Wall Mounted Fireplaces: Are They Worth It?

Updated March 17th, 2020

Walk into any house with a modern contemporary design and you are sure to see a wall hanging fireplace.

They ooze ambience and complement the decor to a T. If you are envious of others with this fixture, you are probably thinking of getting one for your home.

There certainly are a lot of things to think about before going for it. There are quite a few factors involved that might not make it possible, and others where you might decide it isn’t worth it.

In this article, we will go over several of these considerations so you can decide if you think wall mounted fireplaces make sense for you.

Wall Mounted Fireplace Pros

In this section let’s go over some of the reasons you will love a wall hung fireplace and then after we’ll talk about the downsides.

Easy to install – Since there is no ventilation required, mounting a fireplace is far easier than adding a traditional one that requires making sure the area is fire and heat proof and then using a chimney or flue.

They are as easy as adding a large room heater to your home.

Less hassle – Starting a fire is literally as easy as pressing a button. There is no kindling that needs to be lit and then get the wood just right for the fire to take hold. And it will stay on as long as you want without needing to keep putting logs on or restarting if the fire dies.

Then, there is no wood to chop, buy or store. Keeping the wood outside means needing a dedicated space for it so it doesn’t get wet, or you need to take up space in the area where the fireplace is.

No smoke – When you have a traditional fireplace, often your clothes and anything in the same room as the fireplace will always have a smoky smell. This may not bother some people, but others might be annoyed by it. There is also a lot to clean up because of the smoke. It can stain the walls in the room where the fireplace is.

No wasted space – if the area where you want to put a fireplace is small, then a wall hung is a great option as it takes up very little space. You’ll not lose any floor area and only need to have a few inches of leeway from the fireplace jutting out from the wall.

It looks nice – Which type of fireplace looks better is in the eye of the beholder, but in a contemporary setting the wall hung or floating fireplace looks much better. It fits the style of the decor much better than a regular one.

The Cons

Not everything is perfect so there are downsides to having a wall hung fireplace.

No added value – This downside really depends on the perspective of the owner. Since it isn’t a permanent fixture, you may be taking the fireplace with you so it doesn’t add any value to the property.

That’s really the only downside we could come up with since there are so many great reasons to have one.

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