How To Clean High Gutters

Updated July 20th, 2022

rsz_1rsz_55-110_guttervac-3_morGetting high up on your roof can be a hairy experience and we would strongly recommend hiring a professional for this sort of job. However, if you are either brave enough or it’s the cost factor hindering you, then consider these tips and tools to get those high gutters clean in no time.

To be clear, it’s also the underside of your gutters that you want to clean. The obvious thought is that the gutters get filled with leaves including all and sundry that floats around outside, especially when the winds are up. True, but the actual gutter would look a whole lot better if you gave it a once-over every so often.

Getting up there is the real issue. It requires a really long ladder, which we all know can sometimes end up in dire situations. Or you will find yourself crawling out onto the not-so-stable-looking roof out of your attic window, stocked with packets, gloves and your heart in your throat. Well.. unless you’re going up there for other reasons:

But, there are tools out there that can do the job just as well, without you putting your life on the line.

Tools of the Trade

Gutter Cleaning Applicator

A long, telescoping pole with a sponge attachment shaped to fit your gutter perfectly.

Gutter Cleaning Pincer

T_WithoutZoomMuch like the Applicator, this comes with an
adaptation in the form of a pincer which can clasp the leaves and junk. Think The Claw!

Vacuum Accessories

You can utilize it to suck up that mess upstairs there. Just be sure to give it a good clean afterwards, as you more than likely will collect some sand and dirt too. Making use of vacuum accessories will assist the job at hand.


Gutter Flusher

A nifty tool that even comes with a mirror accessory so that you can see what you’re doing. The tool uses a pressure water system to flush out the gunk in your gutter and push it out and down.

Robot Gutter Cleaner

Yes, there is such a thing. If you’re willing to spend a pretty fortune and your gutters are worth the spend, try this robot cleaner:

Simple How To With No Tools

If you’re not up to spending money on this job, then consider a real DIY and simple solution. Know that you may need to get a little down and dirty for this one.hero

  1. Get up on your roof (tread carefully, preferably on your hands and knees)
  2. Remove the gutter covers carefully to gain access to the inner gutter
  3. Remove debris from the gutter either with a gloved hand (you never know what landed in there!) or a scoop of some sort (little buddy’s shovel could work)
  4. Using a hosepipe, flush out the remaining gunk
  5. Check that the water flows freely through the gutter and out
  6. If you find a blockage, try to get a more pressured water flow to shoot this down the blocked area
  7. A further option is to push the hose down or up the gutter to dislodge the debris
  8. Fit your gutter covers back on and ensures all are fitted snuggly.
  9. Step off that roof carefully!

So, you know that how to clean high gutters need not be a daunting task or be rated up there with flossing and submitting your taxes.

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  1. My sister would like to have a gutter installed on her home’s roof because this may help protect the latter from heavy rainfall. Well, I also agree with you that she must wear gloves and use the sturdiest ladder when cleaning the gutter. Thnak you for suggesting here as well that using the vacuum accessories will make the cleaning better.

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