Best Home Theater Subwoofer Under $500

Updated March 5th, 2020
best home theater subwoofer under 500
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Looking for something to boost your home audio experience? Perhaps you even had the idea of upgrading your stereo into something that will give you a bit more of an edge when you’re listening to music while driving, which could later be re-purposed. Or maybe you’re just an audiophile who enjoys the most pleasant of sounds. You’re in luck, because today we’ll be talking about all kinds of subwoofer and home theater booster options, anywhere from 8 inch powered to 12 inch powered. Whether you need a home theater or even a car subwoofer, for either movies or music, we went through them all. You will learn which ones are the most compact ones, which have a deeper bass, and much more. However, we will mainly be looking which ones qualify for the best home theater subwoofer under $500.

Keep in mind that the above doesn’t mean that we’ll be ignoring other possibilities. There is a lot of competition in today’s audio market we’ll try to include as many options as possible. Starting from cheap option, like under $300, $200 or even $100, and then moving up to pricier options. If you’re willing to spare a larger budget, we’ll also be looking at some incredible options that you can get for under 500. So without further ado, let’s get going and take a look at the best audiophile speakers you can get.

Rounding Up The Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500

1. Klipsch sub-12HG Synergy Series

First up on our list of the best audiophile speakers under $500 is the Klipsch sub-12HG Synergy Series 12-inch 300-watt subwoofer. While it is one of the pricier subwoofers on our list, it still probably is the best Klipsch product that you can get for under $500. It includes many features, while we’ll divide into pros and cons:

Pros Cons
300 watts continuous power and 650 watts dynamic power

 12-inch, down-firing driver

 Phase control facilitates acoustical integration

 Steep-slope (24dB/octave) low-pass crossover is continuously adjustable from 40 to 120Hz

 Red/blue dual color LED display which indicates the standby mode

 “Auto power” feature

 Great for both music and movies

 One minor flaw is that they don’t use a real wood veneer. That would have made it look classier

2. BIC America F12

Second up on our list is the BIC America F12 12-inch 475-watt front firing powered subwoofer. This is a more affordable option compared to the Klipsch sub-12HG. However, this one can also pack a mean punch. It consists of a 12-inch injection molded long throw woofer and a bash designed amp.


Pros Cons
Patented BIC “Venturi” vent that eliminates port noise

 Adjustable volume control, adjustable crossover and automatic signal sensing

 Inputs include both Dolby Digital/DTS and Dolby Pro Logic

 Comes with a 5-year warranty

 The amp is underpowered compared to other subwoofers of the same class

3. Yamaha NS-SW050BL


Further on our list we come to the Yamaha NS-SW050BL. The Yamaha NS-SW050BL is an 8 inch 100W powered subwoofer that comes from a well-known audio manufacturer. Yamaha is a brand that guarantees quality and this model is no different. Don’t let its size fool you, this thing can provide a compact sound and a deep bass.

Pros Cons
8” cone woofer

 New Twisted Flare Port enables a clear and tight bass

 Newly advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II)

 It’s small size and stylish design make it easy to fit into any type of interior

 It doesn’t feature an adjustable crossover

4. Klipsch R-12SW



Another one from Klipsch on our list. The Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer is the more affordable option of the two Klipsch options on our list. It also comes in as a wireless model.

Pros Cons


Mighty 12 inch copper-spun front-firing woofer

 All-digital amplifier that packs 400 watts of dynamic power

 Both impressive with movies and music

 Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet including satin painted plinth

 Phase control

 Low pass crossover

 Line/LFE inputs making it compatible with most receivers


12inch front-firing, spun copper woofer

 All-digital amplifier

 4Ghz wireless hi-fi pre-paired transmitter

 Low pass crossover

 Phase control

 Flexible, strong and removable grille

 Lacks the features for that amount of price

5. Polk Audio PSW505

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Polk Audio PSW505 12-inch powered subwoofer. This model is around the price as most of the models on our list and is worth the price. With its 15.12 x 18.19 x 16.12 inches it is pretty heavy for its size, however there are many positives you should be informed about.


Pros Cons
Slot Load Venting improves bass response. You will notice this the second you hook it up. The reason behind the hum problems are the so called ground loops, which means that the electrical grounds of your systems components aren’t compatible

 Because of their solid build, Polk sound better. The MDF construction is rock solid, providing a distortion free sound. It also includes a long throw driver of 12 inches, which ensures better linearity and longer excursion.

 Hi-Roll Surrounds that support that long excursion. Unlike many other Polk understands the need to listen to music and a fashionable way, that is why they made their subs, precise, accurate and tight. Furthermore it includes Slot Load Vent that lowers distortion, noise and turbulence, providing a thunderous and precise bass.

