Best Indoor Water Fountain Reviews

March 5th, 2020

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the indoor fountains.

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We have searched far and wide to put together the list you see below. We have also attempted to answer your questions on how to find a suitable water feature. What the benefits of a great water feature can be for your health. And finally, how to look after your fountain once it’s up and running.

Our Summary List

Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall FountainA+$$$
Three Bowl 41 1/2" High Cascading Fountain [ Amazon Link ]A$$$
Meditating Buddha Antique Bronze LED Lighted Fountain [ Amazon Link ]A$
Major-Q Decoration Fengshui Rock Like Waterfall Fountain [ Amazon Link ]B+$$
Dark Sphere Pillar Floor Fountain [ Amazon Link ]A$$
Tiered Copper Leaves Indoor Outdoor Fountain [ Amazon Link ]A-$$
Tuscan Faux Stone 31 1/2" High Patio Floor Fountain [ Amazon Link ]B-$$$
Tree Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain with Illumination [ Amazon Link ]A$$

Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain with LED Light

The Alpine Rock Waterfall Fountain was a stand out performer that passed nearly all of our rigorous testing. This 23″L x 18″w x 40″h item is made of fibreglass. It’s also easy to install with everything you need to have it up and running straight out of the box.

On arrival at our doorstep, we found it was super light to move. Installation was straightforward. Just connect up the hose that is hanging under the top shell and then plug in power. Once connected and the water basin should be full in no time. The first thing you will notice is that ambient sound of the running water. It is peaceful and soothing to the ear.

No Sound

We loved that there was absolutely no motor sound to be heard. That’s why it makes it onto the list.

The lights have been integrated very well into the design as they subtly complement the fountain, especially at night. They come with a 3-year warranty. These are much better than a larger bulky light bulb that would need constant replacements. What you will notice is the attention to detail in the coloring of the rocks. There is a variety of rock colors in the fountain, making it feel very natural in appearance.

The only issue we found was the slight spray of water outside of the catchment area. We would recommend countering this with purchasing a second basin from Amazon to catch the excess spray. We have also read reports of some stress fractures appearing where mold may build up. But if you are regularly cleaning your fountain, you can easily avoid this too.

 Very light, easy installation

 No motor sound

 Excellent lighting design

 Slight spray of water on higher pressure

 Reports of stress fractures after time

Three Bowl 41 1/2″ High Cascading Fountain

This lovely three bowl cascading fountain in a stone finish will bring tranquillity to its new home. Regarding size, it’s 41 1/2″ high, 20″ wide, 18 1/2″ deep and made of lightweight cast resin. This light material made the delivery process very easy as we could effortlessly place the fountain anywhere around the house.i

Set up was fast, but the instructions were not as comprehensive as we would have hoped. For example, the directions missed the step involving hose placement. You need to place the hose onto the hose splitter that is already inside the bowls.

Once you’re up and running, the fountain looks and sounds simply sublime. Unlike the previous indoor water fountain though, we did hear the motor slightly in the background. It wasn’t overpowering the sound of the water, but you do know it’s there.

We have noticed that the fountain does lose some water over time.  Some reports speak of water lose occurring rapidly too.  However, one trick we found was turning the pump down to the mid-range setting. After that, we had no more troubles with only the rare top up needed.

This would be the perfect fountain to sit outside or just inside the front door. It gives off a very nice “resort” look and feel. This feels like coming home to a holiday (if only!). Furthermore, the night lights only enhance this mood. However, don’t forget to keep the extra bulbs that come in the box. It’s effortless to overlook them when you’re cleaning up the rubbish after unpacking.

