Best Backyard Swing Sets

March 16th, 2020

There’s tons of variety to pick from here, so which set belongs in your back yard?

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Swings sets aren’t just ridiculously fun: they’re also incredibly beneficial to kids’ physical and mental development. Frequently playing around on an outdoor swing set can:

  • Build muscle tone
  • Develop motor skills
  • Boost creativity
  • Nurture social skills
  • Encourage self confidence
  • Grow problem solving capabilities

As if this list of benefits wasn’t long enough, having frequent access to a swing set can also keep kids occupied for hours.

Clearly, there’s every reason to purchase one for your kids to have wild fun on in your own backyard.

Backyard swing sets are more accessible than they’ve ever been. You can order them from the comfort of your own home. They come with clear instructions for installation (you can also hire a local expert to help you). And they’re available in a jaw-dropping variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

In this article, we’ve picked 15 of the most popular swing sets currently selling like hot cakes on the online marketplace. We’ll divide these sets up into categories based on types, go over the advantages and disadvantages of each type, then analyze every set and compare it with the others in the same category. At the end of this article, we’ll pick some strong winners, so that you can choose the ultimate set to install in your backyard.

Best Backyard Swing Sets – Our Review

There’s a vast array of of swing sets available for purchase. For the sake of clarity, we’re going to divide the sets we review here into five different categories. Here they are:

  1. Toddler Swings
  2. Saucer Swings
  3. Metal Sets
  4. Wooden Sets
  5. Sets for All Ages
  6. We’ll analyze and compare each set based on factors like price, quality, features, safety, ease of installation, age limit, and space requirements.

    Let’s jump into our first category.

    Toddler Swings

    These swings are designed to be safe and unintimidating for toddlers who wriggle around and have undeveloped motor skills. They are less durable than sets targeted at older kids, and will only accommodate kids up to around five years of age. However, they also cost less than larger sets, and have a smaller footprint.

    Each of these models features a metal frame with a plastic seat and rope suspension, and is durable and wonderfully easy to assemble. Here are the swing sets we review in this category:

    • Costzon Toddler High Back Set
    • ALEKO BSW01 Toddler Swing
    • ALEKO BSW02 Chair Swing

Costzon Toddler High Back Set

While the two chairs below are bland-looking, this one sports fun crayon-box colors. It also claims to be able to accommodate kids from 3 months and up, which is a younger age than what the other chairs in this category are apparently able to host. There’s an adjustable Y belt to keep kids safe, which the ALEKO Toddler Swing below doesn’t offer, and it has a smaller footprint than this chair, so you’ll need less space to be able to safely use it.

Unfortunately, this chair has the lowest weight capacity here at only 14 pounds. It’s really meant for very small children. It can’t fold up for convenient storage like the ALEKO Chair Swing. And it still costs more than the other swings here which can actually host a larger range of ages. It has a crazy fun look, though, that kids will gravitate towards.


 Adjustable Y belt

 Seat has back and sides

 Small footprint

 Weight capacity is 14lb

 Most expensive

 Can’t fold

ALEKO BSW01 Toddler Swing

Although this swing is advertised as a toddler swing, it doesn’t have a back, belt and sides like the other swings here. However, it does have the highest weight capacity in this category at 99 pounds. This means that an eight-year-old could potentially have a turn on this swing. We recommend caution here: if your child likes to fly high when they’re swinging, the frame needs to be very firmly attached to the ground.

This swing is only available in a dull blue and green combination, and because the curved plastic seat is as plain as can be, it’s neither as fun nor as safe as the other two swings here. The recommended age limit is 3 years and up, and it will certainly be tough for a smaller child to keep their balance on it. It has a larger footprint, too, and can’t fold for storage like the set below. However, it’s less expensive than the other two models, and it’s a good starter unit for a child who’s ready to learn to get themselves moving on a swing.

Highest weight capacity at 99lb


 Excellent for learning to swing

 Dull colors

 No sides, back or belt to seat

 Larger footprint

 Can’t fold

ALEKO BSW02 Chair Swing

This swing comes in the same dull colors as the set above, so it may be less exciting to look at than the Costzon swing, but it boasts extra convenience: it can fold up. When you’re done with it you can lay it against a wall or put it in your garage. Even when it’s set up, the footprint is smaller than the ALEKO above.

