How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs In The House: Natural-like

August 6th, 2016

As you’ve found this article clearly ladybugs are an issue for you in your household.

However, if you have stumbled across this piece by accident, you may be wondering why such beautiful, delicate creatures would need to be gotten rid of.

maxresdefaultWell, think the plague, think infestation and you will get a good idea of why having ladybugs in your home isn’t such a hot idea. They multiply like crazy and can easily take over to the point that you will need to take drastic measures. So, with anti-cruelty in mind, prevention is much better than cure.


Seal Up

Before Winter hits, which is when these little critters will start looking for a nice warm spot to hibernate, seal up your windows and doors.

Black is Back

Ladybugs like light colors, so if you are aware that ladybugs are a problem in your neighborhood, darken up your décor a bit. Even just changing the paint color of your inside walls will help.

Powder Power

Using Diatomaceous Earth Food will ensure ladybugs stay outside as well as other creatures. Just spread a little around the outskirts of your house.


Scent Them

Ladybugs don’t like certain scents so liberally use these when cleaning and vacuuming.
Citrus, Citronella, Cloves

bay-leavesBay Leaves

Basically any essential oils can be added to your cleaning agent or dropped into your vacuum cleaner for easy application.


If you haven’t managed to prevent these bright sparks from entering your home and they look to be heading down plague lane, you will have to resort to one of these methods to getting rid of them.

Vacuum Vapor

While you may think it cruel, vacuuming up ladybugs won’t hurt them. Sure, a few may get killed along the way but the majority will survive. First, empty your vacuum bag and once you have vacuumed them all up, pour them into the garden, far away from your house.

Trap ‘em

There are ladybug repellents and traps on the market but these will kill the critters, so if you don’t mind, use them, but preferably a vacuum is best.

Reasons to love them

ladybird_beetleLadybugs are great for your garden, so if you can encourage a few there, they may save your plants, especially from aphids.

Aphids are the type of insect you most definitely don’t want plaguing your garden. They destroy plants. So, rather let the ladybugs destroy them, as they like to feed off of aphids.

They are pretty creatures, which can cheer up any garden, but as soon as they infest your house they will become a real issue.ladybug-prevention-cumming-ga_0 It is good to know that ladybugs will not ruin your fabric, eat your food or lay eggs in your house. They essentially want in to find a warm place to stay for the Winter.

However, if you disturb them they do emit a sort of blood, yellow in color, which can stain surfaces. So just be careful how you get rid of them. How to get rid of ladybugs in the house has never been easier. They are harmless to the environment and your home, but you don’t want them living in their hundreds there too.