How to Remove Soap Scum – Forever!

August 6th, 2016


Soap Scum is not nice!

But what is Soap Scum exactly?

Simply it’s the combo of hard water and certain minerals in our cleaning products we use. The coagulate to form a slimy substance that can turn very hard very quickly, leaving you scraping and chiseling away to get it off.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Preventing soap scum is far easier than trying to remove it. Soap Scum can become as hard as rock and literally impossible to remove. So, try one of these methods:

Clean Clean Clean

FH5JON8HW8CDA8N.RECT2100Ensuring your bath and shower area is clean seems an obvious thing, but sometimes we are not aware that the detergents we use are in fact the culprits leaving the, at first, invisible soap scum behind.

Most specific shower cleaners are safe to use, in that they don’t leave a residue behind, which later turns into soap scum. But best to, after using the detergent, wipe over with a clean cloth and rub a little gel or car wax on to the obvious spots so that the soap cannot stick to the surface easily.

Clean Out

Bar soaps are the real felons here. The paraffin in the bar soap makes that sticky mess. So change to shower or bath gels ie. The liquid kind.


Salt It

Whilst bathing, you can pour a little Epson Salts in and this will help keep that soap scum at bay. Epson Salts, in fact, are good for your skin as well, so double whammy here.

Towel Dry

Keep a spare towel nearby so that after a shower or bath you towel dry the entire area down. A bit of a hassle but it will assist with keeping that build up away.

Baby Oil It

A little baby oil wiped on the offending areas will create a slick surface where soap scum cannot breed.

How to Remove Soap Scum

The real question and the real reason you’re on this site. Here are a few options:

Liquid Life Savers

Anyone of the following will work in removing soap scum. If the soap scum is very stubborn you may want to use an old toothbrush as well.Before-and-After-Shower

  • White Vinegar (straight onto the spot with a little rub)
  • Baking Soda mixed with a little water (apply and leave for 15 minutes, then wipe off)
  • Powdered Laundry Detergent (mixed with a little water and rubbed in to the spot)
  • Lemon Oil( applied with a soft cloth gently)
  • Laundry Stain Remover (applied and left for 15 minutes then wiped away
  • Ammonia with a little water (but just be careful of this stuff on your skin and clothing)

Here is a How To Video that may prove helpful too – always good to see it in action:

High Water Pressure

This may work on soap scum that hasn’t hardened too much. But just be careful of damaging loose tiles or old tiles. But to go back to the beginning, rather prevent soap scum growing than having to find methods to remove it. Its ugly. Its nasty. Its preventable. How to remove soap scum, need never be a question you ask.