6 Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Updated December 29th, 2022
Commercial Construction Projects

If you’re a business owner, or own commercial property, staying on top of the latest trends that can improve the value of your real estate, revenue, and customer experiences is essential. Having up-to-date facilities to manufacture your products or renting stylish offices often means investing in commercial construction projects.

Below are examples of these updates and modifications that many companies will consider during their operations. These are the most common projects for modernizing your current property and improving its overall design and functionality.

1. Smart Technology Upgrades

Efficiency is the name of the game in the world of business ownership. You are doing everything possible to maximize your revenue and shrink overhead, and smart technology is one of the quickest ways to achieve this goal.

There are numerous applications available on the market today to control several operations in your building:

What makes these features so exciting is how accessible they are. Imagine pulling out your smartphone and turning off the lights in your office at the end of the work day instead of manually flipping switches throughout the entire building. This is the future of construction functionality, so plan for your updates in the near future.

2. Retrofitting

While your current employee break room may have all the core elements to make it functional, are these features keeping up with demand? If not, never fear! You don’t need to get your current space entirely. Instead, remodel and retrofit. Update existing appliances and cabinets by retrofitting them with newer functionality. For example, considering installing an icemaker in your cafeteria fridge is cost-effective.

This includes adding organizational capabilities to existing cabinetry. For example, instead of cluttered breakroom supplies haphazardly thrown onto various shelves, a small investment into plate caddies, cup hooks, and sorting bins can make your storage more efficient.

3. Going Green

The increased urgency of taking a more green approach to corporate operations has spurred commercial construction projects to include renewable materials and technology. For example, parking lot lighting now uses daylight sensors and solar panels to reduce energy consumption and save on monthly power costs. Some companies have even begun relying on geothermal heat pumps to manage climate control needs in their buildings.

These are just a few of numerous project ideas that have become more commonplace in today’s construction trends.

4. Prefabricated Projects

One of the most expensive projects in construction is building a commercial office or complex from the ground up. The advent of modular structures has helped to reduce this cost. The ability to prefabricate some structural elements off-site for less expense has revolutionized several industrial processes. This has saved time and money and helped reduce engineering mistakes that often happen in the field.

From schools to retail stores and government offices to living spaces, prefab buildings have created budget-friendly options for commercial construction.

5. Green Space

Creating outdoor green space within the cramped confines of city blocks is a challenge but has continued to grow in popularity for two decades. Cities want to attract residents but commercial enterprises, so it’s vital that the local environment is desirable.

While dedicated nature zones are great for the environment, the cultural benefit of these spaces is equally important. This is why more and more companies and governmental planning committees set aside a significant part of their budget to develop additional parks and landscaping designed to boost curb appeal and enhance visitor and employee experiences on the property.

6. Commercial Paving

If your company parking lot or walkways show wear and tear because of the non-stop occurrence of extreme weather events, you’re not alone. Commercial paving is a frequently planned construction project that businesses pay for regularly to keep their properties looking attractive and mitigate liability risks.

The types of services a commercial paving company in Sacramento, CA, can provide often includes:

Concrete Curbs and Flat Work

Curbs crumble, sidewalks crack and warp, and dumpster pads can sink. As hardy as these elements is, they aren’t impervious to the weather, tree roots, or the movement of the earth beneath them. A commercial pavement company that uses concrete retaining wall forms will be your go-to solution to correct these common issues that occur over time.

Drive Resurfacing

Sometimes, your commercial property’s drive needs a pick me up. Surface imperfections that are shallow and don’t require intensive repair are easily renewed with resurfacing of the asphalt. This service is often perfect for shopping center parking lots, municipal roadways, and apartment complexes. In addition, companies and government agencies often go this route first before replacing their drives. This is due to cost-efficiency and takes minimal time to finish, creating almost immediate improvement.


One of the most frequent commercial construction projects is excavation. Whether your company is building an addition to your current structure, replacing part of your parking garage floor, or building a new office complex, these projects typically start with excavation and demolition.

Bottom Line

While new trends will impact commercial construction projects, the five listed above are always in demand. In addition, as technology improves, you can expect costs to decrease and company downtime to be minimal. Being aware of how your business space will grow, the perils it faces, and the latest upgrades that could make your office more functional is an essential step in planning future construction project budgets.

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