What Are the Best Composite Doors?

Updated September 26th, 2023
yellow and purple composite doors

In the UK, composite doors have become more and more popular recently. For 2022, this pattern is anticipated to hold.

Given the abundance of composite door manufacturers, selecting the ideal door might be challenging. Whether you require composite front doors or any other type of outside door, a wide range of manufacturers can satisfy your needs.

The top-selling composite door manufacturers in the UK are listed below. Based on what they provide and client feedback.

1. Rockdoor

Since 1995, Rockdoor has offered premium composite doors. Although Rockdoor’s headquarters are in the North West, they have reliable installers all across Great Britain. If you are not in Northern Ireland, Rockdoor can assist you in locating a different installer.

S-Glaze technology is used in Rockdoor composite doors. Since the double glazing is a built-in component of the door, potential burglars cannot remove it to enter your house.

The doors made by Rockdoor are proud to be 35% stronger than the typical GRP (glass-reinforced polyester) door. They are consequently among the most secure doors in the nation.

2. Endurance Doors

In the entire nation, there are more than 1,900 installers for Endurance Doors, another popular British brand. They are 10% thicker than typical doors, with a 48mm solid timber core. Your home is safer as a result. They also include a £2,000 security warranty and the ABS Ultimate cylinder locking system.

Another advantage is the “Green Promise” that Endurance Doors provides. In addition to being thermally efficient, composite doors also use wood that is sourced sustainably and produces no trash that is dumped in landfills.

3. GRP Composite Doors

The best supplier of exterior composite doors in the UK is GRP Composite Doors. The highest requirements of quality and specifications are met by GRP Composite doors. High-security Yale or Ultion kitemarked locks and PAS24-approved locks can be installed on these doors.

Because they come in a wide range of colors and are inexpensive (beginning at £574), GRP composite doors are both appealing and accessible. They are reasonably priced and can improve the appearance of your house.

4. Hallmark Panels

Hallmark Panels has been producing composite doors for more than 30 years. One of the UK’s broadest selections of door designs and colors is offered by Hallmark Panels. As a result, you can be certain to locate the ideal door for your residence.

Several security accreditations, such as Secured by Design (SBD) and PAS 24, have been given to them.

If you need your new composite door right away, Hallmark Panels can deliver it anywhere in the UK.

5. Everest

Everest has a lengthy history of developing its products since it was created in 1965. Their numerous accreditations, including Secured By Design from the Official Police Security Initiative, attest to their pride in their high standards.

Natural wood grains are used to create composite doors. You can select from lovely traditional designs and modern trends as a result. Everest places a high value on both the effectiveness of their installations and the caliber of their doors. Your old doors don’t need to be hauled away for recycling.

6. Solidor

Since its establishment in 2004, Solidor has been producing composite doors. The multi-site Stoke on Trent production facility manufactures all doors.

A well-known UK producer of composite doors is Solidor. There are a few conflicting evaluations, though. The two primary grievances are warping and subpar customer service.

Reviews of customer service, however, are excellent for all other problems.

The variety of colors offered by Solidor, their collaboration with Ultion Lock, and their support for sustainability through their “Green Promise” are just a few of the numerous features that set them apart.


In the UK, there are numerous reputable manufacturers who provide premium composite doors. It can be challenging to decide amongst them, so it’s crucial to compare.

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