Like the Costzon set, this chair features a comfy plastic seat with an adjustable Y belt for added safety. The weight limit is higher here, though: this chair can take up to 30 pounds and can still host kids as young as nine months. You’ll be able to use it a good year or two longer than the Costzon. It’s simple but well-designed and guarantees loads of fun.

Adjustable Y belt

 Seat has back and sides

 Small footprint

 Can fold

 Higher weight capacity than Costzon set

 Dull colors

 Not as cheap as ALEKO Toddler Swing

 Less weight capacity than ALEKO Toddler Swing

Saucer Swings

These swings have become popular relatively recently. The large, round seat is crafted from rope or fabric, and may not be as durable as a wood, metal or plastic part, but can comfortably host two to four children at a time. Kids even have the option to crouch or lie down when they’re playing on them. Be careful with smaller kids, though: the only safety feature is the seat’s size.

Both the swings we review in this category are durable quality and easy to assemble. The frames look identical: they’re both thick, orange and blue painted steel, and are 71 inches high and nearly 36 inches wide. The footprint is quite small at 64 by 86.6 inches. However, there are some significant differences between the seats.

Here are the swing sets we’ll review here.

  • HomGarden Fabric Saucer Swing Set
  • ZENY Rope Saucer Swing Set

HomGarden Fabric Saucer Swing Set

This swing set features a wonderfully comfortable saucer seat. It’s hardy, waterproof oxford fabric on a steel frame, and measures 40 inches across. It’s available in either blue or purple with black accents. This seat is a lot comfier, and also more secure, than the rope seat below, and will support smaller children because there’s no weave that little hands or feet could slip through.

The weight capacity is also higher. This set can take up to 440 pounds: it can host an adult, or several kids at once. It also costs slightly less. However, it’s heavier than the woven seat below, and offers more air resistance, so it’s a little harder to push.

Comfortable oxford fabric seat

 Safer for smaller children

 Available in 2 colors

 Less expensive

 Higher weight capacity

 Heavier to push

ZENY Rope Saucer Swing Set

The seat on this swing set is the same as the seat above at 40 inches in diameter. However, it’s crafted out of 7mm PE rope, and has large gaps in the weave. It won’t work for toddlers and smaller kids, because little hands and feet will slip right through the gaps.

At the same time, the weight capacity is lower than the seat above at only 220 pounds. This may be enough to carry several kids at once, but it won’t be able to host some adults. It’s also more expensive than the Homgarden.

This set is ideal for kids between the ages of 6 and 18. It’s light and easy to push, and being able to see through the weave adds a giddy, fun element when you’re swinging.

Light to push

 See-through weave is fun

 More expensive

 Lower weight capacity

 Won’t work for small kids

 Only one color option

Metal Sets

Metal swing sets are strong and inexpensive. They are lower maintenance and easier to assemble than their wooden counterparts. However, parts can bend, and occasionally need rust treatment and repainting.

In this category, we’re going to review three very different metal swing sets. They’re all durable and easy to assemble, with strong metal chains for carrying the swing seats, but there are some major differences. These are the sets we cover here.

  • IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground
  • Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Swing Set
  • Lifetime Adventure Swing Set

IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground

This is a set of three: there’s a 42 inch trampoline, a 10.3 foot slide and a covered swing set.

This is the only set in this category that boasts a canopy for giving your some shade. It’s also the only set in this article that features a trampoline. The footprint is smaller than the Lifetime Adventure set below… and it can still safely host up to six kids at a time – more than the Backyard Discover set. The swings are two curved plastic seats supported by covered ropes, and one overhead metal bar. It comes with corkscrew stakes that keep the set stable: it’s essential to use these, so if you want the set to go on concrete you’ll have to anchor it another way. The color is an attractive bright blue.

There are some downsides: the trampoline has no safety net, and even low trampolines can cause injury, so constant supervision is recommended. The slide is shallow and short, and the plastic covering the chains perishes fast. This set also has the lowest recommended age limit here at eight years, and isn’t a heavy-duty set like the other two. It’s by far the least expensive set, though, and offers a ridiculous amount of variety for the price.