 Lightweight material

 Looks very stunning

 Only occasional water top up needed

 Minor motor sounds

 Instructions could be clearer

Meditating Buddha Antique Bronze LED Lighted Fountain

This indoor water fountain will return the Zen to any room. The Meditating Buddha Tabletop Zen fountain is a unique and beautiful item with an antique bronze finish. The fountain outputs a gratifying flowing sound combined with a sublime underwater light.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the light fixture on the Meditating Buddha. We feel this is the standout part of the product. Like the religion of Buddhism itself, the light under the water truly enlightens the room. It accomplishes this by projecting the shadows of the water onto the ceiling. This helps when using the fountain to assist with meditation. The shadows create a sense of floating away to another world.

Overall, this fountain is easy to clean. This is good because you will need to be clean it at least once per week. If not, you increase your chances of a slight layer of Algae building up and possibly blocking the piping. Just make sure that you clean the tubes out too. If you want to be super careful, you can skip using the stones that come in the package. Although, they do look very nice when placed into the water.

Small note also, the power cord on this item was convenient; it was long, and the power switch was in a good position. This meant placement and maintenance were straightforward. To find your enlightened state, we would highly recommend taking the first step and picking up a Meditating Buddha today.

 Excellent lighting design

 Long power cord for placement options

 Power switch is handy

 Regular cleaning required

 Sound of water not very loud

Major-Q Decoration Fengshui Rock Like Waterfall Fountain

The Major-Q Decoration Fountain is a true case of art imitating life. You could stare at (and listen to) it for hours. It has four pools where the water runs into from each of the above tiers. But it is at night when it shows off all its glory with bright lights shining out of the three bottom pools.

Set up was comfortable and the box was surprising light on arrival, allowing us to effortlessly position the fountain. You will find a storage space at the rear of the rocks. This is opened and closed by a secret sliding door. This area is especially handy for when you have excess cord left over. There is also a gap in the door so that you can have all the excess cable remains inside the compartment. Now that’s smart thinking by the engineers!

Regarding motor noise, we would rate it at a “moderate” level. It does not go unnoticed but isn’t as overpowering as other models we have tested. You may notice that the sound increases when there is a shortage of water. So be sure to maintain adequate water levels.

The lights used in this fountain are a little different to other products on the market. They are brighter and more “LED” in appearance. It’s a shame you cannot turn the lights on and off separate to the functioning of the running water.


This is a great pick up for its price in the medium range pricing bracket. We have not seen any problems with it after seven months of continuous usage.

 Realistic rock coloring

 Great cord shortage design

 Bargain price for quality item

 Lights a little “LED” like in appearance

 Moderate motor noise

Dark Sphere Pillar Floor Fountain

We decided to add the Dark Sphere Pillar Floor Fountain to our list as it simply oozes elegance. We could imagine 4 of these all lined up in a french courtyard with a picturesque background.

The other reason we liked this item was the sound that it made. It was like no other we have heard before, mesmerizing and relaxing at the same time. The main reason for this was there is no motor sound to be heard; it was hushed.

However, this is a lower cost item, so don’t expect it to be a lifetime purchase. We have seen reports of the paint wearing off after time as well as some splashing outside the catchment basin.

We recommend this little beauty for anyone looking for a quick and well-priced item. It will spruce up the front porch or living room space without breaking the bank.

 Low-cost bang for buck

 Memorising water sounds

 Elegant is appearance

Low-cost materials open to degradation over time

 Slight splashing outside basin

Tiered Copper Leaves Indoor Outdoor Fountain

Looking for something a little more fragile and tender to complete your indoor feng shui? Well, the Tiered Copper Leaves Fountain is the indoor fountain for the job. A quick note here though, we use the word “copper” loosely as the leaves are not real copper. They seem to be more just a coating of copper looking paint. The actual material feels more like a welded metal that has been copper colored.

Finding a spot for this item will not be difficult as the base is smaller than a normal fountain. Keep in mind though that this is a delicate product. Be sure to keep it out of reach of unsuspecting children or pets.

One noticeable feature (or lack thereof) was how quiet the water is when it trickles down the leaves. This surprised us when we first turned it on as we thought we might not have set it up correctly. But after reading similar reports from other consumers, this is the case.