 300W of continuous and 460W of dynamic power amplifier.

 Pretty heavy for a subwoofer of that size

What to look for in a subwoofer?

Best Home Theater SubwooferFirst things first. Before making your final decision on which subwoofer you’re going to buy, you need to get informed. Luckily that is what we are here to do now. We’ve done the research for you, all you need to do is check out which subwoofer fits your needs best.  Although it might seem like a simple choice, it really isn’t so, because you don’t want to end up with a subwoofer that doesn’t sound the way you wanted it to sound. There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration when buying a home theater subwoofer. Some of which include: features, durability, performance, manufacturer and of course price.

One very helpful tip that often does not get enough attention is the return policy of the store. Why is that you ask? Well it’s pretty simple, acoustics. Picture this, you go to the store to test out a subwoofer you liked online. Everything sounds perfect, you’re amazed, excited and you take it home. However it’s not the same, it’s like you bought a different subwoofer. It often happens that the store acoustics suit the subwoofer better than your house, hence the different sound. It is in that case that you’d want a store that will allow you to return the product, rather than have you stuck with a subwoofer that does not fit your audio desires. It’s a situation that you really want to avoid.

Best subwoofer under 500 – The Buying Guide

In order to find the best home subwoofer under 500 you should be very careful. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration in order for you to make a successful purchase you are happy with. Specifically, this means that you should note the following things:


Best Home Theater SubwooferWhen finding the best home subwoofer under 500 quality is a key factor. If you don’t mind the price or the manufacturer than this is a key aspect for you.  It ultimately comes down to this, getting the best audio experience that you can afford. Plain and simple just enjoy and make the most of it. However, it is not that simple, there is research to be done here too, because at the end of the day it’s only a matter of taste. Different people, define quality differently, but it is always a good idea to have a clear plan on which subwoofer you’re aiming to go with.


Price is probably the second biggest factor when looking for the best powered subwoofer under $500. However, price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. That is why you should be informed as much as you can before making a purchase. Lots of thing can determine the price of the product, in most cases that’s up to the features and the quality of the product.

Best Home Theater SubwooferHowever, the manufacturer can play a big part in the price. As it is often the case, established and well known manufacturers tend to be more expensive, simply because they can. That is because they’ve proven themselves over the years and in many ways they can guarantee a safe purchase.

Less known manufacturers on the other hand, have yet to establish themselves on the market and therefore they look for other means in which they can get an advantage over the competition. Usually, that is the cheap price. They often offer the same features and quality, but they lack the brand, so they are forced to offer their product for a lower price than their well-known competitors.

It is up to you to find out what’s the best your money can buy, or in this case, just stick to our research and you’ll be fine.


This is one of the things that makes a difference when looking for the best home subwoofer under 500. In today’s market there are loads of different home subwoofer manufacturers, being informed can help you in the process of choosing one. There are different options here too, like proven manufacturers with a name, brand and tradition behind them. Usually this is a safe bet, because they’ve proven to be a good choice over the years, however, they are usually more expensive.

Best Home Theater SubwooferOn the other hand, you have the lesser known manufacturers, who are a bit risky because they’ve yet to prove themselves in the long run. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer less quality. In some cases it is often that they are not just better in terms of quality, they offer if for a cheap price too. The reason behind this is because they want to attract new customers and create their own group of customers, or as many call it, a fan-base.


Features are a very important part of your decision when buying a new subwoofer. Like we mentioned above, the market is vast and there are different kinds of models out there. Features are usually based on personal needs. Usually when buying something, you have a clear idea on what and where you’re going to use it. Like are you buying a subwoofer for your car, living room, or maybe a separate home theater. The products features and your needs go hand in hand. For example, let’s say you want a subwoofer that’s mobile and you intend to take it with you on different events. Than probably it’s smart to look for a wireless subwoofer, which is very handy, compact and convenient. Or maybe you want a subwoofer that hits a deep bass. It’s all based on what you intend to use it for, movies or just music. It all comes down to you and your needs.

Best Home Theater Subwoofer
This is why, when looking for the best powered subwoofer under $500 you should always look for the one that offers the best features that suit your needs.


After reading our guide we hope that you are now well informed on what you need to look for when buying a new home theatre subwoofer. By knowing all there is to know about making a purchase for the best home theater subwoofer under 500, you are making sure that you end up completely satisfied with your decision. After all, an informed decision is a good decision. So, we also hope we made it easier for you to choose your new home theatre subwoofer with the help of our little shortlist that provided our top 5 picks for audiophiles.

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