 Swing has cover



 Hosts 6 kids

 Smallish footprint

 Corkscrew stakes included

 Attractive, bright color

 Slide is low and shallow

 No safety net on trampoline

 Stakes won’t work on concrete

 Lowest age limit

 Not heavy-duty

Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Swing Set

This swing set may be basic, but it’s powerfully heavy-duty.

There are no special features here. There’s a couple of pliable, tough, vinyl material belt seats, and an overhead swing comprised of a metal bar and two dangling triangular grips. The chains are uncovered. However, the chain and pole frame are wonderfully thick and sturdy. There are anchors on the base of the legs with metal stakes you can attach. To use over concrete, you’d have to sink part of the legs.

This set also has the smallest footprint here. Unfortunately, though, it can only host three kids at a time, while still being more expensive than the spacious Iron Kids Premier above. It also has a lower age limit than the Lifetime Adventure set at 10 years. It looks relatively plain in dull green and white.

However, each element of this set looks like it could last a lifetime.

Heavy duty

 Comes with anchors and stakes

 Age limit of 10 years

 Smallest footprint

 Only hosts 3 kids

 Stakes won’t work on concrete

 No extra features

 Dull colors

Lifetime Adventure Swing Set

This set is the biggest, fanciest metal unit here. It’s also by far the most expensive, costing around double the price of the Big Brutus set.

There are three wide belt swings and an overhead swing with grips, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, a couple of ladders and a long, wavy slide. The chains are covered with wonderfully durable rubber grips. Everything is painted in bright and shiny crayon box colors. There is no age limit, and it could probably host around 9 kids at a time.

Another enviable aspect here is that this set requires no anchoring. The many feet provide enough stability that the frame doesn’t even budge an inch.

There are a couple of downsides: you’ll need a large space for this set, and there aren’t many safety measures. The swing seats are thin, the slide has shallow sides, and the overhead swing hangs in the path of the monkey bars. It should be installed on a soft surface, and it’s not meant for toddlers.

If you decide to invest in this unit, it will provide your kids and grandkids with many years of fun and rigorous exercise.

Long slide

 Monkey bars

 Fireman’s pole

 4 Swings

 No age limit

 No anchoring required

 Can host up to 9 kids

 Bright, attractive colors

 Heavy duty

 Covered chains

 Narrow swing seats

 Overhead swing obstructs monkey bars

 Shallow sides on slide

 Large footprint


Wooden Sets

Swing sets crafted from wood are wildly popular at the moment. They are strong and durable, look inviting, and often feature creative elements like towers and picnic tables. However, they also tend to be more expensive than the other types of sets in this article. They’re more complicated and time-consuming to set up, and they require maintenance to keep in good condition.

Each of the sets we review here will require loads of space and a considerable commitment of your time for assembly. However, they’re all excellent quality, and relatively safe for children to play on (we still recommend installing them on a soft surface, like lawn.) We’ve arranged them in order of price, from cheapest to most expensive. Here are the models we’ll compare in this category.

  • Cedar Summit Ainsley Premium Playset
  • Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley Swing Set
  • Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Playset
  • Backyard Discovery Sky Fort II Swing Set

Cedar Summit Ainsley Premium Playset

This set takes up the least amount of space – and demands the smallest financial outlay – out of all the wooden sets here. It’s the most basic, though. There are a couple of simple belt swings attached with rope, which is less durable than all the chain attachments below, and a covered tower with a slide. Like the Sky View unit it features a sandbox, and it’s the only unit to have a “chalkboard”. The chalkboard is simply a black tarp, so we suggest purchasing an additional board to help make it safe and functional. And like the rooves on all the smaller units in the category, the tower “roof” is flimsy and won’t offer much protection from the elements.

This model may offer fewer fun features than the other wooden sets here, but the models below are crafted from cedar, while the Ainsley is made from preserved pine, which requires less maintenance. It has a relatively low weight and hosting capacity, though: it can entertain up to six kids at 110 pounds each. And along with the Mount McKinley unit, it’s the only set that doesn’t feature a safe swing for toddlers.

