Best Bamboo Sheets Review

Updated March 12th, 2021
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Sleep has long been a nemesis for many. From the time we are born, to the time we die, sleep has rated very low on our most important activities, yet should be the highest.

Ensuring you have at least 8 hours of solid sleep a day is vital to your overall well-being.  However, getting 8 hours of sleep a day, for most, is literally impossible.

And, so we try to find ways and means that will aid a little more zzz time into our lives. From lavender-sprayed pillows to mattresses that bend to our personal form and shape, we will try just about anything to be taken off to la-la land by the Sandman.

What we lie on can make a great difference to a good night’s sleep, and therefore we have taken the time to research the best bamboo sheets on the market.

When we think of bamboo, initially, we don’t think of bedding. We think of a substance that is hardy and of course, somewhat hard.  Bamboo shelters, tropical islands, and workers in a field, chopping away.  With durability and comfort in mind, bamboo sheets are the perfect bed partner.  They are both soft and accommodating.  We have our best bamboo sheets right here for you to choose from, noting a particular advantage of each.

Our List of the Best Bamboo Sheets

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets [ Amazon Link ]A+$
Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets [ Amazon Link ]A$$$
DTY Bedding Premium 100% Bamboo 4 Piece Sheet Set [ Amazon Link ]A+$$
PHF Bamboo Sheets Set [ Amazon Link ]B+$
Luxor Linens Bamboo 4pc Sheet Set [ Amazon Link ]B$
Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bed Sheets [ Amazon Link ]A$$

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets – Best Comfort

Available from Twin size to California King, the Zen Bamboo range of sheets are what comfort is all about.  As you slip your tired body into bed, you will immediately feel the difference.  With 40% of the fabric made from Bamboo derived Rayon and 60% Microfiber, you will think that the Gods have decided to grace you with heaven.  An easy-on-your-skin feel, with no scratching or uncomfortable edges, this range simply is to die for.

Zen Bamboo also offers an impressive array of colors to choose from, and you will find that once you have tried Zen Bamboo sheets, you will not want any other, so stock up on a few hues for every season and mood. It’s a perfect match with buckwheat pillows, making every night’s sleep more comfortable and relaxing.

The hypoallergenic quality of the sheets means you won’t be sneezing or itching, even in the roughest of allergic seasons.  If you don’t like to iron, well say thank you to Zen Bamboo, because these sheets are wrinkle resistant.  In addition, they won’t fade in the wash and shouldn’t stain.  The washing process couldn’t be easier, so pop them into your machine with your other linen and watch it come out the other side as fresh as the day you bought them.

With a tropical climate in mind, the bamboo sheets are perfect for hot, sweaty nights, seemingly wicking away the sweat and moisture.  In addition, for colder days, they will keep you secure and warm. Bamboo sheets are truly great addition to your bedroom.

Pros Cons
30-day satisfaction guarantee

Machine washable, wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, and dust mite aversive

Priced nicely and reasonable

High demand

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets – Best Environmentally-Friendliness

The name says it all – resort-quality sheets!  And, to boot, they are super durable, and meant to last many uses.  Cariloha have added in a sateen finish to their bamboo sheets, which gives them that extra soft and natural feel.  As for the durable side, they have box-stitched the seams, and added in extra-deep pockets, so that you don’t have to struggle to fit them, and risk a tear.

Bamboo is generally more absorbent than the finest organic cotton. It can take in three times more water than its weight, getting rid of moisture faster. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial bio-agents, reducing bacteria on clothing and on human skin. The antibacterial properties of bamboo fabric also minimize the smell on bedsheets.

With their eye on providing a truly green product, Cariloha have tapped into the goodness that is Viscose, a natural bi-product of pure bamboo.  No pesticides and chemicals are necessary with this naturally regenerative substance, and if you were worried about skin allergies, worry no more.  Not only are Cariloha helping the environment, by using a natural product, they are also helping you to find an easier and more relaxing sleep.

Available from Queen to California King, you will love their natural and soft color options too, keeping it real and as natural as possible.

