Best Recliners Reviewed for 2018

February 1st, 2018

Coming home after a long day at work, you just want to sit down somewhere and relax.

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Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

  •  Great value for money
  • Comfortable yet firm
  • Stylish for the modern day home
  • Not as soft as other recliners
  • Not recommended for taller people
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The first thought that comes to mind is what if I owned one of the best recliners on the market! A bench on the front porch outside? relaxing-on-reclinerMight be a good option, but in winter it is always freezing while in summer instead of sipping on your cup of coffee and trying to have a quiet time alone you will be fighting off bugs and mosquitos continually trying to suck on some blood. Well, a living room couch? Mmm… sounds cozy, but there is a better alternative.

The Most Price Effective Best Recliners

Dorel Living Slim ReclinerB$
ACME 00632 Arcadia ReclinerB+$$
Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather ReclinerA$
Giantex Manual ReclinerA$$$
Davis Fabric ReclinerB+$$

Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Meet your action packed hero in a turtle shell! The Dorel Living Slim Recliner is perfect for those rooms where space is a luxury. If you have a city apartment or just a smaller room, then the Dorel will work perfectly.

This is a super easy recliner to assemble. A quick tip though, make sure you assemble the chair in the location that you plan on keeping it.

In terms of size, it’s positives can also be it’s negatives as those of us who are over the 5ft mark may struggle to keep the chair in a fully reclined position. From our initial testing, the chair was a little sensitive to movement when in the fully reclined position. The movement would cause the chair to snap back into its upright position. However, this issue is not too uncommon on lower priced chairs such as this one.


For the price, this is an excellent deal for one of the best recliners available. The arms and back are very puffy in a way that I like. Much of today’s furniture has too much pillow puff while still feeling like a rock. This is due to the poor quality of materials used in the cushioning. This is not the case here; we found this chair feels excellent to cozying up into on a cold night.

There are a few things you should be aware of though. We tested the size of the seat, and for a larger person, it can feel a little narrow. However, for an average sized person, this will be perfect. You will also need to “break-in” the reclining function. We found this a little stiff when straight out of the box. But after a few days of usage, the chair was reclining like a ninja.

Easy assembly

 Efficient use of space

 Great value at a low cost

 Taller people may find it a little small

 Sensitive to movement when fully reclined

ACME 00632 Arcadia Recliner, Oakwood Chocolate Microfiber

Need a chair quickly? Need one of the best recliners that do the job it says it will on the label? Well, the ACME Arcadia Recliner is the chair for you. This recliner serves a great purpose of quickly and easily filling a small space in your room. Arcadia’s offering is so comfortable that I almost fell asleep twice while testing it out.

Clearly, by the price point, this is your bang for buck chair.  This would be perfect for the occasional user who wants something that is a cinch to put together. Snap the back half of the chair onto the bottom, and it’s ready to go.

Have pets? Great! Polyester microfiber covers the recliner. This will result in a slightly rougher feeling that many domestic animals tend to appreciate. Most notably, cats and dogs. However, the downside is that this couch is prone to stain easily. So just make sure that you place a protective layer between the sofa and your pet’s bodily outputs.


The padding on the chair is very comfortable, and you tend not to sink into an everlasting pit. Over time, the filling may shift as you start to mold your grove into the chair. However, padding may push into the reclining corners of the couch. This may cause the reclining function to faultier over time.

One interesting quirk we found was the strength of the spring on the footrest of the chair. It’s a little too strong in our opinion.  This makes the leg rest a bit more difficult than necessary to retract back into the chair. This may however just be the case of a newer spring that needs some time to loosen up a little.

 Super comfortable for long periods

 Fast assembly

 Popular online for years now

 Prone to staining

 Footrest difficult to retract

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather soft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

This is the one of the best recliners for the modern apartment looking to maximise space while keeping a sleek interior design look. This chair will fit into most modern homes with it’s attractive exterior.

