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Updated October 3rd, 2020
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So, you are sold on the idea of filtering your water. You have read the why’s, why not’s, pros, cons and everything in between. You’re doing it! You bought the best water filter money could buy and you’re living clean by making sure every glassful you drink is from your stunning new water filter.

So, What is the Best Portable Water Filter?

We’ve scoured the web and found our firm favorites that all get our H20 Rating System. In addition, we have given each bottle our Clean Water Reason, as to why we chose that portable water filter bottle to be part of our best portable water filter list.

Brita Hard Sided Water Bottle with Filter


Designed and endorsed by Eva Longoria and made by Brita, this stunning portable water filter bottle is top drawer! And yes, that is First Lady Michelle Obama, who started the initiative Drink Up, along with the Partnership for a Healthier America.

With their slogan – “makes tap water taste great anywhere”, you should be sold already on this solidly designed bottle. Just to add to that compelling reason here are a few others to seal the deal:

  • She holds up to 23.7 ounces of water
  • It’s a BPA-Free bottle
  • It’s has a convenient, carry loop
  • Easy sipping, with its Spill-proof straw
  • The filter sits inside the bottle and replaces 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles, so that’s a load of drinking right there
  • She reduces that Chlorine taste and odor, including particulates
  • Just slip this baby into any gym bag bottle-holder
  • Wonderfully dishwasher safe. Just make sure it’s on the top rack

Although there are many reasons to buy this portable water bottle, if only for the awesome awareness of living healthy, which Michelle and Eva are promoting with Partnership for a Healthier America.

Clean Water Reason – Best Portable Water Filter for World Health Awareness

Go Berkey Kit

best-portable-water-filter_02Besides this full package, right here, Berkey offers you a wide range of water related products. We especially like this package deal as you are covering a few bases in one. Let us break it down:

  • The stainless steel AISI 301 quality Go canister holds up to 32 ounces of water
  • The Black Berkey water filter purifies contaminated water and can produce up to 1 gallon of clean water per hour
  • Berkey boasts their on-the-go microfiltration system that qualifies as a purification system. This means it filters 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other contaminants like lead, without using harsh chemicals
  • Included you will find a convenient BPA-free sports bottle, adaptable for gym, biking, hiking and usable at the office or sports field
  • For your convenience, you can pop the lot into the black nylon carry case
  • To extend the life of your new purchase, there are complete instructions, as well as simple steps to assemble

While on the pricey side, we like that they put their head on a block regarding the promise that you can literally use water from remote lakes, stagnant ponds and dodgy foreign countries and still get clean water through their purify system. Another stat they boast is that their filter system will remove the harmful red food dye from the water, without removing the beneficial nutrients your body needs.

Clean Water Reason – Best Portable Water Filter for All-In-One-Package.

OKO H20 Pure Everyday Water Bottle (2-Pack)


OKO H20 gives us another bright, innovative product, right here. Not only do you get value for money with this colorful 2-Pack, but you’re placing your carbon footprint by using a recyclable bottle. Further reasons to invest in this portable water filter bottle –

  • The natural coconut shell, carbon filtration system reduces chlorine taste and odor, which meets NSF standard 42 used with municipal water
  • You get 40 refills per bottle and a refill counter is included to keep track. (or work on approximately every 2 weeks.) Simply recycle the bottle after 40 refills
  • The bottle is lightweight and easy to hold, so whether you’re out for a walk, travelling in your vehicle or working out at the gym, you can be assured of simple portability
  • They are available in various colors too

Clean Water Reason – Best Portable Water Filter for Most Cost Effective.

Survivor Filter®

Survival girl drinking from streambest-portable-water-filter_04

One for the guys or those all-terrain, tough chicks out there! If you want a real heavy-duty water filter that you can use in any situation, this Survivor Filter® is the answer. Here are the kick-ass reasons to take a look at this portable water filter:

  • Their 99.9% filtration removal promise has been tested by Interlek Labs in Columbus, Ohio. VIRUS, STAPH and BACTERIA formed part of their tests
  • This baby has dual filters (Ultra and Carbon) and the triple filtration comes in the way of a UF Filtration, Carbon Filtration and a mesh. The package comes standard with 4 extra mesh filters. (the duel filters can be cleaned or replaced [ Amazon Link ].)
  • She is BPA-Free
  • Weighing only 3.5 ounces and small enough to slot into any backpack or even your pants pocket, this little rocket is 100% portable in every way
  • As per the photo above, the filter can be used directly from any water source, whether it be a mountain stream, rain puddle or a non-filtrated water bottle
  • You can also attach the filter to any Smart Water [ Amazon Link ] or Dasani Water [ Amazon Link ] Bottle
  • With it’s Special Mouthpiece and integrated Cap for cleanliness, you will be swigging mouthfuls of purified water in a super fast flow rate of 7 ounces per minute
  • With a Lifetime Warranty and 30 Money Back Guarantee, you can breath easy, but we don’t think you will need to use these

So, whether you’re a die-hard, out-in-the-open camper, avid hiker or just like the idea of fresh, purified water anytime, anywhere, this durable and rugged guy is just for you.

Clean Water Reason – Best Portable Water Filter for Most Accessible.

But, you want to follow through on this clean drinking, not only when you’re at home, but when you’re out and about. Only issue is that your water filter jug isn’t very portable. In fact, it’s so not portable. You can fill up your portable water bottle before you leave the house, but what if you run out? What to do? What you need, to go with your best ever water filter, is the best portable water filter. That will do the job.

Reasons To Use A Portable Water Filter

Healthy water on the Go

In today’s busy, manic-paced world, it makes sense to have everything portable and convenient, so why not your filtered water?


No matter what water you top your portable water filter bottle up with, you will know that it’s coming out clean.


Most plastic bottles contain BPA i.e. bisphenol A (an industrial chemical that can have harming effects on the prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children, as well as on the brain and behavior.) However, most portable water filter bottles do not.

Dishwasher Safe

Most portable water filter bottles are dishwasher safe. So, just pop it in the dishwasher. One less item to hand-clean.

Complete your quota

Health authorities suggest we drink up to 2 liters or ½ a gallon of water a day. Having purified water on hand makes it easier to fulfill your daily quota. No excuses!


Drinking Filtered WaterEasy to carry around at the gym or any sporting event, the portable water filter reminds you that while you strengthen your body, you are putting in good, clean water at the same time

Children Friendly

Made from a durable BPA-Free plastic, your young children can utilize a child-sized water filter bottle at school, playground and at sports. This way you know your kids are getting good clean water in, even if they refill at the outdoor tap

So, pull on your hiking boots, pack your backpack, pop in your new best portable water filter and get out there! Drink Smart! Drink Water!

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