Pros Cons
Lifetime quality guarantee

Breathing sheet, so you don’t worry about sweat stains or wet sheets

Priced quite high

DTY Bedding Premium 100% Bamboo 4 Piece Sheet Set – Best Multi-tasker

While only available in a Queen and King size, the DTY Bedding range does scream sophistication and, well, adult.  The kids would enjoy it, we are sure, and you may find them in your bed more often than you would like, but these are a special kind of sheet.

There are a few areas one should be looking out for in a sheet, and DTY Bedding pretty much ticks all the boxes.  From the feel to the longevity, from the allergy-free makeup to the thermal regulating, you are looking at a product that is quite multi-tasking.  And, what put this baby on our list mostly is the great price.

From your head to your toes, you will be wrapped in luxurious royalty.  The 4-piece set, consisting of 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases, will be washed and dried very quickly in your household, unless you decide to splash on a second set.

Stay cool in the summer and keep nice and cozy in the winter, the fabric is both breathable, moisture wicking and body temperature adjustable. Experience better rest and sleep with luxuriously soft bedsheets made from organic bamboo that are woven from bamboo fibers with thermal-regulating and hypoallergenic properties.

With an 800-thread count, you will feel the difference as soon as you lay down.  With all of bamboo’s natural benefits, such as antibacterial, antifungal, odor resistant, and bed bug repellant, you are in for a treat.

Pros Cons
100% satisfaction guarantee

Eco-friendly and organic

High price

PHF Bamboo Sheets Set – Best Winter Sheets

Calling all Queen and King Size bedders – have we a treat for you!  Although a limited color range for this set, from River Stone (cream), Mocha (tan) and this Teal option, you can make it work quite nicely with any color scheme bedroom.

A lovely mix of bamboo and cotton, the PFH set is all about smooth and silky comfort.  The split is 60% viscose derived bamboo, 40% cotton, and 100% heaven.

The deep pocketed fitted sheet will ensure it fits nice and snug, with no tugging necessary and definitely no slipping off.  A particularly warm sheet, they are more suitable for winter, giving off a lovely warm, but breathable feel.

Washing is a pleasure – simply pop this set into the machine, and ensure to use non-chlorine bleach, so not to affect the richness of the colors. In the summer, wash your bamboo bed linen every 7 to 10 days. In winter, wash them twice a week. Always wash bamboo bedsheets in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Wash bamboo bed linens separately to avoid abrasion and pilling from hooks and zippers. Also, avoid washing bamboo sheets with towels and blankets.

Eco-friendly strain removers can also help brighten up bamboo bedding. You don’t need to use a fabric softener with bamboo sheets because they’re already soft and they stay that way even after washing.

As PHF (or Pacific Home Fashion) is known for their home decorative excellence, when it comes to home textile products, it seems natural that they would offer quality linen options.

With a choice of 300, 400 and 800 thread count sheets, you won’t be disappointed no matter what you choose, as all three options have a light, and comfortable feel on the skin.

If you were fearful about the material reacting with your sensitive skin, just take a look at their certificate of approval from OEKO-TEX Standard 100, where they promise an environmentally-friendly product and no harm to your skin.

Pros Cons
Easy fitment, and easy washing

Good price

Not many left in stock

Luxor Linens Bamboo 4pc Sheet Set – Best Price

A top hotel quality set – that is what you are getting with the Luxor Linens 4-piece bed set.  A nice full-size range, from Twin to California King, and an even fuller color spectrum, you are quite spoilt for choice here.

Designed to fit extra deep mattresses, you will receive 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted deep pocketed sheet, and 2 standard sized pillow cases.  A silky feel is part and parcel when you mix natural bamboo with microfiber, and Luxor Linens have paired them well with 60% and 40% respectively.

For those that don’t like to iron their sheets, you will be happy to know they are wrinkle-resistant.  A cold wash in your machine and a low temperature tumble dry, if you cannot get it out on the line, will produce a soft, and silky sleeping friend for life.  No need to bleach, iron or dry clean.  They will be ready to go.

As with all bamboo products, you are receiving an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic product, looking after the environment and your skin, all in one.

Cool in summer, with a naturally anti-wicking agent to ward off sweat, and warm in winter, you can use these sheets all year long.

