Best Massage Chair Reviews Out There

July 14th, 2016

How much do you like a good massage?

back-massage Probably each and every one of us asks our loved ones for a back rub every once in a while. It just feels too good, doesn’t it? But what if your significant other works long hours and, even you are still awake by the time they come home late at night, they are feeling too exhausted after a long day at work and all they want to do is to crawl under warm blankets and have a good night sleep? Or what if you are single and the nearest spa salon is several miles away from your house? Well, luckily it’s not medieval ages anymore, and nowadays there are lots of solutions for any problems or obstacles out lives can face each day. Presenting you with the best massage chair reviews that will save the day!

massage-chair-shopping-mallIf you have ever been to the mall (who hasn’t these days?), you probably remember there are usually a few reclining massage chairs located in the middle of the concourse. They are even rubbing your feet for free while you are waiting for your friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend to finish shopping already. And when they do, well… you don’t really want to go. The massage just feels so incredibly good. But here is what you can do: take one of these chairs home and you can get your body stretched to the fullest any time you want and not only when you are at the mall.

When Did the Massage Chair Come Around?

With massage being used as a therapy dating back tens of centuries back originating in countries like India, Rome, China, Greece and Egypt, the massage chair as we know it today has not been around for that much longer. It first started in the late 1950s with wooden solutions using wheel crank systems to roll the back.

Innovations and scientific progress, of course, pushed the technology up forward and instead of mechanical system requiring physical force to use, we now have fully automated, robotic massage chairs that will stretch your muscles with a push of a button.

Now, What Are The Pros and Cons of a Massage Chair?

There are many different advantages of having one these chairs at home. We came up with a small list of the most common things people consider when browsing massage chair reviews. Check it out.

  • Relaxation at any time you want. And seriously, there is just no way to get tired of getting a massage all the time. It is a relaxing and stress-relieving way to perfectly end your day. Or even to start one, whatever you like. Having a massage chair at home you can get a massage at any time you want, regardless of whether your loved one is at home or not, and besides, you don’t have to depend on what they feel like at the time that will decide whether you will get some muscle rub or not. Just get in the chair and relax while the chair does its thing.
  • Size and dimension. When reading many massage chair reviews online you will see many solutions do not take more space than a simple chair. That’s right: while it has such a great add-on as an automated massage and heat, the chair itself does not take any more space than a regular chair would. Place it wherever you want: whether in front of a TV enjoying your favorite shows on Netflix while getting a massage, or in front of a fireplace where you can cuddle with your loved pet, soaking up the warmth coming from the gorgeous fire on a cold night, or anywhere in your house really. The point is, it won’t take much space and you can squeeze it pretty much in any room you want.
  • massage-chair-optionsUser-friendly interface. With the scientific progress nowadays, some people ages 35 and over can face some difficulties using new technologies and computerized systems. Well, this is not the case with a modern massage chair. Almost all of them have an intuitive computer control system that will be easy to comprehend and you will figure it out within several minutes from purchase. Without spending a couple of hours on reading a manual. Moreover, most buttons will have clear pictures describing a massage setting. This way, you will have a clear idea of what it does before even trying it out.
  • Multiple settings and positions. While you already know most chairs have several different massage settings, did you know that it could also transform into a bed? Some chairs out there can recline to up to 180 degrees, elevate your feet while still rubbing them as well as spin in any direction you desire. Moved your TV? No need to move your chair, simply spin it around in the direction of the TV. Problem solved.

Watch this video on one of the better massage chair reviews of an Osaki OS-4000T to take an inside look of all the features it has:

Courtesy of Adam Wiedner.

With that, we cannot really think of any disadvantages at all. Might be the price of the most sophisticated chairs out there, however not all of them are pricey and you can still find a massage chair that ‘does wonders’ and does not cost a fortune. Although, whatever price you pay, you will love your new massaging ‘friend’. Guaranteed.

How Do You Choose a Perfect Massage Chair?

With gazillions (not a real number, we know) of options out there, you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of different chairs to choose from. And that will be your biggest challenge – choice of which chair is better for the same set price. And to help you do that we have come up with a few things to take closer look at choosing your new chair.

