How To Measure For Carpet Like a Professional

Updated March 11th, 2020

While we do promote using professionals for such intricate jobs, you can do this part yourself quite easily. Remember you are measuring and calculating the amount of carpet you will need because a professional normally charges for this service.  Or you are just that guy or doll that likes to try out new things and measuring for carpet is your newest challenge.

You can eliminate this part of the project as a professional may charge anything from between $80 per hour right up to $150 per hour. If you have an inch of DIY in you, you will manage just fine. Here are a few steps to follow that will see you being able to purchase the right amount of carpet. Further, to this you could try fit the carpet yourself but that is a whole other story.

How To Measure For Carpet

Step One:

Measure-Carpet-Step-7Draw a simple outline of your house or at least the room/rooms in question.

This doesn’t have to be a 100% accurate drawing but needs to represent the shape. The accurate part needs to be in the measuring.

The drawing just helps you plot out your carpet measurements, especially if you are doing multiple rooms and possibly different carpets in each room.

Step Two:

Now you need to measure each wall and allow for at least an extra 3 inches on top of each length. This way you can be assured of having enough carpet.

Step Three:

Tape-MeasureMake a list of all the measurements and multiply the width by the length.

Further, add up all the rooms. If you are dealing with multiple rooms and the same carpet throughout you won’t need to separate this calculation.

If, for example, if the lounge carpet is to be different to the bedroom carpets, then make two calculation lists. This way the carpet suppliers will be clear on what you want.


Bedroom One – 27,5m x 14m = 385m

Bedroom Two – 30m x 10m = 300m

Lounge – 32,5m x 15,5m = 503,75m

Total = 1188,75m

Step Four:

Add on a 5% to allow for seams and a just in case should you need extra carpet. Rather more than too little in this case.

In ending…

The professional who fits the carpet, if you don’t plan to do this yourself, will most probably have you sign an indemnity that states that should there not be enough carpet for the job, the onus lays and stays with you.

carpetThis is a fair call, wouldn’t you say, given he has no control over this part of the process? So, get it right the first time! Nothing more unsightly that a room with a lovely long line running down the one side where carpet had to be added on.

And you will have to outlay more cash for more carpet.  God forbid, by the time the fitment happens, they have run out of that specific carpet pattern!  OMG! He goes a step further to explain how to measure for stairs, if that is part of your project. This can be a little more complicated.

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