Top Tips for Preparing your House for Sale

Updated June 10th, 2020

The housing market is as competitive right now as it ever has been, and as such, it’s essential to do everything correctly to give you the best chance of making a sale. There are certain things we can do to maximize the value in your home. Here are our top tips for preparing your house for sale. We all know that moving house is a hassle, so let’s not let the stress start before we’re even at that stage.

Tidy Up

It’s the most essential piece of advice we can give, but it’s still of vital importance, as you would be surprised at how many people put a messy house on the market. Some buyers can indeed see beyond presentation and see the potential, but why make things difficult on yourself. A neat and tidy house can make it look one hundred times better.

Prepare the Front

The first thing any potential buyer will see when considering a property will be the front view. Whether they see it in person, walking past, and noticing the sale sign or via an online advert, the outside view of the front of the house is a critical first impression. Ensure it is tidy and well presented, including freshening up the house paint, if necessary. Ensure the path, walls and gate are not filthy or rusty as well.

Paint or Paper

Speaking of a touch of paint, the inside is just as crucial in this regard. If we have grubby, marked, or even just old-fashioned wall coverings, it can detract from the house’s real qualities. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or elaborate, but a clean, neutral color that the new owner can do something with can be a positive.

Choose the Best Realtor

Who sells your house for you is a critical choice. It can affect the price you get for the sale as an excellent realtor can find quality buyers and even drive the price up by starting a bidding war. It can also help you get a deal promptly. There are even specialist firms that can help you out in specific circumstances. For example, We Buy Ugly Houses Milwaukee can help sell houses that are not spruced up or presented for sale. Usually, we don’t advise trying to sell an untidy house, but these guys are very useful.

Rearrange the Furniture

The way the place looks is something that every seller should pay careful attention to. The flow of a room and the home as a whole is a crucial aspect of making it seem and feel a comfortable place to be. Not having too much and trying to give a minimalistic vibe can let the viewer see each room’s size. Space will indeed seem larger when it’s empty, so getting as close to that could pay dividends. What furniture you are left with should be arranged in the most positive way possible. Fung Shui is the ancient Chinese art of organizing space, and if done correctly, can make all the difference. There are five elements to Fung Shui; Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, and metal. In incorporating these in the correct balance, we can create a flow as you walk through a property, and this can be a deal-breaker.

Don’t Forget the Yard

It may not be the first thing that will be checked, but the outdoor space is critical to many in the housing market. If you have a family, you will need a nice, pleasant, and safe space for the kids to play in and you to enjoy together. At the very least giving the area a good tidy up, weed the planting beds, use weed killer on the paths and pull out the dead ones. Any paved areas can be easily pressure-washed to give the impression of a new area. If you want to go even further, you could consider revamping certain areas, a new lawn, or even install some decking.

High-Quality Photos

Once the property is set up to your liking and has been listed with the appropriate agency, you will have to attract the buyers to viewings, and the first time they see it will be in photographs. It may be essential to hire a professional photographer, and there are ones who specifically deal with shoots for house sales. This kind of experience can be invaluable as they will know how to frame a shot and even what time of day is best to capture each room.

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