Pros Cons
Satisfaction guarantee warranty

Environmentally-friendly and seasonal all year round


Darker shades seem to fade a bit over time

Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bed Sheets – Best All Rounder

The Royal Hotel range covers so many bases when it comes to a sheet set, that we had to vote it the best all-rounder.

From their extensive hues of colors to their size arc (Twin XL to California King) and their options to pair the sheets with different sized pillow cases, we have only just touched on the benefits of buying this set.

Be sure to check the sets, as not all of them come with all the bits and pieces, such as flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases.

Made from 100% Rayon from Bamboo and a 300-thread count makeup, you can be guaranteed of luxurious softness and comfort all night long.  No matter what temperature you sleep in, you will feel super cool, but covered in hotter months, and lovely and warm in the colder months.  If you find you are sensitive to allergies, these sheets will help, with their anti-allergy features and no chemical manufacturer promise.

For the washing part, all you need to do is wash in a cold wash, with a light detergent, on a mild cycle. For drying, air outside is best, but if you need to use a tumble dryer, then choose a low heat cycle.  It has to be stressed, to follow these instructions to the T, and do not use hot water.  For ironing, although you shouldn’t have to iron them, set your iron on a low heat setting.

When drying your bamboo bedding, line dry to preserve fibers, colors, and elasticity. Choose a low heat and tumble cycle when using a dryer. Take the bamboo bedding out of the dryer immediately to avoid wrinkles.

A major benefit of bamboo sheets is their ability to drape well, with wrinkles disappearing in a few hours. Bamboo sheets are flat and fresh once you’re ready to retire at night.

Pros Cons
High quality softness, and great for all seasons

Easy to purchase extra pillows should you like a 4-pillow bed

A bit finicky on the washing side

What Should You Be Taking Into Account When You Go Shopping for Sheets?

The Feel

We may think that when we are sleeping, we are pretty much oblivious to the world, that the type of sheeting we sleep on isn’t important, but try sleeping on an uncomfortable bed and you will know all about it, queue in the Princess and the Pea.  There is something to be said for the feel of the sheet under your skin.  Some like it super silky and smooth, others like it a little rough and real.  Whatever your fancy, remove the sheet from the packaging whilst in the shop, if you are store-buying, and give it a rub against your arm and face.

Bamboo or sheets with a high thread count will feel very soft and silky, so if that is your thing, then be sure to try these out.

The Temperature

Whether you live in a hot environment or a very cold one, how your body will react to the sheet you lay on, will make a real difference to your sleep comfort.  You may be someone that sweats quite a bit, no matter the season, either because of the life changes you are going through, illness, or natural high core temperature.  Make sure your sheets can handle all extremes.  If you are a cold person by nature, then you want a sheet that will retain the warmth of your body.

The Environment

We are all looking for ways to protect our precious world, and using products that are environmentally-friendly is the way to do it.  Many manufacturers will claim to be eco-friendly, but not many actually are.  Bamboo is one such material that can boast this with confidence.  Because bamboo doesn’t need any chemicals, you will find the products produced from this tree are chemical-free, as well as pesticide-free.  The bamboo tree requires very little water and most of the tree is utilized in the making process.

The Sensitivity

Besides temperature, many are sensitive to allergies and insects.  Knowing that your sheets are hypoallergenic and won’t aggravate your allergies, is a great plus.  Bamboo, in particular, has this quality, and you can be assured the material will not create a sensitive reaction to any dust mites, bugs or chemicals.

The Price

Price is always a consideration, no matter what you are buying, but there are times when you have to look at spending a little more for a lifetime of comfort and peace.  There is something to be said for quality, and quality can cost a bit more nowadays.  Having said that, be aware of what you are buying, especially when it comes to bamboo sheets.  There are various mixes, such as bamboo and microfiber, and bamboo and cotton.  Know which you prefer and spend your money wisely for a sheet that will see you through for many years.

You will see that most of these options come in a set, so that it is not just the sheet under you where you will feel the joy, but also the flat sheet over you and the material under your head.  Take a step further, and you can also purchase duvet covers to match your magic bamboo sheets.  That way, you will have the best duvet cover and the best bamboo sheet, possibly throughout the entire house.

Bamboo sheets are special and once you have tried it you will not go back to other fabrics.

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