We also did notice some slight splashing between leaves. But if you turn down the pressure level, it should eliminate the issue.

This fountain would suit an apartment or smaller living space as it’s not overpowering in size or sound. However, it offers some calm background tones without stealing precise floor space.

 Doesn’t overpower a room

 Subtle and delicate water sound

Prone to easy breakage

Splashing a possibility of higher pressure

Tuscan Faux Stone 31 1/2″ High Patio Floor Fountain

Imagine yourself sitting under the Tuscan sun, the trickle of the nearby creek filling the air with sounds of relaxation.. **RECORD SCRATCH**. Well, not quite, but the Tuscan Faux Stone fountain comes very near to achieving that feeling. This fountain is for those who appreciate the design that goes into the water sounds of a quality fountain. We loved the classy way in which the sealed lights glow under the two vases. This is only magnified at dusk and night when it creates a translucent evening glow. This is by far the water fountain for creating that softening room ambiance.

We did not encounter any spillage or splashing with the Tuscan Faux Stone. Mainly due to the fact we made sure that the fountain stood precisely level on the ground. It’s also best to keep it out of windy conditions as well as keeping the water pressure low.

The instructions were not as helpful as we would have liked. Just remember that you need to feed the power leads from the lighting features through the vases. Once that’s done, then feed them into the shoot that’s in the central tube. Also, do not leave the leads in the central tube. It’s easy to accidentally place all the excess cords in the ground level storage area.


This beauty, however, does come at a cost. This item is a little more expensive than the others reviewed here. And further to that, you will spend some time refilling the water on a regular basis. We have seen reports of lighting issues and difficulties replacing them after time. This hasn’t been encountered with our fountain yet. It has been running strong for nine months now, and the lights are still functioning very well.

 Stunning water flowing sounds

 No splashing or spillage

 Looks more expensive than costs

 Instructions a little difficult

 Not on the cheaper side

Tree Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain with Illumination

Last but certainly not least is a popular item on the market, it’s the Tree Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain. As the name suggests, this is the fountain with location adaptability. The surface area is surprisingly smaller than we imagined from seeing it online. It is also quite lightweight, meaning you can re-position it until it’s just right.

The material is a durable polyresin mixed with fiberglass, and it weighs around 22 pounds and comes with pump and power packs.

The lighting and optical effect of the pots are gorgeous. It combines nicely with the sound of the water running between pots. This results in the perfect catalyst for a relaxing afternoon’s nap on the couch nearby your new fountain.

Some funny quirks we found, however, were with the lighting and instructions. Firstly, it was a strange decision not to have an additional light in the top pots. Secondly, the instructions can be a little contradictory. In one spot they talk about filling the pots with tap water. Then in another place in the directions, they recommend distilled water, so which one is it?

Also, keep in mind that there is no separation between the motor and the lights. So you have to have them both on during the day too. The occasional splash is present on this item. But to counter this, try to have the motor pressure on a lower setting. That way you shouldn’t have any indoor troubles with water splashes missing the catchment area.

 Easy to place with smaller base

 Lighting effects are lovely

No splash on moderate motor pressure

 Quirks in instructions

 No separation of lights and motor

How to Choose the an Indoor Water Fountain


Before jumping online and clicking “buy”, it’s essential to know your spacing requirements. For example, which room to place the fountain and do you spend most of your day in the said room. You may also find that some fountains bases have smaller surface areas. However, they may take up more room in the body of the fountain.

Splash Factor

water fountain damageThe amount of splash that misses the basin and hits your indoor floors can be a decisive factor between and “yay” or “nay” for any indoor water feature. Even the smallest amount of splash can add up over time to cause immense amounts of damage. Check for the ability to adjust the pump’s motor as this may enable you to throttle the splashing. Usually, you can set the pumping water to a lower level.

