7 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Solve Them

Updated January 26th, 2023

Garage doors are one of the things that many homeowners take for granted. As a result, they don’t care much about them until they break. However, even if you take garage door maintenance to heart, your garage door might suddenly stop working. In such a case, you may find yourself in trouble — that’s unless you know how to fix it.

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, garage doors are quite complex. Many small parts are crucial to maintaining its functionality, making it a bit difficult to troubleshoot them if you don’t know what to look for.

You should check this article if you want to prepare for such an event. Below you will find the most common garage problems and how to solve them, including making loud noises, opening unevenly, not closing all the way, or not responding to the remote key. Check it out!

Not Opening With Motor Running

If you hear that the motor is running, but your door still won’t open, it usually means that the safety sensors are damaged, and the engine is trying to push the door further. In this case, you will need to adjust the sensors to make them work properly again. It’s not hard, but it does require some time and effort, so you should contact a professional if you don’t know how to do it.

The other prevalent cause of this problem is having a broken part inside the motor. As this issue is also complicated to solve without proper knowledge, search for a company that offers garage openers repairs in your local area and let them take care of the issue for you.

Making Loud Noises

The most common garage door problem is when it makes a loud noise, usually when it’s opening or closing. There are times when these noises come from the motor as it’s straining to open or close the door. However, there are also cases when the noises come from the brackets, rollers, and hinges.

The latter naturally occurs after you use your garage door for some time, so it’s a good idea to lubricate all moving parts of the door once in a while. On the other hand, the former noise is indicative of a problem with the motor, and it usually happens when parts are loose or damaged.

If you hear these noises, check if the screws that hold the motor are loose or damaged because it’s the most common reason for this issue. Also, check if the belt is damaged. If everything is fine, you should call a professional because you probably need to replace the motor.

Opening Unevenly

Another problem that many people have is their garage door opening unevenly. A lot of things can cause it, but the most common reason is the tracks. The tracks are responsible for guiding the door, so it opens evenly. If they are too high or too low, they may not be able to do their job properly. Similarly, if springs provide too little or too much tension, it can also lead to this issue.

You will notice this problem when the tracks are placed at a different levels. If that’s the case, you should raise or lower the tracks as needed. You can do that by using an adjustable wrench. It’s not hard, but you should take your time to do it properly.

Not Closing All the Way

Another common problem is when the door doesn’t close all the way. If you have this issue, you should check the rollers first because they are usually the cause of this problem.

If you see that the rollers are damaged, you should replace them. If they are not damaged, the problem might be related to lubrication. In that case, you should apply a lubricant.

Not Responding to the Remote Key

First of all, make sure that the batteries in your remote are fresh and working correctly. If they are not, replace them with new ones. Also, try to change the frequency of the remote because sometimes that can cause this issue.

If these solutions don’t work, check if the electrical box is damaged. If it’s not, you should contact st louis garage door services and replace the receiver.

Not Remaining in Position

Springs are a common cause of garage door problems. If your springs are damaged, they will have a hard time lifting the door, which may cause other issues, including this one. That’s why you should check your springs regularly to make sure that they are in good condition.

If you notice that your springs are broken or damaged, you should replace them. You can do it yourself, but you should remember that springs are quite dangerous, so you should take extra precautions when working with them.

Making Scratching Noise

If you hear a scratching noise when your door opens or closes, it means that there are loose pieces around the tracks. If you have this issue, you should clean the garage door tracks to get rid of the dirt and debris that accumulated in them.

The problem could also be in the rollers. If you hear a scratching noise when the door is moving, check if the rollers are damaged. If they are, you should replace them. Otherwise, try lubricating the parts to stop the grinding noise.


As you can see, there are many common garage door problems, and you can solve each of them if you know what to do. If you want to reduce the chances of having such issues, make sure that you check your door regularly. That way, you will not only prolong the life of the door but also avoid unnecessary repairs.

Also, pay attention to any unusual noises that your door makes. If you hear something suspicious, try to find out what’s going on. You can solve many issues yourself, but if you have a hard time doing so, call a professional.

So, if you notice something weird with your door, don’t wait too long before fixing it. Otherwise, the problem might get worse than you expect.

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