We put this chair through the most rigorous of tests – as a gaming chair/house entertainment room chair. And it passed both with flying colors. The back is very high for a recliner which makes this chair perfect for taller people. Furthermore, we could not find any slant in the front of the chair. This means it’s ideal for a quick kip while putting no pressure on your knees.

The assembly of the chair of relatively straightforward. You will need the tools provided in the box. However, it’s optimal to fetch your tool-set at this point.

Circling back to our testing environment, the reason we dropped it into a gaming household was the swivel ability of the chair. It provides the versatility for seating when hosting many guests. Or the frantic movement of playing a console game in front of the TV.

Comfort Level

Regarding comfort, you are sacrificing a little bit of comfort here for appearance. The chair fit the room perfectly. However, we felt the chair through the padding when we sat on it for more extended periods of time. This might also be the case because the leather of the chair is not real. In other words, you have that “pleather” feeling on the skin. I would recommend combining the chair with a beautiful pillow set that may add the additional comfort needed.

A highly recommended buy for consumers who want to sample one of best recliners at a welcoming price. It will not take up too much space as well as keeping the home looking stylish.

 Stylish recliner for the modern home

 Swivel ability

 No frontward slant

Sacrifices comfort for style

 Some assembly needed

Giantex Manual Recliner Chair Black Lounger Leather Sofa Seat Home Theater

Tall? Want no hassles? And desperately want to relax? Then the Giantex is your godsend. This simple and space effective manual recliner is perfect for the taller (as well as shorter) sized person. The high back, combined with lock-in reclining functionality allows you to lay back for extended periods. For assembly, I couldn’t ask for anything more; it practically came pre-built in the box. So once you unwrap, make some adjustments, you’re pretty much ready to sit back and relax.

This was unlike other chairs we have reviewed here. We found the build and parts of the Giantex chair to be of better quality. Especially considering the price compared to other models with similar features. Our testing has been going on for eight months now. So far we found no issues in the recline function or the loss of pressure in the footrest springs.

These chairs would serve those who are looking to buy in multiples for such things as a home movie theatre or a manicure salon. It offers the creature comforts of doing nails in luxury. All while not consuming nearly as much space as a salon chair.


The main issue we found, however, is that the width is not very forgiving if you are a little wider. Some of the best recliners compensate for broader width by allowing the padding to re-mold around your body. However, with the Giantex chair, if you don’t fit, you aren’t going to be sitting in this chair at all.

Overall, this chair was one of our favorites for its sleek appearance.  It oozes comfort that should last you for years to come. All this at a price tag that you just can’t turn down.

 Great for taller people

 Good quality parts

 Perfect for multiple chairs in a row

 Unforgiving for the wider individual

Little more expensive

Best Selling Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair, Light Beige

This modern and chic recliner is a steal at it’s current price as it looks expensive and feels like it should be too. You can understand why this is one of Amazon’s most popular and best recliners. Simply reading over all the positive reviews had us excited to test it out.

Firstly, let’s review the crafting of the optics of the chair. I asked some friends the other night how much they think I paid for this chair.  They replied with an amount which was triple the amount that I’m out of pocket. Not to mention how surprised they were to hear the real price.

The designer’s choice of materials for this chair may raise some questions. It does not feel as good on the skin as some of the more expensive recliners would feel. Saying that, picking up a low-cost sheepskin throw over would solve this issue immediately. This would also protect the fabric from stains as it’s not stain resistant at all. Possibly some scotch guard spray would not go astray either.

Another great positive going for this recliner is it’s recline function. Straight out of the box it felt like it had been “wore in” already. No stiffness or extra spring feeling like we found on some of the other recliners, it just felt right. Furthermore, it didn’t lose this tension over time. We can confidently state this after using the chair for four months. It still has the same easy to recline functionality as when we first removed it from the box.


We found the cushioning to be a little stiffer than compared with the other recliners. But once the chair discovered our groves, it tended to keep that shape. This made it much easier to hope up as well as sit down.