Motor Noise

Every customer who buys an indoor water feature wants to hear that unique sound. The lovely and relaxing sound of the water circulating through the system. Therefore, you want to ensure the motor sounds to not in any way impede the volume of the water running. Read the reviews carefully to see what other customers have said about the noise level. It can be either something very apparent or (on the better models) nothing but a whisper.

Ease of Maintenance

fountain maintenanceA fountain requires some necessary and ongoing steps to maintain a smooth flow of water. We will cover these steps in more detail below. However, when looking at purchasing your water feature, make sure that it outlines the required maintenance schedule. This may include, refilling the water, cleaning of the motor, and changing of the light bulbs.

What are the Health Benefits of an Indoor Water Fountain?

Air Purification

In today’s polluted world you can find some many different pollutants in the home that it’s almost scary. From dust, and bacteria to the positive ions released from your appliances like your TV and fridge. What research has discovered is that by releasing negative ions into that polluted environment, it clears the air of anything nasty. In effect, this is what many air purifiers on the market aim to accomplish, zapping the nasties out of the air. All while listening to the soothing sounds of running water.

Stress Relief

b801118a7a6e987cb79831171c3f58f9It’s all about feels! Well actually, scientifically, it is actually about how the sound of running water makes you feel. Research has shown that your levels of serotonin rise when you are close to the sound of running water. In effect, this is called your “feel good” hormone.

White Noise

Many of us live in busy and bustling cities. It’s almost unavoidable to have some form of background noise in our lives. Whether it be the noise from outside (cars, people) or inside (appliances rattling and humming). There always seems to be something there whether you want it or not.  In many cases, the best way to counter this is to replace the noise with some better “white noise“. And what better noise to choose than one by mother nature herself, the sound of water running.

Moisture Restoration

dry airFor those of us in the more colder areas, especially during the long winters, who love to turn on the thermostat, there’s a problem that we may not be aware is happening. Because although you might be keeping warm, you may also find that the air is arid. This lack of hydrated air causes discomfort in your nose and throat as well as possible headaches and dry skin. However, studies show that an indoor water fountain can return the moisture in the air. This can be credited to the circulation of the water in the basin causing it to evaporate faster.

How to Maintain Indoor Fountains

Submersion of Water Pump

The pump is designed to be continuously submerged underwater. If not, it can dry out and then burnt out very quickly. This is because it will overwork to compensate for the lack of water. Therefore, you will need to monitor your water levels to create a habit of refilling the water display when necessary. Generally, in the first period of own the water feature, you will quickly learn when refills are needed. The regularity of refills depends on many factors that are local to your conditions. For example, climate, atmosphere, pump pressure, etc. When you spot bubbles emerging on the surface of the water that is not regularly there, it’s time to act. That is the first visible sign a refill is needed soon.

Cleaning Off Dirt & Debris


It’s best to create a schedule for cleaning the pump. Everything will flow through this pump, and this makes it the first stop for your cleaning process. Make sure you turn off the fountain and remove the pump to clean it. Use a small sponge or toothbrush to clean the inside and outside of the pump.

Keep Your Fountain Running

If you keep the water feature running, it will ensure that the water does not become stagnant. You do not want stagnant water as this leads to all kinds of water born airborne bacteria and water-based nasties (such as Algae) in the basin.

Use Distilled Water (or White Vinegar)

distilled waterDistilled water removes all the bad stuff from the water. This means that no debris or unwanted bacteria has a chance of forming in the water feature. If you don’t have access to distilled water, then try the occasional application of some white vinegar. Adding this to the water can also help keep the water free of Algae and other debris. It’s also worth jumping online and searching for water care products. There are many cheap alternatives for keeping your water fresh and clean.

That’s all from us today. I hope we have helped you come one step closer to finding the best indoor fountain. Take your time and read the reviews carefully and we are sure you will find a winner. Be sure to let us know your questions and feedback in the comments below and thanks for dropping by.

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