6 Signs Your Home Needs a Mold Remediation Specialist

Updated August 9th, 2021

As a homeowner, mold infestation may be one of the things you may have to deal with in your home. When it’s left unchecked, it may cause a lot of problems. For example, having mold around your house may be costly to clean up and may leave a long-lasting problem to your property’s resale value.

However, more than the costs and stigma on your home, too much exposure to mold may be dangerous to your health. It may result in breathing problems, headaches, nausea, and other serious health problems. Thus, if you believe mold is hiding up in the ceilings, behind your walls, or under your floors, you may need the assistance of a mold remediation specialist to remove, clean, sanitize, and demolish it from your home for good.

But, if you want to know exactly when you should require the services of a mold remediation specialist, below are the six signs to keep in mind from the get-go.

You See Mold With Your Naked Eye

The most obvious sign that you need a professional to get rid of mold in your house is that it’s visible to your naked eye. Although mold can differ in appearance, its presence around your place can be an indication you need to conduct mold remediation with the help of an expert to remove it for you.

Hence, whether you see the mold that looks green, yellowish, blue, purple, black, red, pink, or brown, it should be treated similarly. That’s because whatever appearance it looks like, it can be considered a problem that you need to address as soon as you can.

Your Home Feels Excessively Humid

Another sign to watch out for is if your home’s humidity is too high, especially during the summer. Generally, mold can thrive in environments with high humidity levels. It can even grow to a significant amount when it’s left unchecked and uncleaned for a long period of time.

So, if you notice your home feels excessively humid, there can be higher odds your place is filled with mold. When this happens, it can be an excellent idea to seek help from professionals, as an experienced mold remediation expert. They know exactly how to stop mold growth and eliminate it from your home for good.

You Have Water Leaks

Typically, there are many reasons why your basement and other areas in your home have water leaks. But, what you need to know is that the leaks coming from your ceiling, pipes, toilets, or basement can cause mold to grow around your house. This can be due to the excessive moisture you have in your place because of leaking.

However, even if the leaks have been fixed professionally, it doesn’t guarantee your house is infested with mold. In such a case, your dwelling place needs a home remediation specialist who can clean and remove the growing mold in your property.

You Deal With Ventilation Problems

Most homeowners understand the importance of having proper home ventilation. It can help regulate internal temperatures and humidity. But, more importantly, it can minimize the accumulation of moisture, dust, odors, and other related contaminants that can build up over time. However, when your home has ventilation issues, moisture and other contaminants can accumulate quickly and create some areas susceptible to mold growth.

Therefore, if you have a kitchen that generates steamy areas, or basements or bathrooms with no exhaust fans, they may have been infested with mold due to poor ventilation. To remedy this situation, it’s best to work with a mold remediation professional who’s experienced in cleaning and eliminating mold from different areas in your home.

You Notice Off-Putting Smells

Mold smells like a musty old basement. Although the odor is faint rather than overwhelming, it doesn’t necessarily mean you take that gross smell lightly. One reason is that an off-putting smell can be a sign that mold is growing in certain areas of your home.

So, when you start smelling a musty odor in your dwelling place, find time to call a home remediation specialist right away to get rid of it permanently. Once the procedure is done, you can have peace of mind, knowing you can enjoy a fresh-smelling home for a long time.

You Experience Allergies

Typically, mold may cause a trip to an emergency due to allergic reactions. As mentioned, the presence of mold in your home can invite several health issues, including allergies. Hence, if you start having a runny nose or sore throat, and you keep on coughing or sneezing, it can be an indication that mold is infesting some areas of your home.

When this happens, mold should be remediated right away with the assistance of a remediation specialist in your area. That way, you don’t need to deal with your allergies while staying at your place.


When there’s a mold infestation in your home, the best thing to do is prevent it from causing a lot of problems, including property damage and health issues. It’s also something that should be removed from your home immediately.

Therefore, if you notice the signs mentioned above, you should contact a mold remediation specialist to help you with the removal process. By doing this, you can look forward to living in a home that’s healthy and mold-free.

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