Like the Sky View playset below, this unit is ideal for smaller children up to around 8 years of age. However, for a wooden set, it’s wonderfully affordable.


 Durable preserved pine



 Smallish footprint

 Can only host 6 kids

 Total weight capacity is 660lb

 Swings attached with rope

 Chalkboard requires additional purchase

 Works for kids up to 8 years of age

 No safety swing

 Flimsy roof


This item is similar to the Ainsley unit above: it’s best for smaller children up to the age of eight, and requires less space than the larger models below. However, it has way more features than the Ainsley and even more than some of the bigger sets. There’s the slide, belt swings and covered tower with a ladder, but it’s also fitted with a sandbox, climbing wall, picnic table, some lookout toys (a telescope and pair of binoculars), a steering wheel and an additional safety swing. Along with the Skyfort II it’s the only set to offer that incredibly handy eating area.

Like the safety swings featured on the Grandview Twist and the Skyfort II, the plastic safety swing seat here carries two kids at a time, and has a front, back, and grips for hands and feet. Essentially, having this swing lowers the target age range of the unit: toddlers can gently rock in the safety swing while older kids enjoy the other features.

Sadly, the manufacturers claim it can host up to only four kids. With a total weight capacity of 420 pounds, we’d say it could host a couple more, but this is still less than any other unit here.


 Steering wheel

 Lookout instruments

 Picnic table

 Safety swing can host toddlers

 Climbing wall

 Less expensive than larger models

 Smaller footprint than larger models

 Swings attached with metal chain

 Best for smaller kids, up to age 8

 Can only host 4 – 6 kids

 Weight limit lowest here at 420lb

 Flimsy roof

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley Swing Set

This cedar unit has fewer features than the Sky View playset, and it’s pricier. However, it can host up to 9 kids, or seven kids at 150 pounds each. Unlike the enormous sets below, it’s still only ideal for kids up to 8 years of age, and has similar space requirements to the units above.

Like the Ainsley unit, this set has no safety swing for toddlers to enjoy. However, there’s an overhead swing with triangular grips, a climbing wall, and a tall climbing net: an incredibly fun feature missing on all the other wooden units. Together with the steering wheel and telescope in the tower, it lends the Mount McKinley an exciting, sailing ship look and feel.

This unit is loads of fun, but it does offer fewer features than the Sky View unit above, while being more expensive.

Smaller footprint than larger models

 Hosts up to 9 kids

 Weight capacity is 1050lb

 Climbing wall

 Overhead swing

 Steering wheel and telescope

 Climbing net

 Swings attached with metal chain

 Pricier than other smaller units here

 Fewer features than Sky View unit

 Best for smaller kids, up to age 8

 No safety swing

 Flimsy roof

Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Playset

The following two sets are huge and expensive. This one is the only unit here to feature a fun plastic tube for sliding in. Other than that, there’s the usual slide, covered tower and couple of belt swings, plus a safety swing, monkey bars, a climbing wall, and a lookout “room” with walls and a window. The towers on both this unit and the Skyfort II below boast a solid wood roof that potentially makes the tower a sheltered spot to retreat to in harsher weather.

This unit is less expensive than the Skyfort II, and it also offers fewer features. In fact, there’s a smaller variety of features than you’ll find on the Sky View set above. However, it will work for kids of all ages. Like the Mount McKinley set, the weight limit per child is 150 pounds. However, this unit could probably host at least 10 kids at a time. It takes up way more space than the smaller units, but a little less than the Skyfort II.

Weight limit per child is 150lb

 Ideal for older kids too

 Will probably host at least 10 kids

 Climbing wall

 Protective wooden roof

 Lookout room

 Monkey bars

 Tube slide

 Smaller footprint than Skyfort II below

 Swings attached with metal chain

 Safety swing can host toddlers


 Fewer features than Skyfort II and Sky View units

 Bigger footprint than units above

Backyard Discovery Sky Fort II Swing Set

This unit is the biggest, most expensive item in this article.

The tower is a tiny house with windows, solid, protective walls and roof, and an additional lookout platform that sports a plastic telescope. There’s a picnic table with two benches, a sandbox, monkey bars, a climbing wall, two belt swings and a safety swing.

