Energy + Business: Are You Maximising Energy Solutions For Your Business

Updated May 27th, 2021

The world is a changed place in the last decade where there has been a great emphasis placed on ensuring that people and businesses are putting the environment at the forefront of their plans.   Climate change is happening at the place, and the majority of developed nations have given pledges to ensure that they have targets to reduce their impact.  This is then flowed down to businesses but also changes people’s behaviours drastically.  Here are some tips to maximise the heating solution for your business.

Water Tanks

It is important to ensure that your water tank coating is in good condition and fit for its purpose.  Not only can a poor water tank coating be ineffective, but it could cause things such as legionella as poor bacteria can be encouraged to grow.  Having robust lining within the water tank can help ensure that this is prevented.  There are also many external regulations that are required to be adhered to in terms of water tanks. Therefore, it is good to ensure regular maintenance and upkeep if you do not want to get caught out.

Solar Power

More and more businesses are moving to solar power solutions.  There is a perception by people that this is costly and difficult to do. However, it is not.  Depending on your location and what it is you are looking to do, there may be government grants and support available to help with these sorts of endeavours whilst they try and encourage less use of fossil fuels.  Once these panels are installed, the overall heating bill should also be a lot less than they currently are.

Automatic Lighting

Lighting can be costly, and no matter how many business managers try and educate the workforce to turn off the lights at the end of the day, it sometimes just does not happen.  As a result, some businesses have inserted sensors in areas that will turn off the lights in an area if there is a lack of movement.  These are also inserted in places like toilets that may not be used all the time.  As a result of this, the lights will only go on when there is someone in the room or area which prevents them from being on constantly, reducing energy consumption.

Window and Doors

It is important, especially in the colder months, that companies minimise any draft release coming from places like windows or doors in order to keep heating in. Companies can go to the extent of installing double glazing windows or doors if they do not already have these, which will in turn support this.


As energy efficiency becomes a far greater focus for individuals and companies to support the environmental measures, then these measures can support this. Some of these will even ensure massive decreases in energy bills downstream but also work towards the spread of bacteria.

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