 Modern and expensive looking chair at great price

 Smooth recline function straight out of box

 Cushioning finds groove quickly and holds

 Fabic does not feel the best on the skin

 Not stain resistant

The Best Recliners for Investment in Comfort

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage ReclinerB*$$
Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather ReclinerA$$
Relaxzen Leisure ReclinerA-$
Monarch Specialties Leather Swivel Glider ReclinerA+$$$

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner, Tan

Welcome to the introductory level of a combined recliner / massage chair. Dorel has done a wonderful job of packing the features of a more expensive recliner into a well sized recliner.

The first significant advantage this chair has over its competitors is the reclining range. It reclines to 180 degrees to offer you the full relaxation experience. We found competitor’s chairs do not recline entirely or are very fragile when in full recline mode. The “rock forward” function allows for easily hoping out of the chair. This is especially handy when your legs feel like jelly after waking up from a cozy nap on the chair.

Dorel isn’t done there though, they have thrown in a basic head and leg massager. These are both controlled with a simple remote on the side. However, keep in mind, this is only an entry level massaging mechanism, so it’s basically sending vibrations through your neck and legs. The downside is that it’s a little loud and not something you can leave on for longer periods of time.


The padding on the chair is very comfy with the microfiber the fabric showing nicely stitched lines.

We highly recommended this chair as one of the best recliners for new moms . Especially moms who have a nursery area they love to escape to while feeding or caring for their newborns. The vibration of the massaging functionality can offer a soothing feeling for your young one.

 Combines massage and reclining function at entry level price

 Massage remote control

 Vibration excellent for new moms cradling young ones

 Vibration loud

 Lever recline only

Flash Furniture BT-7818-BGE-GG Contemporary Beige Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base

For those following along at home, may have noticed that this is the upgrade model of the earlier chair we reviewed with the “wrapped base”. This is because we are fans of the Flash Furniture range. They make cost effect, sleek and functionally recliners. So much so that they have passed our tests with flying colors.

So for around $100 more than the base model, you step up in materials and comfort. The mahogany wooden base gives this chair a leg up in the style department. Making it look like a $1,000 recliner at nearly a quarter of the price. Flash Furniture also upped the ante on the padding, adding extra cushioning around the base and head areas.

Assembly was a little longer with this recliner compared to the previous models we tested as we timed having completed building the chair in 45 minutes from the start of the unboxing process. The most complex part was attaching the head to the base. But the instructions are clear enough to help you through the process.


Keep in mind that this chair does not recline to 180 degrees. The angle would be just over 45 degrees at most. We found ourselves not entirely falling asleep on the chair. But it was comfortable enough for a power snooze.

One last point, the chair is available in a beautiful array of colors to suit any living space. The reclining chair world rarely sees this type of choice in color. Therefore, be sure to take the time to find the right color for your home.

Style mahogany base stands out

 Comfortable chair with moderate padding

 Available in multiple colors

 Not fully reclinable

 Little longer to assemble than most chairs

Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat, Brown

Meet the smooth operator of the best recliners world, the Relaxzen talks the talk and walks the walk. This chair appeals to the shopper looking for a recliner with high end functionalities combined with a modern appeal.

The first advantage out of the blocks is that Relaxzen has cut a great balance between padding and style. Do you believe that many of the recliners on the market are over-padded? Then look no further, you have an exception to the norm. The even better news is that it’s remaining quite comfortable sitting and relaxing.

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes..” or something like that. While it may not become that hot, the recliner has a convenient heating feature. It serves wonders on cold winter evenings in front of the TV.

While your back is warming up, you can switch on the vibration. This will further subdue and relax those tired muscles. The previous chairs we reviewed had a constant vibration. On the contrary, this chair sends out pulses which we found very relaxing for the lower back muscles.

Some Disadvantages

The only downside here is that you have to have the heat on if you want the massage working too. This is a strange design decision, but they must have had their reasons. Heating and massage are all controlled via the handy remote on the side of the chair.

