What Are the Essentials of an Home Entertainment Center?

Updated June 23rd, 2022
ssentials of an Home Entertainment Center

If you’re looking for an entertainment center, we’ve broken down all the top tips for what you’re really looking for. You want space, storage, and, of course, entertainment. Read on to see our suggestions.

Somewhere to hide cables

There is a nuisance that has been bothering anyone doing up their living room for decades now, and it’s only getting worse with all the consoles, personal assistants, and everything else you might plug into the wall: cables.

What an easy way to ruin a picturesque home. Showrooms don’t have cables trailing cables. No Instagram posts feature cables. And yet they’re necessary. If you want to enjoy a few rounds of Mario Kart on the sofa they are a necessary ‘first world evil’.

There are a lot of creative ways of getting around this. The latest is to embed the cables in the wall, though that is mainly for the purposes of hanging a TV on the wall. Other, more affordable means of hiding cables are to wrap them all up in a colorful wire to make them look uniform or feed your items through holes in the backs of drawers in your entertainment unit. A lot of discount furniture might feature these holes ready-made for this exact purpose.

Some fun lights

These are too much fun not to include and can be tailored to suit your style, even on the spot. So, don’t panic, moms and girlfriends who don’t want their meticulously planned living room style turned into a gamer’s room, they’re very versatile.

An entertainment center is a great place to install some strip lights. Install them all over the unit to light up the room, or around the TV for something to draw your eye to. You can even get lights that you can install on the back of your TV, which will pick up what’s happening on screen and project the color palette around the room. So, if you’re watching The Hulk, expect to see a lot of green, Avatar, a lot of blue, and a Pixar movie to see the full spectrum.

Of course, if LED and colored lights aren’t your things, a place to fix some fairy lights is also a gorgeous perk of getting an entertainment center.

A space big enough for your TV

It’s an obvious one but it needs to be said. Too many people are taking an entertainment unit home and seeing that their new 50-odd inch screen doesn’t fit in any space. Make sure to measure how much space your TV takes up, add a little wiggle room to get it in there, and take those measurements to the manufacturer while you’re shopping.


Another thing that people forget when they are buying an entertainment center is something as simple as doors and drawers. You want storage, yes, but you don’t want everything to be on display. Hide those games, loose cables, and anything else you have lying around behind closed doors and inside drawers so that your home appears only as cluttered as your mind – or less so.

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