8 Projects to Improve Your Home’s Safety

Updated May 26th, 2023

Home projects typically improve a home’s functionality or design. Safety is also an important priority when considering ways to improve your home. Whether changing the layout or adding an alarm system, these are some of the best projects to make your home safer for your family and visitors.

Install Smart Outdoor Lightning

Smart outdoor lighting increases the visibility of your home and yard. This can make it safer when coming home late at night. A well-lit home can also deter criminals. One of the best parts of smart outdoor lights is that you can control them using your smartphone. This means even if you forget to turn the lights on or off, you can do so when away from home.

Regularly Trim Trees and Shrubs

Regularly trimming trees and shrubs keeps your outdoors safe. Not only does it create an open yard that may keep criminals away, but it also reduces the chance of injuries. Broken tree branches or limbs can easily fall, trip visitors, or hit them. Getting into the habit of regular tree trimmings ensures that a big storm doesn’t come along and turn your property into a risk.

Improve Stair Safety

Stairs in the home may be necessary for getting from one floor to the next, but there are ways to make them safer. Make sure stair rails are tall enough that small children can’t fall over them. Use sturdy guard rails to avoid falls. Use non-slip carpeting or flooring on the stairs.

Some homeowners may even find a residential elevator to be a safer choice. Residential elevator installations are easy and don’t take up much space. They can make carrying large packages, groceries, or laundry up and down the stairs easier. Parents of small children may also find residential elevators to be beneficial in the home.

Install a Security System

A home security system is a must. The great thing is that you have a lot of excellent choices when it comes to choosing a security system. You can go with a large-name supplier who offers 24/7 monitoring or install your own. Installing your own security system usually entails paying a monthly fee for service. However, it may or may not be actively monitored. Ring cameras allow you to answer the door and review camera streaming even when away from home.

Use Smart Locks

Smart locks make locking and unlocking your doors more convenient. Smart locks come in all designs, making it easy to find one that works for you. A smart lock that requires a code can keep criminals away. Some smart locks even automatically lock behind you after opening, meaning you and your family will never forget to lock the door when leaving. You can also use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door when you’re not home but don’t want to give out a copy of your key.

Change the Locks

Don’t forget to change the locks, especially if you recently purchased your home. Many homeowners make the mistake of keeping the keys they get when buying a home. The problem with this is that you never know who has a copy. It’s likely that the seller, realtor, inspector, and anyone else involved in the sale of the property had a key. Of course, this also doesn’t include anyone to whom the seller may have given a key when they lived in the home.

Add Glass Break Sensors

A house with smart locks may prevent criminals from breaking in through the door, but they may still try the windows. Glass break sensors alert you when a window in your home breaks. These sensors are usually very affordable and easy to install, making them a great addition to any home. Of course, you should also still lock your windows.

Install New Doors

Installing new doors can also give you another layer of safety. Change out your front door for a stronger, more durable material. Replace your garage door with one that’s automated to avoid forgetting to close it. A smart garage door can also notify you when it has been opened or broken into. Make sure you change out all exterior doors, including the front, rear, and side, to ensure maximum safety.

These DIY projects can improve your home’s convenience and functionality while making it safer. By installing a secure residential elevator or changing your home’s locks, you can reduce risk and feel safer in your home. Your home will also be safer for visitors, which can limit your liability and help keep everyone safe.

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