6 Fall Cleaning Tips from a Decluttering Expert

Updated October 25th, 2023

Now that the summer’s gone, it’s time to prepare for the new season. Cooler days are already here, which means we’ll start spending more time indoors.

It is time to put away all of your summer equipment and prepare for a long lazy season. You don’t want to stumble over summer necessities, so it is time to do some seasonal decluttering, and make enough room for cooler season’s stuff.

This cooler season needs much more space than easy summer habits, so you have to clean up and reorganize your living space a bit. You will be all the more satisfied and better organized in a clean and neat home.

Start with clearing outdoors

We all know that beautiful autumn colors mostly come from those lovely green treetops that are turning yellow, orange, red and brown, and then they fall off the trees on the ground. And we have to put them away before winds scatter them everywhere and rain sticks them to the grass and pathways. Trim your shrubs and bushes, and remove everything that’s broken.

Prepare a nice look out of your window

Clean all the patio furniture and cushions thoroughly, and prepare them for cold and humid weather, or even better organize space to put them away after using them on some warm early autumn days. Wash your windows and entrance door to prepare them for the long, cold season. And if it seems too much work for you to do it on your own, you can hire maids2match to do it for you professionally and quickly.

Consider planting some nice winter plants on your patio that will make you feel much better on gloomy winter days when you look out of your window. Add some nice decorations like terracotta gnomes and mushrooms, that will make you smile whenever you look out your window. Cold and gloomy days can make everyone feel a little depressed, and those smiling gnomes’ faces will make you feel much happier.

Check your house’s outside

Make sure that your doors and windows are not drafty and, if necessary, seal them with caulk and weatherstrips. It will be much easier to maintain a nice temperature inside the house if everything is properly sealed. What’s more, this way the wind won’t bring any dust into your home either. There will also be less possibility for mold and mildew to form in the corners of the windows. Also, clean your gutters and prepare them for the rainy season.

Time for deep cleaning

After washing your windows and preparing them for the cold season, it is time to do some deep cleaning. You probably kept your windows open in the summer to let more air in, so it is time for dusting blinds and furniture, and washing curtains. Don’t forget to clean under your furniture and especially your bed when you are vacuuming the carpets and rugs. Dust and wash your chandeliers, as they tend to harbor quite a bit of dust when the windows are open.

Reorganize your closet

Put away all those light summer dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts, and pull out sweaters and pullovers. Reorganize our closet in the way that everything that you are going to need in the autumn and winter is easy to fetch, and all other things can be stored in upper compartments and out of the way. This might not be your favorite part of preparing for winter, so seize the opportunity and get rid of all the pieces of clothes you no longer wear. Do not save them just in case you might need them someday; this way you will have an excuse to go shopping again for some new pieces, which is always fun.

Reorganize your storages

It is time to put away all that outdoors-fun stuff. Don’t just shove them in the storages, but instead take some of your precious time, pull stuff out of your storages, clean them, and then get down to some organizing. Organize sections according to the purpose of the stuff you are putting away. Everything that is broken and not intended to be repaired soon should be tossed.

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