the latter, recommended choices include vanilla, ivory, eggshell, and cream.

Light Yellow or Soft Beige

The subtle contrast between the white, warm hue of the quartzite complements well with the darker, deeper hue of light yellow. The combination of light yellow with the Taj Mahal Quartzite creates a look of cohesiveness and continuity.

yellow tiles with Taj Mahal Quartzite
Image Source: Pinterest

Grey and Blue

These are the ideal color choices if your Taj Mahal Quartzite has an undertone of blue and grey. Blue is a cool color, while grey is a neutral color, which will blend perfectly with the subtle veining of the Taj Mahal Quartzite.

The Taj Mahal Quartzite comes in various subtle color variations, including subtle gold veining. You must consider this alongside the pattern and counter materials to set the mood you want in your home.

What Cabinets Goes With Taj Mahal Quartzite?

Thanks to its variety of neutral tones, Taj Mahal Quartzite can easily combine with several color cabinets. Aside from white and cream-colored cabinets that align with the warm hues, you’ll find tan colors an ideal match for natural wood cabinets with dark hues or mid-tones.

black kitchen cabinets designed with Taj Mahal Quartzite
Image Source: Houzz

For instance, a dark grey-colored or charcoal black cabinet will go along with a Taj Mahal Quartzite with a neutral tone such as white or light grey in a nice contrast, giving off a more modern look.

On the other hand, warm color options such as chocolate brown or deep chestnut will match a Taj Mahal Quartzite with beige striations and give off a rustic charm.

Below are some color suggestions to help you get started:


This color is pretty common in bathroom vanities or kitchen cabinets, and it usually comes with a blue undertone. This cabinet color should go with a Taj Mahal Quartzite with blue or greyish striations.

Brown & Tan

This cabinet color is perfect for a rustic and rich vibe. When paired with the Taj Mahal Quartzite, the contrast is ideal for a cottage or farmhouse. This color is also an alternative for homeowners who don’t want black cabinets.

rustic kitchen look paired with Taj Mahal Quartzite
Image Source: Sea Pointe Construction

White Ash Stain

This tan hue is perfect for both a rustic and contemporary look as it highlights the aesthetics of the wood graining while being visually appealing at the same time. This light color goes well with a white Taj Mahal Quartzite with both heavy and soft veining.

Weathered Oak Stain

This color is a combination of beige streaks and grey graining. The uniformity in the hue and graining makes the weathered oak stain pair well with the white-colored Taj Mahal.

What Tile Combines Well With Taj Mahal Quartzite?

tile combination and veining of the Taj Mahal Quartzite look
Image Source: Pinterest

To get the perfect combination of tiling, consider the undertone, color, and veining of the Taj Mahal Quartzite. Also, consider elements such as location and use because they also play a factor in deciding the kind of tile to go for. Popular options include:

Porcelain Tile

This material is tougher than ceramic but more expensive. It goes well with shiny quartzite and creates a posh look. A porcelain tile comes with numerous options.

kitchen with a porcelain tile design
Image Source: DecorPad

Ceramic Tile

This tile material is affordable and diverse in terms of design and color. Similar to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles present you with a vast number of options.

Stainless Steel Tile

This tile is easy to maintain and clean, creating a beautiful balance between stone and glass. With the stainless steel backsplash, you can easily get rid of cooking stains and accumulated dirt.

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