  • Design. Well, duh, you may think. And you will be right. Everybody likes cute looking things. Whether you are buying a car, a new pair of jeans, or… a massage chair – it is important that the product does not look too shabby and catches an eye of other people. That’s just what humans do. However, working off of electricity, a massage chair is an indoor thing, therefore it is crucial that it fits the interior of your house. With millions of offers out there, it is easy to find one that will be to your liking. Just browse, look at pictures or better yet – come down to the local store that has the chair you are interested in in stock.
  • humantouch-660x367Comfort. Surely, the whole point of buying a massage chair is to be comfortable sitting in it. Some chairs may even adjust to your body with air pillows that inflate and deflate automatically while the computer is adjusting the seat to your body. Also, take a look at what the chair is made of. Some exotic materials can cause allergic reactions that you might not even know you are allergic to. Therefore, it is best to know what you are dealing with to achieve maximum comfort for your money.
  • Price. Definitely consider the price of the chair. Even if you own and oil rig somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico and can afford almost any chair you want, it is still a good idea to find the best chair with maximum amount of settings and features for the same money. Some massage chairs can go up in cost due to the number of functions they have whereas others can be costly because of materials they made of. Choose the one that you find more important and make your decision based off of that.
  • Read testimonials and reviews. It is always a good idea to see what other people think of that or another chair. Whether they owned it or tried it out at the local store without buying, they may have an idea of what they experienced using it. You do not have to trust their opinion, but it never hurts to see what they think. Who knows, maybe they found out something that will turn you completely off about buying the chair you were thinking to purchase. Also, be sure to check out some written and video reviews of the best massage chairs on the market. We’ve prepared the list of our TOP-5 massage chairs found on Amazon. Check them out!

Our TOP-3 Best Massage Chairs

Fujiiryoki FJ-4800

51y8cD61mxL._SL1024_This made in Japan zero gravity recliner chair will meet all your needs when it comes to massage. It horizontally reclines for up to 180 degrees as well as has the ability to elevate your feet while still rubbing them.

It even plays your favorite music! Simply synchronize your Windows Phone, iPhone or Android phone with the chair’s computer system and enjoy a good massage while listening to your favorite songs. Available in black and brown colors, it will easily match the design of your interior and blend in even with the most unique furniture. And easy to use computerized navigation with touch screen will not have you read the manual before use.

This massage chair may seem a little pricey, however rest assured you know what you are paying for with state-of-the-art technology and quality of the massage. The shipping is free.

Osaki OS-Pro

51-HI21kYVL._SL1000_Similar to our top pick, this chair will be almost $3000 cheaper. For that price, it features hide away arms and feet systems, forearm and calf massagers as well as 6 different massage settings.

This intelligent chair can also provide zero gravity feeling and treat body muscle stiffness and relieve stress with ease. This chair has got free delivery within continental United States + Hawaii and Alaska. It comes in black color design and will be an excellent add-on to any living room. Intuitive navigation, airbag massages and adjustment, fabulous design and unforgettable back, neck, arms and feet massage. Can’t ask for more, can you?

Item weight is 230 lbs fully assembled, so it is in your best interest that someone helps you lift and carry it. The delivery personnel usually provides these services. Other than that, the chair comes fully assembled and ready to use. All you have to do is to plug it in. This model is also very similar to the one Mr. Adam Wiedner reviewed in his video that you have seen above since it has the same manufacturer.

Kahuna LM6800

61suRvVGrpL._SL1200_Another much cheaper version of an excellent massage chair is LM6800. This version now almost tops all existing ratings and is one of the most popular choices among buyers from the United States and the European Union.

This model costs a little bit more than a thousand dollars and features several massage settings, slide-recline system that puts you in horizontal position without taking up extra space as well as comes with airbags to adjust to your body and heating system. For the offered price we believe this is one of the best chairs to choose from out there with two zero gravity settings and computer body scan technology. It also has 36 months best warranty which will take care of all repairs (if needed) without having you spend a dime.

Disclaimer: for this model, prices may vary by seller. Free delivery to 48 U.S. continental states.

Our TOP-3 best massage chairs rating is based on our opinion of the best chairs for the price asked + shipping and handling costs. There is a lot of video reviews available for these three chairs due to their popularity. We recommend that you check them all out as well as use our helpful tips on how to choose the best massage chair. And also try these chairs yourself before you make a final purchase.

If you have any specific questions regarding any of our tips we gave or the massage chair reviews themselves, please do not hesitate to contact us in any way you like. We love your comments! Thanks for reading.