The 5 Best Types of Windows for Your Home

Updated March 2nd, 2023
Types of Windows for Your Home

Are you starting renovations on your home and planning on replacing your windows? Do you want to know what types of windows are the best for your home?

When it comes to choosing windows, you may think that it is not an important decision to make. Types of windows can vary in function, design, style, and more, and the right window is something you need to consider. Choosing the right window installation Las Vegas company is also an important decision, as you’ll want to be sure your windows are properly installed.

Windows are a key element in your home, and with so many on the market, it could be confusing to know which to choose. Here are the five best types of windows for your home.

Horizontal Sliding Aluminum Windows

Horizontal sliding aluminum windows are quickly becoming one of the most popular additions to modern homes because of their sleek, simple design, conventionality, and convenience. These windows are exactly what they sound like, and they are essentially windows that slide when opening.

The sliding aluminum windows are typically made up of two sections from single windows, and the section slides horizontally over the top of one another. These types of windows are great when you are trying to fill up an elongated wall space with a window.

Double Hung Windows

The next type of window that we will take a look at is double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are more commonly found in European countries, in more modern housing, where the top of the pain folds outwards while the bottom is still attached.

These windows typically tilt outwards for easy cleaning and maintenance and happen to be one of the most common types of windows. Double-hung windows only have one operational pain that can open, and it is usually the bottom one.

You also have the option of getting single-hung windows. However, these are far less common, and you’re far less likely to find these available.

Bay Windows

Moving on down our list, the next type of window you should consider adding to your home is the Bay window. These windows protrude from the exterior of your home and can create a bench or a shelf that is perfect for seating or storage.

Bay windows are a great addition for kitchens or even living rooms, allowing you to have a beautiful view of your outside area. Although they typically protrude from the house, they are flat windows angled at a particular angle to create this design.

Bay windows typically consist of three separate windows, two side ones and one middle one that is connected, adding 30-to-40-degree angles.

Casement Windows

The next type of window we have on our list is casement windows. Casement windows are designed to swing, whether it is swinging outwards or upwards, which allows for the glass of the window to be one solid piece offering less obstruction in reviews and a more open view.

Casement windows are typically paired together in twos because it allows you to use smaller pieces of glass as opposed to having one large piece. These types of windows are seen more and more often in houses that are being built today because they create a modern look and feel. Not to mention they can truly open up your home and make it feel larger.

Picture Windows

Last but certainly not least, we have picture windows. These types of windows are perfect for those who want to show off a large view or lead a large amount of light into their home. Picture windows are typically very large panes of glass situated within the wall and are almost seen as a replacement for the wall itself. They are completely fixed and have no movement whatsoever; however, they are often paired with other smaller windows that can open for functionality. Picture windows are a great way to show off a beautiful view because they are large and they do not have any breaks or visible frames. This means nothing obstructs the view.

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