The manufacturers claim that this unit can host up to 9 kids that weight 150 pounds each, or a whopping total of 1350 pounds. Use your discretion here: if your kids are small, this unit may host many more.

This item is enormous and just about all-inclusive. However, it also demands a big financial outlay, plus many hours to assemble. If you’re looking for a large set and opt for the Grandview Twist, you’ll save a few hundred dollars. However, the solid, walled little house on the Skyfort II adds an extra dimension to this model: your kids will probably be perfectly happy to retreat here even when the weather’s wet.

Ideal for older kids too

 Weight limit per child is 150lb

 Total weight limit of 1350lb

 Can host around 9 kids

 Lookout platform with telescope

 Mini house

 Climbing wall

 Monkey bars

 Picnic table with two benches


 Protective wooden roof

 Safety swing can host toddlers

 Swings attached with metal chain

 Most expensive item here

 Biggest footprint here

Sets for All Ages

This article wouldn’t be complete without some sets that you can enjoy alongside your kids. The swings we review in this category don’t have the playful features that many of the sets above offer, but they are designed to take an adult’s weight.

Here they are.

  • Kozyard Belle Patio Swing
  • Mainstays Belden Park Hammock Swing

Kozyard Belle Patio Swing

This swing is less expensive and takes up less space than the Mainstays swing below. However, its weight capacity is 525 pounds, which is less than the Mainstays model. It has a less sturdy feel, and the polyester canopy is unshaped, light and flimsy. The polyester seats are easy to clean and dry fast, but they’re much less comfortable than the Mainstay’s thick cushions. There are three color options: red, beige and turquoise blue. Both units are quick to assemble.

This chair is affordable and light to push and move around. But it’s less comfortable and durable than the other unit in this category.


 Smaller footprint than unit below

 Seats dry fast

 Less expensive

 Weight capacity is smaller at 525lb

 Fewer color options

 Canopy is more flimsy

 Less durable quality

 Seats don’t feature cushions

 Back doesn’t drop

Mainstays Belden Park Hammock Swing

This swing is expensive and heavier to more than the Kozyard model. However, the quality is much sturdier, and the weight capacity is significantly higher at 750 pounds. The seat is spacious and features thick, removable cushions. These do take longer to dry than the simple polyester seats above, but are effectively still waterproof as you can leave them out in the rain. They are wonderfully comfy. Unlike the light canopy on the Kozyard unit, the shaped canopy here is thick and firm (though it may sag at the top when it gets wet). And the back drops, so this unit can essentially become a swinging day bed. There are a range of color options.

This is the ultimate set to enjoy with family members: it’s durable, comfortable, and several people can use it at once.


 Has cushions

 Back can drop

 Firmer canopy

 Durable quality

 High weight capacity at 750lb


 Doesn’t dry as fast


 Larger footprint

Choosing the Right Swing Set for your Backyard

We’ve analyzed and compared a wide array of swing sets. There’s something here for everybody. Now we’ll sum the top units in this article up into a list so you can easily decide which model suits your household best. Here are our 7 favorite swing sets, summed up in 9 categories.

  1. Best toddler swing: the ALEKO BSW02 Chair Swing is safe and inexpensive.
  2. Best saucer swing: the HomGarden Saucer Swing Set can comfortably host all ages.
  3. Best metal swing: it’s a close call, but the Lifetime Adventure Swing Set wins by being fun, stable and heavy duty.
  4. Best wooden set: the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing Set is the ultimate kids’ play spot.
  5. Best set for all ages: the Mainstays Belden Park Hammock Swing is comfortable and durable.
  6. Best for small kids: the CREATIVE CEDAR DESIGNS Sky View Playset is safe and ridiculously fun.
  7. Best for bigger kids: the Lifetime Adventure Swing Set is heavy-duty, stable and spacious.
  8. Most durable: if properly maintained, the Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Swing Set has the potential to last long enough to entertain several generations.
  9. Most practical/best value for money: the HomGarden Saucer Swing Set is inexpensive, requires little space, is comfortable and can host several kids at once.

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