We found assembly for this chair a little more time consuming than most. So be sure to follow the instructions carefully. In the box, you will see there is a toolkit provided. But if you have your own on hand, that would be very useful.

 High-end functionalities at good price

 High-tech massaging that heats you up too

 Good balance of padding and comfort

 Heating has to be on at the same time as massaging functions

 Little longer to assemble than most chairs

Monarch Specialties Ivory Bonded Recliner

This white knight is a little on the higher price range for our “investment in comfort” category. However, we couldn’t overlook the Monarch Specialties Recliner. This white, leather reclining chair will easily blend into any interior you might have in your home. All while offering it’s user a delightfully relaxing experience.

This recliner features a retractable footrest system. This will helps the user find the most comfortable position. Then once you retract the footrest system, it becomes hidden from view. No computer operations are controlling this chair. However, the tasks of reclining and swiveling around were straightforward to perform. The bold and fashionable white, leather recliner will add some class to any living room.

Monarch Specialties recliner will only take about 40 inches of space in any direction. Furthermore, it weighs around 88 lbs fully assembled. The best news, however, is that this chair can fit into most spaces very neatly.

Like many of the best recliners, this chair does not overdo the padding levels. All while still keeping a sustained level of comfort (even after ten months of use so far).


Putting the chair together was simple as making a pie. It’s also useful to track down some silicone spray. I would recommend applying some under the arms and in between the cranks of the chair. Since doing this, you can barely hear a peep out of the chair as it reclines.

Keep in mind that the chair does not recline without putting up the footrest. However, you will be able to rock and swivel very comfortably.

 High-end functionalities at good price

 High-tech massaging that heats you up too

 Good balance of padding and comfort

 Heating has to be on at the same time as massaging functions

 Little longer to assemble than most chairs

Feature Packed Best Recliners

Divano Roma Furniture Plush Recliner Chair (Black)A$$
MSG Massage ReclinerB$$$
Flash Furniture Plush Leather Rocker ReclinerA$$$
HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating ReclinerB-$

Divano Roma Furniture Plush Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair (Black)

 What a great recliner chair and this year’s pick for the best recliner on the market. The chair boasts a state of the art (and quiet) motor that makes reclining a breeze. Smooth leather upholstery and comfy cushioning complement the technology very well.

One of the best parts of this chair is the ability to recline to the vertical position with little effort.

Unlike the earlier chairs reviewed, this one has no swivel and does not rock. The only operations are up and down.

It’s important to note that during testing our bodies tended to slip down the sofa. This occurred mainly in the reclined position. Whether this is the type leather or not, we were not sure. What we were sure of is that it felt more firm and plush around the upper end of the chair.

 Great value for money

 Comfortable yet firm

Stylish for the modern day home

Not as soft as other recliners

 Not recommended for taller people

MSG Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Swivel Heated with Control Black

This is one recliner that you won’t find many, if not any, negative reviews for. We have tested the MSG recliner for well over a month now and love it. The first and very noticeable advantage is the ergonomic design. It can accommodate a person of almost all shapes and sizes. The adjustable headrest needs special mention. The best recliners rarely have this feature installed. From our measurements, the height of the seat is 18.5”, and the width from arm to arm is 20.9”. When seated, we did feel more pressure on our legs than usual. The chair could be an inch or two higher.

The great stand out functionality is that you can use the heat and massage functionality separately. In this price range most recliners these functions dependant on each other to run.

The leather feeling of the material is soft and caressing on the skin. We also found it quickly matched your body temperature.

Bonus Features

Of the eight massage modes available, we particularly enjoyed level 4 or 5. These modes pushed the tension out of our backs, all while not feeling uncomfortable or uneasy. That’s something only the best recliners on the market can achieve.

Did we forget to mention the cup holders? Definitely not! We used these regularly as they surprisingly fit almost all drink diameter sizes that we could throw at them.

 Accommodates all shapes and sizes

 Heats and massages separately and together

 Leather + cup holders!

Some unnecessary massage functions

 Wider chair, not for narrow spaces

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Leather Rocker Recliner, Brown

The Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner ticks all the boxes and delivers everything you need at a sensational price.

