4 Qualifications to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Updated July 6th, 2021

There are some tasks in your home you can do yourself, and there are those best left to the hands of the experts. Roofing projects belong to the latter group. Given the important role a roof plays in your home or building, it’s just but fitting to ensure you don’t settle for any less. There’s no room for mistakes, so hiring experts to take on such jobs is the best route to take.

As you go through roofing contractors in your area, however, you should know that not every contractor has the same standards of quality. While there are good ones out there, unfortunately, some roofing contractors will provide only substandard results. When you want the best roofing repairs on your home, you should do what you can to find a reliable, experienced roofing contractor.

Before you hire someone for your project, be sure your chosen contractor meets the following qualifications:

1. Provides A Wide Range Of Services

A roofing contractor isn’t limited to installing or repairing roofs. A good one will have a wide range of services related to roofing. It’s a big advantage for you to keep working with a contractor that knows the ins and outs of roofing, so there’s consistency with the project outcomes, and you can build a professional relationship with them.

Should you have any other roofing concerns apart from installation or repairs, you can call the same team to help you out. This makes for more trust as well since you can be certain of the quality of work a roofing contractor has if you repeatedly hire them for services.

Some of the common roofing services they should offer are:

  • Roof inspection for damage and leaks
  • Debris removal
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Sealing, treating, and painting
  • Weatherproofing

The more services a roofing contractor has, the higher the range of expertise you have access to. This should be a telling sign that the company has taken the time to master every aspect of roofing.

2. Operates Locally

This isn’t just about supporting local professionals. It’s more convenient for all parties involved if the roofing team doesn’t have to travel far just to address your concerns.

Transporting tools and equipment over a short distance can also lower the project cost. Remember that the roofing contractor will have to add any transportation expenses to your bill. You can easily keep those to a minimum by choosing to hire locals.

3. Can Install And Work On Different Types Of Roofs

This is another indicator of skill and expertise. Plus, you can be sure that whatever your preferred roofing type is, your chosen contractor can do a successful job of installing it.

Some of the best types of roofs that a good contractor should be able to cover include but aren’t limited to:

Shingles (Composite, Asphalt, And Fiberglass): These are easy to install, and the different kinds of materials used for them allow for a variety of colors. However, due to sun exposure, you can expect shingles to fade over time.

Solar Shingles: This is one of the newest forms of roofing, and the contractor also needs to be an expert in building-integrated photovoltaics for proper installation. Solar shingles enable the easy installation of a solar power system for the house or building.

Metal Roofing: This kind of roofing is one of the classic types, perfect for modern-looking homes. These are low-maintenance, easy to install, and age quite beautifully, so you won’t have to worry about your roof appearing worn out quickly.

Each of the different types of roofing has its respective pros and cons. You have to choose according to your preferences and needs, such as if you want a slanted roof for an attic or a flat one you can turn into a rooftop garden.

4. Holds The Proper Licenses To Operate

Never put your trust in a roofing contractor that doesn’t have the right permits and licenses to operate. No matter how low their rates are, if they’re not licensed, that’s a red flag you have to steer clear of.

When a contractor is fully licensed to operate, this means they’ve met all the requirements needed by roofers to provide services in your state. This can help you sleep better at night, knowing that the roof of your home is safe, durable, and installed or repaired by a trustworthy contractor.


With this list of qualifications, you’ll know where to turn when you’re in the pursuit of a reputable roofing contractor. After all, roof repair and installation projects shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you end up going for an underqualified professional, then the quality of your roof and the safety of your home may be compromised.

Hiring a roofing contractor isn’t a decision to be made in haste. Before you sign a contract with a professional, it’s a must to have already scheduled consultations with them and gone through their client reviews and qualifications. This will help you ensure that you’ll be working with the best for your roofing needs.

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