The recliner is 66′ depth, 42′ height, 40′ width by 39′. You’re right in thinking that this recliner is a little wider than your average recliner on the market. But this extra width accounts for the extra padding in the seat, back, and armrest. The other measurement we love here is the height; it stands around 2′ taller than most recliners we have reviewed.

This is an extremely comfortable chair that neither of us could give up once we were nestled in and cosy. One of the main reasons for this is that the chair tends to sit more upright when not reclined. An experienced recliner user would know that this places much less stress on your legs.  This does wonders for the comfort of the chair. This reviewer then went one step further to investigate the mechanics under the chair. We were happy to find a good quality build which was surprising the price and comfort of the chair.


Like most of the best recliners, assembly was a breeze as there wasn’t much to put together. The chair arrived mostly intact and ready to serve. The material is a vinyl making it super easy to maintain and reasonably easy to remove most stains.

The only drawback we could find was the state of the packaging when the chair arrived at our door. There was damage to the box and scuff marks everywhere. Luckily, there was no harm to the chair inside the box.

 Our favorite recliner!

 Great dimensions and well thought out design

 Sits more upright when not reclined

 Vinyl can be hard to maintain

 Packaging was very damaged on arrival

HomCom Deluxe Heated Recliner Chair

If you are not looking to spend more than just a few hundred dollars on a recliner chair, here is a great and price wise conservative option for you to look at.

HomCom presents an entirely remote controlled recliner which will move to your desired position with a press of a button. It also features the ability to recline for up to 180 degrees and to spin 360 degrees in any direction. HomCom Deluxe has got a built-in heater which you can easily activate with a remote.

On a negative note though, we have read about some experiences of everyday recliner users. They report that the foam padding does tend to deteriorate and move into problematic areas. So far we haven’t experienced this ourselves.

For those coffee lovers, you do not have to be afraid of spilling your favorite beverage anymore with two convenient cup holders inserted in either armrest. Check this one out! It comes in several different colors, and you can pick one that fits your living room interior best.

 Good value mid-range recliner

 Fully reclines and holds it’s position under movement stress

 Heater warms up quickly

Not designed for all day, everyday use

 Little wider than similar recliners in the category

A Little Bit of History…

space best reclining chairThe recliner as we know it today was introduced and patented by Daniel F. Caldemeyer of Evansville, Indiana. He did not use the idea of Knabush and Shoemaker. These two fellow Americans first patented the wooden recliner back in 1928. Instead, he developed his unique design based on the science of kinetics. He obtained knowledge of while serving in the U.S. Air Force. His design was beneficial to the U.S. government with NASA later using the idea of the seat for space missions Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury.

So Why Make the Best Recliners?

And seriously, why buy a reclining chair rather than a traditional couch? Having a recliner has its perks that the majority of Americans find beneficial these days. However, it was the 1850s in France was saw the very first recliner. Since then the reclining chairs are starting to gain popularity only nowadays. And we will help you see the advantages and pick the best recliners for your home.

Advantages of a Reclining Chair best recliners remote


When you select from the best recliners, rest assured it will become your generator of comfort for years to come. The whole point of buying a reclining chair is to have the option to recline the back as you please. Something you cannot do with a regular couch. Additionally, for a little extra fee, major recliner manufacturers offer an option to elevate your feet. This will put you practically in a horizontal position while technically still sitting. You can try reading a book or watching TV laying back in that position. However, you will probably become too comfortable and will not resist a nap.


Think about it. A regular couch can take up to 3 times more area in your living room than a chair. Surely, you will have to allow a little bit of room for the recliner to recline. However, compared to a couch it is just a no-brainer. You can even buy another recliner for your loved one and put it right next to yours.  We would bet that you would still have lots of space left to fill.

There you have it, the Homewares Insider guide to finding the best recliners on the market. Let us know in the comments below what recliner you love and how you’re experiencing its comfort level.